A New Beginning (Part 4)

November 25, 2010
Chapter four

As we arrived at the air port in Seattle I was reminded of my new freedom.

Hah it would be nice to finally not be judged or have to worry about

my parents for the next few months.

As I walked off the airplane I was lost for words with what to say to

Jason. It had been nice talking to him even although I wouldn't admit


"Well I guess this is goodbye.." I finally said. I had no practice

with goodbyes. I had tried to learn from my parents but as we already

know they had not helped one bit.

"Yeah but who knows maybe we will run into each other some where.."

Not likely but I was kinda glad that he hadn't asked for my number or

anything. Jason was not my type and I was glad that he had excepted


"Yeah maybe" I said and began to walk off the plane.


I got on the elevator that lead up to the baggage claim.

As it came to the top I could already see my grandparents at the top.

They were holding a pink poster with yellow flowers on it that said.

"Welcome Home Leslie" on it...could this get any more embarrassing?

The first person that came up to me or I should say attacked me was my

Grandma Sadie.

"Oh aren't you just the most beautiful thing-...you know wearing all

black can give you bad breath?" Oh my grandma and her superstitions..I had forgotten all about them.

"uh thanks gramps..." I said with out a smile "nice to see you too.."

She gave me a disapproving face and turned to look at my grandpa.

"Well If it isn't my little girl! How are you Leslie?"

I loved my grandpa for this reason. He accepted me where I was at.

He didn't ask me to be something I wasn't.

"Hey pops!" I said with a smile, "

I've missed you a lot."

"Well didn't you miss me?!" I heard my grandma whine and then she stomped off to baggage claim.

My grandpa and I just sat there and chuckled to ourselves.

This summer was going to be awesome.

We made our way to the car and my I helped my grandpa put my bags

in the car while my grandma sat in the front seat of the car pouting

about how I didn't love her enough.

Her comments were getting old. She kept saying things along the lines

of me being so dark and ungrateful and undeserving. I could see where

mom had gotten her nagging skills from.

My grandpa on the other hand just sat there driving with a smile on his

face. This was the reason they were together; because as much as my

grandma would get angry, my grandpa had a way of staying

completely calm.

I wished my grandpa had rubbed off on my mom. Maybe my life would be

on a completely different route if my mom had just learned from him.

When the car stopped I was really confused.

"Ummm what's this..?" I asked.

My grandma was the first to answer, "oh did I forget to mention we

moved?" My grandma gave me a innocent look,but it in fact was not

innocent at all. She was getting back at me for earlier.

This wasn't their house. Instead of their old farm house I had known I was now

looking at a small modern town house. It had red brick with black

shutters. The door and all the window panels were painted white. The

house was completely different from where they had used to live.

"Well you can get your things and we will meet you inside." My grandma said to me.

"Well okay then." I snapped back.

Both of my grandparents got out of the car and went straight inside before I could say anything else about having to bring all my luggage in by myself. Was this my punishment? Taking in my bags alone? Woah good one! They had no idea what they were in for,,,

I got out of the car and slammed the car door shut and made my way to the trunk to unload my bags. With all the stuff that I brought, it would probably take multiple trips. Great...

I looked over to see my neighbor walking into his house. From what I could see he was just. my. type. And I HAD to meet him. He wasnt exactly "bad boy" material but he was strong and his hair was absolutely perfect. Ah. God was deffinently on my side.

I needed to see him again. I had only caught what he looked like from the back. There had to be a way I could meet him!

I looked back at the car, just staring at all the luggage that I had to unpack. If I had known that I would be doing this alone I wouldnt have brought this much stuff. I better just suck it up and bring it all in one trip.

As I made my way inside and saw my grandparents sitting on the couch watching the news.

"Hey Hunny," my grandpa said," Your room is at the top of the stairs on the right,"

"Thanks for helping Pops!..." I said sarcastically. He smiled back and winked at me.

"No problem Hunny!" He said with a smile spreading across his face.

I dragged all of my stuff up the stairs and made my way to my room.

The room was an peach color. I didnt mind it. There was a bed in the far right corner. I desk with a telephone on it to the right of the door. On the far wall was a window looking right across to the next house. And on the left wall of the room was a dresser and a small closet.

I went straight over to the bed and threw all of my stuff on the floor.

After laying on my bed for 20 minutes, I decided I better go down and set the rules straight with my grandparents.

I walked down the stairs and straight into the family room where they had been sitting earlier. When I came in they both looked up but didn't say anything.

After a minute or two I was the first to speak.

"Look I'll stay out of your way if-"

"Oh yes we almost for got rules!-" My grandma interupted.

"Yeah thats what-" I started to say when she interupted me again.

"Since you are here. You are going to live by our rules-"

"No I dont think you underst-" I decided I might as well shut up or she never would.

"You will have a curfew of 10 pm. We want to know where you are going to be at all times, Oh! And lastly we want you to find a job somewhere so you can learn a little bit of responsibility."

My grandpa cut in, "We aren't doing this to punish you hunny, but if you to cooperate then we wont have any trouble."

I stayed silent. Was this a joke? Where was the punch line? I was seriously going to be stuck here the whole time. Forget the guy next door, they would probably murder me when they heard where I was going!

"DING!" The kitchen timer went off.

My grandmas face lit up. "Ohhh looks like its time for dinner, I made lasagna." She was so bipolar..

"I dont eat meat." I shot back. It was the truth but I also didnt want to eat with them. I was too angry.

"We know silly. Its vegetable lasagna. Your mother called and told us everything we need to know"

Ugh. Mom? Seriously?! Kill me.

"Yumm..." I said and we all made our way into the kitchen to eat dinner.

Dinner was awkward. No one said a thing. We all just sat there in silence and it made me want to scream.

After dinner I made my way up to my room. As I walked into my room, I saw someone through my window in the house right next door. It was the cute guy I had seen earlier. He was in his bedroom but his back was to me. I quickly went over to shut the shades, but as I walked into the room my foot caught the side of the desk and as I fell I pulled the shades down with me, letting out a sheik. He had definently heard me.

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mary's(awesome)lamb said...
Dec. 1, 2010 at 7:48 pm
i have a question. dont you mean jeremy in the first part? jason is the boy she meets later on. i L O V E this whole story!
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