The Boys

October 6, 2011
Girl: As i look through the bushes, I see the boy walking past. I hid as butterflies invade my stomach, swelling every corner. Does he know that I exist? Of coarse he does, he's my lab partner and I say hi to him in the halls. But is that enough for him to love me the way that I think? Does he want to do long strolls in the park, and kiss me on the cheek when he sees a shooting star? I see him everyday, the jock of the halls, the master of, well, everything. I stand up when he's out of sight. I walk home and step out on my roof. I look out into the stars and make a wish for every shooting star. I think this is what people call love.

Boy: I walk past a rose bush when I see a brunette duck, and turn a cheek. I know that brunette. She is the girl who sits by me in chemistry and waves hello in the halls. The girl who has captured my heart. Why can't she see that I cannot breathe when she waves hello, her brown lushes curls with the faintest of blonde highlights bounce as she skips to her desk to sit next to me. My hand tingles when she touches my hand at the slightest of touch. As I reach my home, I crawl onto the roof, and look into the stars hoping that one day I'll have the courage to ask her to be mine.

Girl: As I walk through the halls to my locker the next day I see him.

Boy: I look for on the day that I will ask her out, I see her curly head through the mass of people. I barge through

Girl: He comes up to me and says hello, and grabs my wrist to ask me a question, I die on the inside when he looks me in the eye, with those dark chocolate eyes

Boy: I look into her sea-blue eyes, ready to ask but at a lost for words, so I do the impossible

Girl: He leans toward me, I don't fight back

Boy: I smell her lavander perfume, inches from her face

Girl: I lean in

Boy: I lean in a little closer

Girl: we are a centimeter away

Boy & Girl: We kiss

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Choc0lateFl0wer said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 9:46 am
That. Was. Amazing.
swimster16 replied...
Oct. 17, 2011 at 10:32 am
Thank you so much!  It kinda just went into my head
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