Complicated Love Situation

May 25, 2011
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I laid there next to him waiting for him to open his eyes once more. I held his hand for a little while longer praying that he would come back and this would all just be gone, hoping this was just a horrible nightmare. As much as I wished this wasn’t happening the next thing I heard was a long beep on the heart machine. I couldn’t believe this was happening; the love of my life was now gone . . . forever. I shouldn’t have started from there. A lot of changes happened ever since I was about 15. My life hasn’t been the easiest especially not lately as you can tell. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself though I think I better start from the beginning.
I met him when my aunt got me a summer job. She got me a job at the place that she works at which helps kids that have Down syndrome and other types of special needs. I needed a job so I jumped up at the opportunity so I could earn some extra money to go on a trip later. At first I wasn’t too sure about it because I had never been around people with special needs and I know it’s mean but I thought that they were weird. About the second day that I had been working there I met a guy with Down syndrome named Christian Jones. From the way he acted it didn’t sound like he had Down syndrome at all. He told me all about his adventures that he had experienced with his family. Every time I came in to work we would always try and find each other and we would spend all the time we could together. As the time went on I started developing feelings for him. I didn’t know this would happen to me. I would’ve never pictured my self with some like him though.
He texted me a lot when we couldn’t see each other and on the weekend. The day that I was sick and couldn’t come back to work for the day I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I couldn’t decide whether or not to tell him that I liked him. What made it worse though was that I couldn’t take to anyone about it because I felt like people would judge me. It wasn’t like I felt ashamed of him or didn’t want to be seen with him it was just that I didn’t want anyone to judge me until I actually figured out how I felt about him. I spent an entire week going back and forth about liking him and telling him that I do.I remember the exact day that it all happened and everything changed. It was July 1, 2011 and I had decided to finally tell him even though it took me like forever pretty much. I had gone into work that day, when it was time for lunch I walked up to him and told him how I felt. To my surprise he liked me too.
After that day, we starting hanging out on the weekend and he even invited me to the movies. We went to see the movie Beastly, that was our official first date. He paid for everything too which I thought was really sweet of him to do. When we went to the movies though, I saw how people were looking at us and I’m pretty sure that Christian did too. We didn’t care though because we liked each other a lot and to tell you the truth I was starting to fall for him. He was the sweetest guy I had ever met, he was the dream guy every girl would want, except for his looks but I didn’t care about that as much. We started to become boyfriend and girlfriend as time passed. I lost some friends though, because of him being my boyfriend, but I’m actually glad I did because that just says that they were never really my friends to begin with. I was sad for a while because of this but he would always be there for me and I could careless about them.
We went through so much in 4 years it was amazing we were still together. People had no hope in us, we only had each other at the end of the day. We had to have a long distance relationship for a while because of me going to college and him having to go to a different college for more special people. We would see each other though any time we could though, the distance really helped us in the long run because we missed each other and we wanted to be together. As the time passed we grew closer, nothing could separate us. I mean, of course we had ups and downs but we got through it and we were there for each other.

On September 6th, 2022 we got married. The proposal though was the most spectacular thing I had ever experienced. We went to the place where we met, which was that school for special need children. When we came in it was all dark, he was leading me where to go but I never expected the proposal to happen. When he turned on the lights, there were rose pedals scattered all around the room, there was also our favorite slow song was playing. I was overwhelmed by my surroundings and I knew what this was all going to lead to. When he finally got down on one knee he said “Abigail, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”. All I could do was nod my head I kept crying because I was so happy. Our wedding wasn’t big it only included some family members that supported us and some of our close, real friends as well.

Our honey moon was incredible though we ended up going to the Bahamas. It was his first time going out of the U.S which was a surprise to me. We spend about 3 weeks there. We had a lot of quality time which was amazing and different. We went snorkeling, sky diving and so many other activities, it was surprising we even got to do everything we did. Soon enough though it was time to head back to the real world and keep going on with our normal lives.

About a year and a half into our marriage, a miracle happened, I got pregnant. We found it was going to be a baby boy. We decided that he was going to be Christian Nasir Jones Junior. He was born July 16.2024. He was a tiny little baby he was 6 pounds and 5 ounces. He was a true miracle, I believe this because I couldn’t get pregnant until well then and that was the only time I could. Now our luck has changed everything has gone from good times to bad.

This wasn’t suppose to happen he was suppose to die with me when we were old, and our hair was gray. It’s too soon to loose him and our baby needs his father in his life. I blame this on my self, because I was the one to send him out and get some supplies we needed for the baby. He called a taxi up, since he couldn’t drive because of his disorder. During that period of time I guess the taxi driver wasn’t paying too much attention and they ended up in a car accident. If I hadn’t sent him out he would be playing with Christian right now. I don’t regret anything that happened between me and Christian. I think we did have the perfect marriage, well at least to me it was perfect because through our ups and downs we got through everything and we were always there for each other no matter how hard times got. I learned something through this experience. I learned to not judge anyone, and to never give up, and the most important thing is that don’t wait until the person you love is gone to appreciate them, do it while they’re still there. Personally, I don’t think my love for him well ever fade, or even go away. He was my soul mate and still is and he will forever be in my heart.

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