The Song of Truth

December 9, 2016
By Bladewolf17 SILVER, Kc, Kansas
Bladewolf17 SILVER, Kc, Kansas
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I was walking with my twin sister Serenity in the park my family owned, when two guys (one with brown hair and green eyes, and the other with blond and blue eyes) one we didn’t know and the other was Jake from school, walked up to us.
“Hey Jake take a look at these girls.” The brown hair said. “The boss will be pleased if we take them back with us.”
Jake looks at us from where he stood.
“Brad their parents own this land, if we would take them back, it would have to be off this land.” Jake said.
“Jake I believe we go to the same school, may I talk to you about the work Mrs. Brown gave us.” I said, walking away from Brad pulling Serenity with me.
“Sure.” Jake said, following us. “Sorry about that Trin, he is weird. Please if you see him and I’m not around run.”
“So want to come over after you ditch him Jake?” Serenity said. “I know how much my sister likes you, and vise versa.”
“Serenity!” I said blushing. “I can’t believe you said that.”
“I like you too Trin.” Jake said blushing, “I’ll come over later.”

Two hours later, when me and my twin were sitting in the living room, we hear a knock on the front door.
My phone buzzes, ‘Trin, it’s Jake, i’m the one at the door is it unlocked. p.s i brought my friend who seren likes.’
‘The door is, we’re in the living room’ I replied.
Jake and his friend comes in and walks in the living room. Jake sits by and holds my hand, as his friend sits by my sister, holding hers.

As me and Jake get to talking, I tell him something that only my twin knows. “It seems every time I sing this one song, anyone who hears it can only tell the truth to me afterwards.”
“That’s amazing Trin. sing me the song.” Jake said as I lay my head on his shoulder.
“No I can't remember the words right now.” I said.

Two weeks later
I run into Jake in the hall at school. “Have you seen Serenity? I can’t find her anywhere. She isn’t picking up her phone, she always does when i call. I’m afraid something happened to her.”
“Calm down Trin. I will help you find her.” Jake said hugging me. Then his phone buzzes. ‘Tell your girlfriend if she does not sing for the boss and only the boss, her sister will become the bosses new wife.’
“That was Brad, he has her doesn’t he?” I asked looking up at Jake. Just in time to see him nod.
“He wants you to sing for our boss” He said. “Her boyfriend is the boss's son, just wait till i tell Blake.”
“Tell me what Jake?” Blake said walking up behind me, making me jump.
“Only that Brad has her sister and if she sing for the boss and only the boss, your father will make her his new wife.” Jake said as he shows Blake the text.
“I’ll call my father, and talk to him, and see if i can change his mind.” Blake said.
Blake calls his dad. “Hey dad, I was just told how Brad kidnapped my girlfriend and said if her twin sister didn’t sing for you and you alone you would make her your new wife. Thats my girlfriend you thinking about making your new wife, you do, you will lose a son.”
I looked at Jake, to see him trying not to laugh. Blake hangs up the phone, then turns to me. “In order to stop my father, all you would have to do is be with one of us, (which you already are), and sing for him once, which he will not record or do anything to make you sing more than that.”

The next day Blake and Jake takes to Blake fathers house.
“Let’s get this done and over with.” I said grabbing Jake’s hand.
“It will be over soon.” Jake said pulling me into a hug, then leaving one arm around me. It takes us about a half hour to get to the other side of the house. Blake opens the door. “I have brought her now release my girlfriend.”
“I will after she sings for me.” Blake’s father said. After a few minutes I’m ready to sing.
“Here goes nothing” I said taking a deep breathe then out.
“Truth hardly beautiful, always ugly,
Never as it seems,
It feels good, and also bad,
It hurts others, also hurts us,
I want the truth from you,
And only the truth,
I want it now,
So give me the truth,
Right here and right now,
The pain is real,
It’s like a bandaid once you rip it off,
It’s better to tell the truth,
Then to lie.”
As I sing, i can feel my sister coming closer, out of the arms of those who held her. After she was free she joined in.
“Jake stop them, it’s too much.” Blake father said.
“Girls I think it is time to stop.” Jake said. We stop then we start laughing.
“Are we free to go?” We say in union.
“Yes, just go and never sing for me again.” he said. We starting, this time we had Jake and Blake laughing to.
Later that day.
I was so happy to have my sister back home, and my sister was so happy to be back home. We started crying tears of joy, and that when the boys came in, and they asked if we were ok.
“Yes” we said in union. “Just happy to be together again, and we are never going to be apart again.”

The End.

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