Summer Syndrome

December 13, 2010
I can’t believe what just happened. It’s like something that came from some TV show, like Pokémon or something. When it happened I just stood there, I couldn’t believe my eyes. How can I trust her anymore, She lied to me about everything. I ran away fearing what might happen to me when I was discovered. Can I trust you? Alright, I’ll tell you from the beginning, from way before it happened.

She came to this school about a year ago. What school? I can’t think of it at the moment. I met her at lunch; it was a pretty normal day. I sat with the group I usually sit with. Then while I was throwing my trash away I bumped into her and she dropped her stuff, “I’m so sorry!” I apologized almost immediately. I didn’t see her again until later; she sat at the desk next to me in the next class. I greeted her and realized that it was the same girl I had bumped into. Her name… No, I won’t tell you, I don’t trust you yet. She told me her name and I told her mine we instantly became friends, I started talking to her more and more every day. I abandoned my old group of friends and sat with her at lunch.

And then something happened a month later. I was walking home from school and I noticed something, it was a rabbit, a pink rabbit! How in the world does a pink rabbit exist? So I picked it up and took it home it disappeared the next day. I put it in a cage and everything! But what’s weird, I started to like carrots a few days later. I hate carrots! All that aside though, I had a very odd dream the next night.

I woke up in a large forest that had an ambiance that made it seem like there was not even one other living thing there. The trees were bare as if it was winter. I wandered around for a few minutes and saw a few mosquitoes here and there but there was no other sign of life. It was a very dreary place, not much the kind you would want to have a dream in. Then I saw something, I saw her. It was a dream so it wasn’t that odd right? Something about her was off, something different. She talked to me with a voice of an angel, “Hello, would you like to leave this place?” I had nothing to do in this awful land so of course I said yes and I followed her through the stripped forest and we ended up in a forest with much more dense forest and when we got there I noticed what was different about her, she had odd looking ears that somewhat resembles a cats ears. I asked her about this and all I got was this answer, “It does not concern you at the moment, you will understand.” I just nodded and all of a sudden a black hole appeared under me and I fell through.

The next moment I woke up a start. I check the time, 6 o’clock A.M. So I get up and change into my clothes when I notice the date, December 1st, that’s wrong I went to sleep two days ago. How could I sleep all through the day before? This isn’t the last the thing that has happened that month, when I got to school people were staring at me funny. Even my good friends were giving me funny looks. I ended up asking one of them what was wrong and he told me to look at the mirror in the bathroom, when I got there I saw something that defied logic; I had rabbit ears growing out of the top of my head. Does this make any sense at all? Do you believe this? You should, as you can see I have rabbit ears on my head now don’t I? Think of my situation like this; either I managed to not notice I had these growing out of my head, or they grew as I was walking to school. Either one is highly unbelievable right? I then talked to her; instead of comforting me she asked me where I was the day before. I told her I managed to sleep through the day, and then I proceeded to explain to her what happened in my dream. She just nodded and said, “I see.” We didn’t talk much the rest of the day though.

When it happened I was so shocked, I just stood there. I looked over what happened in the last year. I questioned my own sanity. She stood there with that other person. She had those things on her head, those ears that I had seen before in a dream. Destruction, anomalies, all these things were going on around me like a vortex…

There was a loud crack and a blinding flash of light that seemed to come from the fireworks display above us. The boy was so shocked he stops talking abruptly. Then a cute petite girl with cat ears appeared out of nowhere. The boy turns around, shocked he stammers, “H-how d-did you find me so fast?” Not saying a word the girl walks toward him, she seems to not notice me as she just stares at him while walking slowly. Another crack of a firework, she was practically breathing on him. He fell on the ground as if in fear and the girl grabs him, “W-what do you want?! Who are you?!” The next moment all is silent. The girl says “How do you feel now?” She embraces him and kisses him. The finale of the fireworks starts. Crack! Bang! Boom! The girl lets go of the boy. All is silent now. “I feel better now Kara.”

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