A Place for only You and I

November 18, 2010
The stone walls held no mercy for me as my hands formed around the worn corners. Each stone was smooth and deadly, I reminded myself, and with a swift motion I removed my hand from its place and grasped at the row three stones above my current position. I was over half way to the window pane which was my goal and I had been climbing for over an hour. I needed to see him.

“It is pointless to come up here! Do you not realize that you will be trapped as well, or worse fall and be killed?!” The stern voice of the male reached my ears as if they were song lyrics. Instead of rethinking my plan though it, which was his point, strives me to continue forward. The Prince in this tower had been there for years awaiting someone to find him and it had been a week since I had discovered him.

At first I thought it humorous, a Prince being held captive in a tower in the far edges of the world. Was it not the role for a Princess? One whom could not think on her own two feet and remained in the tower for fear of her life? Calling out to the male I imagined a weak boy who couldn’t make up his mind or a boy at a young age perhaps; On the other hand, it could have been that the Prince was staying there on his own accord. When the enchanting voice of the Prince greeted me though I listened to his story all night and knew that our fates were now entangled forever.

“An old Witch told me that I would once become a great hero.” He explained sitting on the pane of the stone window. “She explained that I was to be hidden from the world until I learned enough magic to save the people of the world. The Witch began to teach me her spells and potions right away and now I’m rather good at them…Watch!” Speaking a few words that sounded to me like carrot radish moonshine the Prince opened his palm upward and a tree grew up from its homes in the cold soil and before her eyes the limb reached out to drop a large pine cone in his hand before returning to its original places.

“How is this possible…Magic is nothing but a lie…” I spoke up.

“The world isn’t ready for magic yet…So I must stay up here away from everyone until they are ready for a King like I.” The Prince explained with a proud smirk.

“It must be rather lonely…” My eyes locked with his own and for that moment I saw his pain clear in his eyes Shaking his head though I knew he was lying, being locked in a tower your whole life could never be living. It was from that point on I mentally decided to visit him every night.

Recalling the expression on his face as I reached the top of the wall which led me to the Prince I kicked my leg over the stone window pane and nearly fell backwards off the tower when a strong hand braced my shoulder. Gazing up into the eyes of the Prince I knew then that I made the right choice climbing up to see him. It had only been a week but I knew that I could never leave him again. Many nights I would come and visit him and listen to his stories. The magic lessons he learned were the entertainment of the night but his voice was enough. Feeling the touch of him now, I felt my heart pounding in my chest…Before I fell onto the floor with a loud thump.

“I can’t believe you climbed all the way up here!” His astonished voice made a smile dance onto my lips as I filled my lungs with cool night air. My cheeks must have been red since I was feeling rather heated and dizzy. Taking a moment to cool down I glanced up at the Prince before replying,

“I couldn’t let you be alone tonight… It is a full moon after all.” The stories of the full moon were always my favorite. They constantly were about romance and love, the types of which you would only hear about in the stories your parents read to you. My eyes scanned the room he was living in for the first time.

Everywhere I looked was books and bottles. Magical devices that could grant anything the mind could ever imagine. We talked for most of the night about our lives and what would happen after tonight. Everything seemed to be perfect and I couldn’t figure out just how to grasp the situation. Never before had I met someone like the Prince…He was the puzzle piece I was searching for that I didn’t know I needed. Out of the blue though his voice snapped me from my thoughts.

“That’s right!” The Prince exclaimed before pouncing over to a book on the floor. I watched him scan the pages before he read out loud, “To live in another world with you…” Before I knew it my hand was being held and my heart was pounding in my chest. “On a full moon, such as this, I call out to the great Mother of us all and ask of her one wish.” I could feel his eyes on me as he halted his words so I brought my gazed to lock with his. Noticing then what beautiful brown eyes he had I awaited him to speak once more, confused at what he was reading. “I ask to live in a world without magic. A world where only love exists. A world with my Princess. I will give up my ability of magic to have this wish, to be with her forever.”

His lips lowered onto mine slowly after that and I was as solid as the wall that kept us hidden from the world. The kiss was sweet though and I melted into the sensation rather quickly despite my failure to comprehend what really was going on.

“Now, neither one of us will ever have to be alone again.”

Everything faded into black after those words left his lips and I fell into a deep slumber which didn’t end until someones’ voice broke my thoughts.


Who was calling me so angrily at this hour? My mind couldn’t figure it out but I knew better than to return to my slumber. Opening my eyes I scanned my surroundings in confusion. I was in a bedchamber which seemed to be my own and appeared to have my things in it, but what happened to my Prince? Oh that’s right, it was all a dream. Lately, I had been having the same dream and every time it felt more like a reality than the last time I fell asleep. Getting dressed in the clothing which were laid out for me, tight jeans and a button up shirt, I gazed in the mirror. My body appeared to be the same teenage self and I didn’t seem any different from before. Still just as dorky and medium cute. How did I manage to escape the tower though? There was too many questions that needed to be answered and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew they weren’t going to be.

Picking up my school bag I opened my door and escaped my household without a goodbye to my Mother. That old crone was getting on my nerves with her nagging at this early hour. In reality though I just wanted to return to that place in the woods, that place in time where everything was pure, to that boy that understood me. Walking down the street to school, yes my Mother wanted me to be within walking distance, I quickly found myself wondering the hallways towards my locker. A note was stuck to the old painted exterior when I arrived.

“Still waiting for that book to come out…Any luck on the next chapter?”

I had been writing down my adventures in a notebook which my friends seemed to enjoy reading. None of them knew the truth, that the Prince was real…Or he was in my mind…No, he was real…I knew it. Shoving the conflicting thoughts to the back of my mind I slammed the locker shut after grasped onto a text book. Shoving the note in my back pocket I kept my eyes on the ground as I entered my homeroom and took my seat.

“Class, we have a new student joining us. His name is Edwin Prince.” My eyes shot up like ran horses that just heard the shot to begin as the name was spoken. “Alexandria, why don’t you show Mr. Prince his classes today?” Like clockwork the boys’ eyes met hers with the same shocked expression. Then his mouth opened and as if I knew what he was going to say I spoke them as well.

“Neither one of us will ever have to be alone again.”

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mandaloreP said...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 9:58 am
i loved it. great wtist at the end and i never expected it to be a deam. very romantic
Momito said...
Nov. 21, 2010 at 9:00 pm
Loved the turn arouned at the end with the "new" boy in class.
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