Chained Riot

May 11, 2017
By RadonChord BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
RadonChord BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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Chained Riot
Mom dropped me off at the football field smiling “Best of luck at tryouts Sam! I know you’re going to do great!”
“Yea mom thanks”I said getting out of the car exhaling a deep sigh of boredom.
Mom rolled down the window and yelled in the direction I was walking before driving off “Sam be sure to call or text me as soon as the tryouts are over!”
I clenched my fists and said under my breath “Whatever you want” and as soon as she was out of sight I finally calmed down sighing with relief “Finally she’s gone I don’t even like sports especially football but i’ll do anything to get away from that woman…” I looked up at the clouds thinking about how much better she used to act before dad died in that riot in the city 6 years ago. “Damn she drains me like I drain phone battery.” I went onto the field and saw that the guys trying out were sitting on the benches so I found a spot that no other guy was sitting in and started to relax taking a nice deep breath of fresh air.
“Ahh finally some peace.” I thought before I heard yelling between Josh and the new guy that transferred to Polaris academy about 2 weeks ago I think his name was Kendall.
“You’ve got to be kidding me someone like you thinks you have what it takes to make the football team here? You look like you wouldn’t be able to catch the damn ball in any play coach forms!” Josh screamed seeming more irritable than usual.
I sighed thinking to myself “Just when I get a moment's peace that idiot is blowing his top again man and I thought I wouldn’t be getting a migraine today”
I decided for whatever reason to listen in on the vocal array of hot dribble being spit from Josh’s mouth when I heard Kendall reply in a calm and sophisticated manner “Hey man have you ever heard of the phrase never judge a book by its cover. Oh wait you’re probably to insensitive to even think of others as more than specks that should revolve around you in the grand scheme of things.”
“What the hell did you say you little brat?!” Josh spouted in anger.
“Oh I’m sorry was your pea sided brain too small to process any words bigger than 5 letters if that’s the case you’re even dumber than you look”
I snickered to myself thinking that “Hey that jokes pretty funny but things might get out of hand if Josh blows his top” so I got up and walked towards them. “Josh lay off the guy!” I called out.
Josh heard my voice and turned to face me. “Sam stay outta this I need to teach this disrespectful punk a lesson!”
“Really Josh? If i remember correctly I overheard a few teachers saying if you have another outburst against a student it was means for suspension from school, tryouts will be null and void, and even possible grounds for expulsion so…” I could tell he was pissed by the veins on his neck beginning to bulge as his face shifted from its usual golden tan shade to a bright red of anger.
Josh spit in both Kendall's and my direction “You’re lucky that Sam was here punk next time you’re dead!” Josh said before storming away to the tackling dummies.
“Why did you help me I could have easily beaten his brawn with brains?” Kendall asked me with a look of surprise.
“I couldn’t let that idiot Josh be his usual hot headed self he may be an idiot but he sure packs one hell of a punch. Oh by the way I know that you’re the new kid um? Kendall right? I asked holding my hand out “I’m Sam I think we have history class together.”
Kendall took my hand and shook it firmly “Nice to meet you Sam and yea my name is Kendall but i hate that name to me it seems to boring to me, so I've been trying to find a nickname that better suits me.” then a look dawned on Kendall's face “Why are you even here Sam I thought you hated sports you always complain when they’re brought up in history class”
I sighed looking up at the sky “This was the only way I could get away from my mom for the afternoon. It’s crazy how protective she got in recent years. Anyway enough about me let’s get these tryouts over with” I said patting Kendall on his back “Oh by the way you do have a point Josh shouldn’t have judged you based on how you look so prove him wrong and let his karma be a b**** to him!”
Kendall thought for a second and nodded “Yea thanks Sam lets kick some ass”
Tryouts finally ended after 2 hours of getting yelled at by a middle aged crazy man Kendall walked up to me as I slowly texting my mom to come get me “Hey Sam you need a ride home?”
I thought about it for a half a second before answering “Yes please that sounds great!”
“Alright c’mon my car’s there there” Kendall pointed to a 2000 black volkswagen jetta that was in pretty good condition.
“Nice ride Kendall” I said smiling ready to get away from the football field for the day.
“Thanks Sam” Kendall said as we got into his car.
“You know you kicked some serious ass on the field today” I said laughing
“I wasn’t even going full force I was holding back just enough to show up to that dick who mocking my size earlier.”
We both started laughing at the fact that karma was a serious pain in the ass for Josh “Hey maybe that should be your nickname dude since karma was on your side.”
Kendall thought of the nickname for a minute “Hey that’s not a bad idea Karma has a pretty nice ring to it”
I thought of calling him Karma for a minute “Yea it actually does alright then Karma!”
Karma dropped me off at my house after we gave each other our cell numbers and I unlocked my front door greeted with the usual screams of worry from mom “SAM HOW DID YOU GET HOME YOU’RE ALL DIRTY ARE YOU HURT WHAT HAPPENED IN 2 HOURS?!”
“Mom calm down I got a ride from the new kid at our school he’s really nice.” I said grabbing a plate and walking to the fridge. “What’s for dinner i’m starved”
“G-grab any of the leftovers in the fridge Sam” mom said breathing heavily and seeming like she was gonna hyperventilate I grabbed myself some dinner and handed her a paper bag.
“Deep breaths mom i’m alive and i’m not gonna die anytime soon anyway i’m going to my room i’ll be down later.” I said leaving her alone as the sound of the bag I handed her crumple and expand as she filled it with air steadying her breath. “Man I just wanna rest.”
I saw a crowd around the sports bulletin board “Hmm? I guess the football team list is up might as well check and see if i made it.” I said quietly to myself.
Karma walked up behind me “Yo Sam is the list up?”
“Yea I think the coach just posted it.”
“Let's take a look then i’m sure we at least made the team” we looked at the list and it separated the guys who tried out by the different positions “Looks like i’m gonna be trained as a running back what about you Karma?”
“Holy crap i’m gonna be trained as a quarterback!”
‘‘Woah Karma that’s amazing! Looks like Karma really was on your side and a real b**** to Josh he didn’t even make the team!”
We both started laughing and went out to the field to start football practice. After the first hour of being yelled at and training in the weight room I was outside on the benches waiting in sheer boredom for coach to at least call out my position so I could get on the field. “Man if I knew that these practices would be this boring I would have found a different sport to try out for” I sighed looking up at the sky.
“Yo Sam over here”
“Huh? Oh Karma whats up?”
“Coach Leon said that he won’t be needing the quarterback today so I figured that we could blow this joint”
I started to measure my options get yelled at more after waiting forever to get on the field or hangout with Karma “Yea let’s blow this joint Karma it’s not like coach Leon is gonna need me anyway I joined the team as a joke and i’m sick of just sitting here” I said getting up and stretching.
We walked to Karma's car deciding to head to his place to hangout for a few hours. “Wanna blast some music Sam?”
“I’d be insulted if we didn’t” I said hooking up my phone to the aux cord that was hooked up to the stereo system blasting some great music.
When we got to Karma’s place we grabbed some mountain dews and went into his room and talked about the most random topics and laughing our asses off and I thought to myself for about an hour “Man Karma’s great he seems to really get me I haven’t felt this close to anyone before I just wanted to stay in my little bubble away from the world. Whats this feeling…”
We continued talking for about another half hour when Karma brought up a topic that kinda set me on the edge of my seat “Hey sam mind if I ask a random question?”
“Sure Karma ask away” I said taking the last sip of my mountain dew.
“Do you like anyone in our class?”
I froze where I sat I had never thought of that before “Hmm I don’t know I think I might like someone but it’s really crazy” I said turning my head blushing
“Oh really i'm sure its not that crazy Sam tell me who's the lucky girl?” Karma said smiling bright.
“It’s not really a girl I think that I like Karma its a boy…” I said feeling my face burn just talking about this.
Karma looked at me with a bit of shock “A guy? Wow I didn't think that you would swing for a guy.” Karma said patting my back “If you don't wanna say who you like I get it”
It's fine I just don't know if the guy I like would even go for a guy like me” I said rubbing the back of my head.
“Well i’m sure that he's a great guy if he caught your eye Sammy boy”
I smiled and stood up stretching my legs a bit ”He is he's funny kind and just a great guy all around”
“Wow he sounds really great now i'm getting curious I really don't wanna pry but if you don't mind can you please tell me who this guy is please Sam!”
I felt my face start to burn again from embarrassment “I don't know Karma are you sure you wanna know?”
Karma nodded “I really do and if you tell me I promise that I won't judge you because of the guy you like”
“Fine i’ll tell you…” I took a deep breath before saying “Alright I think it's you that I like Karma…”
“Really?! You like me?”
I nodded “Yea I really do Karma but i’m sure you wouldn't wanna go for a guy like me…”
Karma put his hand on my shoulder “Now I didn't say that did I? If you want we could give it a try.”
I looked at Karma “You really wanna try a relationship with me you’re not just humoring me?”
Yea Sam I really wanna try this out” Karma said with his genuine smile.
I smiled as well and leaned in gently kissing his lips happily feeling as if I was in a dream.
Karma and I have been together for about a few months and I can say that I really do love him.
“Yo Sam!”
I took a look behind me hearing my name being called “Oh Karma what’s up bud!” I said happily.
We smiled at each other and went to a secluded place in the school to talk “Here Sam I wanna give you something before you tell me that plan you wanna tell me” he handed me a small box with a red ribbon on the box.
Aww babe that's so sweet” I opened up the box and saw a rose quartz crystal necklace on a silver chain “Oh my god babe thank you this is so sweet of you” I put on the necklace and kissed karma on his cheek”
“Your welcome hun now tell me this plan of yours.”
I smiled and said “Well you know the last football game of the season is tonight right?”
“Yea but why?”
“Coach Leon asked me to do a speech before the halftime show ends and I wanna come out and say that i’m dating you to the entire audience at the game tonight!”
“Woah I thought you wanted to keep our relationship a secret Sam.” Karma said with a look of shock spreading across his face.
“Well I did Karma but now I think i’m ready to to admit that I love you in public.”
Karma looked around and when he saw that the coast was clear he kissed me on my lips happily “Alright but I wanna be standing behind you when you give that speech alright babe?”
I smiled bright “Of course Karma I wouldn’t have it any other way!”
After classes let out for the day the game started about 2 hours later when coach pulled me away from the team and asking me if I was ready to give the speech.
“Well Sam are you ready for the speech? Or do you need something before you start it?”
There actually is something that I need I need Karma to be next to me when I give my speech I wanna do a dedication to him”
“Alright then i'll get him when the cheerleaders finish their routine.”
Coach handed me a mic and went to grab Karma off the field.
After a few minutes I heard the voice of the boy I love “Sam are you ready for this!”
“Definitely” I said as I walked onto the field “Students faculty and parents of Polaris Academy I wanna thank you all for coming out to the final game of the season.” and I heard the crowd cheering in approval as I continued the speech “I'd like to congratulate the team for putting in so much hard work and most of all i’d like to thank one teammate that brought me into the light and he’s standing right here next to me” I took Karma’s hand in mine “Karma I love you and your the best boyfriend ever and i’m lucky to have you.” the crowd had a shocked response as I said boyfriend but I continued anyway after removing Karma’s helmet.
“Sam I love you to and I always will be by your side” Karma said smiling “Whatever happens we’ll get through it together.” we exchanged a passionate kiss as the crowd roared with happiness as we walked off the field hand in hand.
A week after the game Karma and went to my place waiting for my mom to get back from work so we could tell her that we were a couple. “You ready to do this Sam”
“Yea I am Karma” I said as my mom pulled up into the driveway. She walked through the door and Karma and I sat her down
“Sam what’s this about?”
“Mom I know you’re very protective over me but I don't think thats needed anymore mom”
“What do you mean son?”
“Well ever since Karma came into my life I don’t feel alone anymore like I used to and I love him for that.”
“What Sam is trying to say i’m willing to protect him in whatever he’s gonna endure because I love him so much”
“What your willing to protect my son by dating him?”
“I’m willing to give my life to keep Sam happy and safe”
Mom looked at Karma with a death stare “You better hold that work or i’ll never let you live it down.” she said as she walked to her room.
I embraced Karma happily “We did it Karma I love you”
“I love you to Sam”

The author's comments:

David G is an 18 year old senior who has a passion for the arts and uses his unique talents to spread his personality across many different formats in his drive to better himself as well as make someone smile.

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