He loved me not

April 23, 2011
I fled my chamber, carelessly yanking the satin veil from my perfectly wedding-styled hair, not minding one bit the fact that all the hairpins dug, and scraped into my scalp close to bleeding point. I didn’t care about anything right now. My brain was clouded with a deep fog of pain and uncertainty. I just needed to get away. Far away from this place. To bury all the pain as much as I could, to wash it all away like a hot shower. How could he? I thought he was the one. But in the end, he never really loved me. At this point, I was already in the woods; face down, screaming in my beautiful white dress, one shoe on, sobbing, as if the water from my years could quench my impossible problems. I heard something or someone moving in front of me. Still heaving from bawling I shakily lifted my distressed head to see what was there. It took several moments of blinking to clear the image before me, and then I gasped, clutching at my pearl necklace. He loomed before me, all 6 foot 4 of him. I closed my eyes, heart fluttering like a bird, wondering how long it would fly.

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