Buzz in my Pocket

September 2, 2012
By Andrea Baier BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
Andrea Baier BRONZE, Adel, Iowa
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It was right in the middle of the silence when I felt and heard the buzz in my pocket. I looked to the director with pleading eyes and she told me I could answer my phone. I took my phone out of my pocket and hit the green little answer button.

“Hello,” I whisper into the phone.

“Hey Ariel, this is Drew,” a deep voice responds.

Drew why would my ex boyfriend of a couple years be calling me. I told him I didn’t even want to be friends because he would never respond to my calls or texts. And now he’s calling me. Weird.

“Hey. I haven’t heard or seen from you in awhile. How has your senior year been?” I questioned.

“Good. I’ve been pretty busy with football and school and stuff. How about you?” He responded.

“My year so far has been pretty good. I’ve been busy with the musical, all-state choir, and going to football games. How is your football season going?” I said.

“It’s been alright. We have a pretty good team this year and we have an easy team for homecoming this year, which is actually why I called. I was wondering if you would go to homecoming with me. ” Drew asked.
I froze. Did he ask what I think he just asked? “I’m not sure if I can and I will have to ask my parents. I’m at musical practice right now so can I call you later tonight with my answer?” I replied.

“Yeah. That’s cool,” He responded.

“Okay then. Bye.” I told him as I pulled the phone away from my face. I faintly heard him say talk to you later. I pressed the end button and got back to rehearsal. After that phone call practice seemed to drag on for hours. As soon as I got home I called my best friend to tell her what happened.

“You’ll never guess who just called me during play practice,” I told my best friend Dakota.

“Who? Tell me,” Dakota begged.

“I’ll give you a hint. He’s not from our school,” I replied.

“Elliott?” she guessed.

“No, it was Drew, “I revealed.

“Wait the ex boyfriend Drew? What did he want?” she prodded.

“He asked me if I would go to his homecoming,” I answered.

“No way. Did you say yes?” she asked.

“I told him I would think about it and I’d let him know later tonight, “I responded.

“Are you going to go with him?” she asked.

“I honestly don’t know. I told him goodbye. Apparently he doesn’t know what that word means. I don’t even want to call him back,” as I poured my heart out to my friend it I had a flashback of all the memories of us together. Drew holding me tight as we slow danced at prom, me badly throwing the football to him in his front yard and him somehow managing to catch it, and the way he wouldn’t let anyone sign his cast on his arm before me.

“Maybe you should just go with him. It can’t hurt anything,” Dakota advised.

“Yeah but I don’t want him to start liking me again or anything just because I’m going to homecoming with him,” I argued.

“Well then just make it clear you’re going with him as just a friend and if he tries to pull any funny business then you’ll kick his butt,” Dakota told me.

“Okay. Well, I need to call him back. I’ll let you know how it goes,” I fare welled.

I hung up the phone and just sat on my bed deep in thought. Do I really want to go with him? I sort of do. I don’t want it to end up like prom a few months after we broke up. You telling me that you flirting had absolutely nothing to do with you liking me you just wanted to make sure I had a good prom. Ha. Good one. We both know the real reason you did was because you still weren’t over me.

I pick up the phone and scroll to the screen of received calls because Drew’s number was no longer in my phone I hit his number and pressed the green button. It rung twice. Apparently he was waiting for me to call.

“Hello,” A deep voice answers on the other end.

“Hey, Drew. I think I’ve made up my mind,” I told him.

“Okay what’s your answer?” He interrupted.

“I think my answer is going to have to be no,” I told him.

“Why won’t you go with me?” he asked.

“Because I don’t want this to turn into another Prom incident. You were a part of my past and I really don’t want you to be a part of my present or my future,” I responded.

“Okay fine so I still like you kind of but why won’t you even go with me as a friend?” He questioned.

“That’s precisely what I mean. You can’t make up your mind to wither you like me or not. Plus you can’t give me what I want. We were a thing and it was great, but I think it’s been too long and we’ve both changed too much. I can’t go with you. Bye,” I sternly said.

I hung up the phone quickly not letting him say anything more. I didn’t want him to argue with me anymore. I put my phone back into my pocket and pulled out my Government book to finish the review due the next day. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket again. At first I just tried to ignore it but after the third buzz all of my focus was gone.

“Hello,” I greet.

“Okay. Why won’t you really go with me to homecoming because that reason you gave me was bullcrap,” Drew shouted.

“It’s because you suck at being just friends with anyone cause you’re such a flirt and you send me all these mixed signals which makes it seem like you like me again but you don’t,” I scream back.

“I do not and what’s the big deal if I actually mean it. I do still like you. Okay there I said it. I was going to tell you if you would let me take you to my homecoming,” He argued.

“Wait what. It’s been like 2 years and you still like me. Did you just decide this or did you know this when we went to Prom together?” I asked.

“No. I mean I kind of did, but I just wasn’t sure. Please go to homecoming with me please. If you don’t my heart will break and I will never be able to do athletics again,” He pleaded.

“I think you’ll be fine. You already broke my heart. It’s only fair if I get to break yours but I suppose I could go with you. My dress is aqua blue. Now can I please go? I need to do my government,” I told him.

“Great. Bye and thanks Ariel. I’ll score a touchdown for you this Friday,” He said.

“Okay. Bye,” I replied.

I heard the song “Wanted” begin to play from my alarm clock. Was it morning already? I just had the craziest dream about Drew again. I really need to start waking up earlier.

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