It's Complicated

April 24, 2017
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     “You need a vacation,” my mother sighed for what seemed to be the hundredth time. We were standing in the living room of my small little house I barely could afford.
“I don't have enough time, and I can't leave my job when I just started a week ago.” I shot back. My name is Mia James. I am 27 years old. I have long auburn hair that tangles more than necessary. I have recently been through a very bad break up and I guess mom thinks I'm depressed because she keeps pressuring me to go on a vacation. So here's the story. I started dating this guy named Cameron Little about 6 months ago. I thought he was the one for me. He was so nice and understanding. He treated me like I was a queen and always made me feel better if I was having a bad day. Cam was seriously the perfect boyfriend. When I talked to him about getting serious about our relationship, he said he wasn't ready. He said that he was sorry he had to do it, and he broke it off. The usual. He had already met someone new, she was a small fun girl that lived to party. Basically he left me for someone better. I was completely devastated. I cried and cried for what felt like for forever. I lost my job at the daycare down the road I worked at. After a month of wallowing in self pity, mom decided it had to end. I started my new job a few days later at the local clinic as a secretary. I liked my new job and actually planned to go back to school to get a degree in business when I had saved up enough money. I hadn't told mom yet because she'd try I make me go now, and I'm not ready.
“Sweetie, I know your boss. I could get you a couple weeks off.” She huffed.
I sighed. “Mom, just because you are best friends with my boss doesn't mean that you can get me time off.”
“I got you your job now didn't I? I'm a miracle worker Mia. I can do this, and you can't stop me.” She called, walking out the front door to her car.
I honestly don't know what to do, I thought remorsefully. I guess the only thing to do is decide where I'm going and start packing. Sighing, I stood and stalked to my room to start planning.


     Hawaii? No. Caribbean? No. Paris, maybe? Well, I've never been, and I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. I'll have to call mom and tell her. I reasoned with the tiny little voice in my head.
Ring! The telephone blares.
Well, at least I won't have to call her, I thought.
“Hello?” I sighed into the receiver.
“Hey honey! Have you decided on a place yet?” My mom asked in her sweetest voice.
“Yeah, I actually think so mom. I'm pretty sure I want to go to Paris.”
“Oh, how lovely!” My mom exclaimed. “I've always heard that it's so pretty this time of year!”
“Yeah, I guess. I still don't understand why you're making me go. I'm perfectly fine here.” I blubbered.
“Honey, listen to me. You need this. You've been sad the past month baby. You deserve to be happy again.” She huffed.
“I don’t even know why I have to go, Mom. I’m perfectly happy here. Everything is fine.” I blubbered.
“Honey, you need this. You can’t deny that you were more than a little depressed after Cameron left.” she threw back at me.
Well, she did have me there.
“But Mom, I need to save my money for college!” I said, realizing my mistake a little too late.
“What? Sweetie you never told me that you wanted to go back to college. Why didn’t you tell me?” She questioned.
“ I knew that if I told you that you would want to pay for it all like you do everything else. I wanted to do it myself.” I stated.
“No ‘buts’ this time, Mom. I’m doing this myself. I’m paying for it on my own. I’m not ready to go back to school right now, so maybe by the time I get everything saved up I’ll be ready.”
“Ah, Mia. You are so much like your father. Bound and determined to do everything on your own. You're a big girl now so I guess I understand where you're coming from.” She sighed.
Surprised, I said “Thanks, Mom. I know I can do it.”
“I still want you to go on vacation, Mia. It's great you want to go to college and be independent, but you still need to get over Cam. I've seen the way you've been looking lately. Sweetie, I love you but you've been looking rough.” She rushed.
“Gee, thanks mom. Good job on the confidence booster.” I said sarcastically.
“You know I mean well. Now start packing.”
“What? Why? I'm not going. I don't have the money right now.” I told her.
“Honey. You can pay for college. Let me pay for this one little thing.” She commanded.
There was no winning with this woman. She's too stubborn.
“Fine, mom. I give in.” I sighed for what felt like the thousandth time.
“Thank you so much for doing this, Mia. I know you need this. Now go pack and let me take care of everything else.” She said about to hang up.
“Wait, Mom,” I said quickly before she could hang up.
“What sweety?” She questioned.
“Thanks, Mom. I know I don’t really say thank you as much as I should, but I mean it.”
“You’re very welcome, Mia. I love you. Now go pack like I told you.”
The phone clicked.
“I love you too, Mom.” I whispered to the dead phone line. That was the usual for my mother though. She’s amazing, don’t get me wrong. She just takes control of everything and makes sure everything goes the way she wants. No time for lamenting right now though. I needed to go pack or she’d have my hide. So that’s what I did.

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