Me and You

January 10, 2011
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Me and You
We're like two peas in a pod
You and me,
we just click
Like lock and key

"You, with your soft, black hair. The way that it moves. The way you shake it out of your eyes. Then there's your smile. Your beautiful blinding white smile. The way your lips move when you smile. You just don't know what you do to me when i see the muscles of your perfectly toned body when we're sitting on the beach. Then when you laugh my heart melts. Its what you do to me. O what you do to me…" I gave a laugh. Then you looked at me. With those beautiful eyes. Those beautiful dark blue eyes.

We were laying on my bed. After graduating from high school months before, we were just moving into our first house. You were in the room upstairs. I was downstairs. You gave me the master bedroom because you thought i should get it. My brother was in his room upstairs watching TV, when I looked up into your eyes. I couldn't help but sigh. Which made you smile. "Why do you look at me like that?" I asked. I felt you squeeze my side.

"I don't know. I just look. You, with you long brown hair. the way it falls around your face I don't know why you try to fix it, because its perfect. I love your smile. I love the way your lips are. Small, delicate. There's only one thing I don't know about them. When we're on the beach, i can't help but stare. You are everything to me. I love how beautiful your eyes are. How they sparkle when you smile. All I ever want to do is see them. Seeing you makes my heart race. You do way more to me than I could ever possibly do to you." I didn't move, i just kept looking in your eyes.

"You know you're my best friend right?" You didn't answer my question. You just sat up, lifting me with you. I let my head fall on your shoulder. I glanced up at you. You opened up your mouth as if you were about to speak, but you never got the chance because you heard her voice. "Is Nick in his room? Are they done unpacking?" "Yea, have a seat I'll go get him. They're in Emyliina's room." I could hear my brother start walking towards my room.

"I guess I should go, huh?" I nodded. You got up to leave the room. You weren't wearing a shirt so i could see how your muscles moved when you walked. You turned and smiled at me, and i opened my mouth to speak, but you were already gone. I looked down and one tear fell to my bed and i whispered, "I love you."
You had a girlfriend though, and I couldn't have you. So I was left sitting there alone listening to the two of you talk. I could hear your laugh, and I knew how happy she made you. So i just let it go.

Even though, me and you
are like two peas in a pod.
Even though,you and me,
we just click.
Even though
I love you.
Me and you… we just can't be

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Nerdy-Bookworm said...
Jan. 13, 2011 at 7:26 pm
i love this!!!!
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