Fall Unvolentarily in Love

December 5, 2010
By Yvonnennovy BRONZE, Middlebury, Vermont
Yvonnennovy BRONZE, Middlebury, Vermont
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I cautiously step my way through the door and the scent of pungent cologne smacks me in the face. My heart has changed its no longer a rhythmic pumping organ, but now has become my only form of sanity. My only form of reality left to my body, the rest have numbed with this state of ah. It’s not really ah, but bewilderment. How could something so recreational and without directive be so vigilant? As I approach my destination I dodge masculine-like garments on the shimmering sea of wood. I feel like I’m drifting through land minds, and any minute I’ll step on one and it will explode and blaze me to bits. I reach the island covered in rippling textile with my saneness intact. I inch my way in to my little cradle of flesh that I have grown so fondly to these past few months. There my last sane part of my body numbs with the rest. I’m shed of my protective cocoon. My harness soars like a shooting star across the sea of wood. My body starts to thaw and I regain my sanity. Although it is still a long while before I completely get my heart back I will embrace my new sanity. The mountain is at the forefront all I have to do is ascent.
When I am plunging down to a peaceful state, my heart goes numb and my sanity is omitted one last time. This is the final time that my heart will numb, for it has been voluntarily purloined for eternity.

The author's comments:
One day I was board and I just started to write about a typical teen situation.

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