True Love Never Dies

October 16, 2012
By JLynn GOLD, Chuluota, Florida
JLynn GOLD, Chuluota, Florida
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A phone hit the wall and hit the floor with a thud. Hopes of getting him back are useless now. He had been with her for months, on and off. With the girl she can’t stand most. She knew her real motives, to use him for her own happiness and to drive the other away from everyone. Even though it had been two years, that girl had hurt him.
She had talked with his friend about maybe talking with him again, just to be friends. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy at first, and contemplated on it. What if his feelings had changed? What if he wasn’t the same person anymore? She decided that even if she stopped with the lying to herself about her own emotions and got the guts to talk to him, things may not end with them being together again. Not since the girl after her might have said or done things to change his mind. Though, his friend and her friend who also knew him and was dating his friend both believed it was only because he was scared. Did they not think she was too? She knew she had hurt him; but she had hurt him out of her own fear. If she was less worried and less doubtful about things, then maybe things would have stayed together instead of falling apart time after time. Her phone buzzed as it vibrated against the hard floor. She wiped her eyes and picked it up, answering the call. Her best friend was talking frantically, only making sense every now and then.
“Where on earth did you go?!” her friend asked. She could hear more yelling in the background. Someone yelling the words ‘hypocrite, liar, stupid’ and many other words that were a lot more stronger and hurtful. She sniffed as she tried to answer her friend.
“I… I went home. She showed up and-” she cut off when her voice cracked.
“Sam, listen to me. You know she only showed up and did that to make you mad. She’s trying to piss you off,” her friend said.
“Isabelle, just go home! You’ve cause enough trouble already!” she heard her friends boyfriend shout in the back. Sam tried to hold back a sob as she heard Isabelle scream “He’s mine!”
She about hung up the phone when she heard him speak up.
“I’m not yours. I was once, but you ruined it. I didn’t even want to be with you to begin with either. I was just… Trying to make her jealous. Like I was,” he said. Sam’s throat caught in her throat.
“Sam, are you still there?” she heard her friend ask.
“Y-Yeah, still here Trace,” she said. Tracy sighed. The phone made a crackling noise as someone else took the phone from Tracy.
“Come back, now.”
“Adam… I just want to be alone right now,” Sam told him, holding back more sobs and tears.
“I don’t care if you want to be alone! Either you come back or,” he started and then sighed, “Never mind. Looks like he’s already left.”
“L-Left?! What do you mean?!” she asked, slightly worried.
“I mean he’s already left us here. Tracy told him you went home.”
Sam dropped the phone, causing it to close and hang up. Her apartment wasn’t very far from where they had been hanging out at. She got up and ran to her door and could see him running up the stairs. He had reached the door before she had and he was trying to open it while she pressed her back to it.
“Sam, come on. Let me in.”
“I said no Derrick!”
It was silent and she slide down the door as it clicked shut again. She could hear him sigh outside the door. She could see his silhouette outside her window.
“I want to talk to you Sam. Just let me in,” he pleaded. She stood up and opened the door before locking herself in her bathroom to keep him from seeing her. She could hear the door close and lock.
“Why are you hiding?”
“B-Because… I can’t look at you right now.”
“Alright, fine. Will you listen to me though?” he asked.
She was sitting on the floor against the door and could hear him sit on the other side.
“I don’t know where to start… I guess, I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t do anything. We split up because it was my fault.”
“It wasn’t just your fault! Don’t say that! I dated Isabelle to try to make you jealous and to see if you’d come back… I didn’t think it would drive you away.”
“After what she did to you… I hate her.”
“Strong word. None of us can really stand her either… But listen, I’m sorry I upset you. I never wanted to. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been here for you when you needed me-”
“You didn’t upset me Derrick. I was already mad at myself.”
“Why would you be mad at yourself?”
She stayed silent for a minute, closing her eyes and balling her hands into fists to keep from crying.
“Samantha?” he asked.
“I’m mad at myself for hurting you. I never wanted to, and I did it. I hurt you; because I was scared I’d lose you and you’d find someone better. I was afraid of having it happen to me again. Because of my own fears, I hurt you. I never meant to… For two years I lied to myself, telling myself it was for the best. Every time I thought about it though, I cried. It upset me how Isabelle hardly knew anything about you and yet, it was like I knew everything about you. Because of my own fears, I let another one happen…” she said, breaking into tears at the end. He tried to open the door, and sighed when he realized it was locked. He hit the door hard out of frustration and it made her jump.
“Sam…” he said quietly, almost a whisper, “Open the door…” She stayed silent as she stood up and opened the door, her face stained by tears and her eyes still red. She only caught a glimpse of eyes face, seeing a single tear fall before he pulled her into his embrace. He held her close and she kept her hands at her sides, surprised.
“I still love you,” he whispered. She bit her lip and wrapped her arms around him.
“I still love you too.”
At that moment, she realized true love never dies.

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