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September 23, 2016
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He peeked around the corner even though he knew he shouldn’t.  The curiosity had tugged him clear to the room where she was getting makeup done.  He snuck behind the taupe veils that concealed her and his jaw dropped.

    She was something from another world.  A majestic being, an angel.  Something that the mind couldn’t conjure.  She had light, natural makeup on, allowing the natural glow of her skin and natural blush come through.  Her shoes were plain and simple, the complete opposite of her, pastel pink ballet flats.  They complemented her dress perfectly.  Her wedding gown was a long, flowy, heavenly white.  It didn’t fit to her small waist or perfectly shaped hips, but rather fell in a way that made him yearn to see what was underneath. 

    He quickly ran back to his dressing room and called an emergency meeting.

    “Quick, quick!”  He spoke hastily.

    “What is it?”  His groomsman, West, asked.

    “Julia!”  The groom’s eyes were scanning himself in the body mirror sitting up against a chair. 

    “Edward.  You’ve got to calm down and speak english.” 

    “Well, I know I shouldn’t have but I did and I saw her and she was beautiful and gorgeous and something I don’t deserve and I need to look better!”  He turned around and looked at West, his eyes glistening with desperation. 

    “Edward, you look great, man.  The lady will dig ya.”  West winked.

“No, I’m not joking!  Help me do something to be more!”  West sighed and sat down in a chair to think.  Suddenly, he jumped up.

“I know what to do!”

“Tell me, tell me fast!”  West unzipped Edward’s suitcase and pulled out a bottle of cologne. “Here!”

“Do you really think this will do it? It isn’t much.”

“Just do it.  It is the perfect final touch.”  With that, Edward spritzed himself with his signature La’Nazio imported cologne. 

    Finally, the wedding was ready to begin.  Edward’s heart was racing like crazy.  He went over his vows over and over, wiping off his sweaty palms on his pants every few seconds.  He checked his watch and it was one minute until time.  He stared at the thick, intricately carved mahogany door, willing it to open.  Finally, it did.  A woman held it and signaled for her to enter. 

    The audience, full of family members and close friends, stood and looked at her.  He looked through each of them first, seeing who was here and saving his favorite person for last.  His mother had tears rolling down her cheeks and was letting them collect on her shirt, an attempt to focus on his only son becoming a husband. 

    Eagerly, he looked at his soon to be wife and froze in his spot.  She was glowing.  Her mouth curved up ever so slightly and he eyes crinkled in the corners.  Her long fingers were grasping each other lightly in front of her torso.  She linked arms with her father and walked forward.  Oh, and the way she walked.  With such grace, almost like she wasn’t walking at all but rather gliding across the carpet.  His soul cried and his heart melted at the sight of her, like it had since the first time he met her.

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