The Move, The Meet, and The Coffee.

November 9, 2010
By mfccc BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
mfccc BRONZE, Cumming, Georgia
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Because of the move from my old high school, Spring Field High, to Columbian High, I am all alone. I am new to everything and everyone. My first day of school starts tomorrow and I'm wishing that I was back at Spring Field. I spoke with one of my friends from there yesterday but just talking to her makes me sad that we moved. We moved because my mom remarried; and that made me so upset because it's been just a year since my dad died. His name is George and he is really weird... to me, but he is in love with my mom so I guess it's okay because if she is happy then I am happy.

School starts today and I am so nervous and freaked out, I am straddling the line of hysterics and fainting. My mom looks over at me worriedly and asks, “Are you okay?” “Yeah. I am fine, you?” “Yeah, I am fine.” We arrived at the school and I heard my mom whisper, “good luck honey, I love you.” “I love you too mom.” I walked into the school and all at once a rush of cold air crept up on me. I saw the most handsome person in the world. He looked at me and I just melted. His eyes were the lightest blue. He had dark brown hair that looked as soft as an expensive fur coat. He smiled at me and walked off. Someone approached me and said, “do you know who that was?” “No who was he? I am new here, my name is Sissily. What's your name?” “Oh. I am Andrea. Nice to meet you and that was Jacob, the quarter back for the school's football team.” “Nice to meet you, too. Hey, will you help me to my first period class?” “Sure. Where are you going?” “I am going to chemistry.” “Cool”, she said. I am going to chemistry, too.” “Awesome.” We walked in silence. We got to chemistry class and there he was and I sat looking at him with a dumb struck face and he looking at me and smiling. He got up and he introduced himself. “Hi. My name is Jacob. What's your name?' “Oh, my name is Sissily.” “That's a pretty name,” he said. “Thanks...” I blushed. The class started and he went back to his seat with a sad look on his face. It was obvious he wanted to stay and talk. The class was over quickly. I barely even knew that it had even started. The rest of the school day went by just as fast as first period. I was walking toward the buses when I saw Jacob. He spotted me and ran over to me. He said, “hey, do you remember me?” “Yeah. I remember you.” He then struggled for a bit and he then asked me the question that he wanted to ask me earlier in class. “What are you doing after school today?” “Nothing really probably just studying for the chemistry test.” “Would you like me to give you a ride to Starbucks or something?” “Ummm... sure just let me ask my mom and see if it's okay.” “Okay, so I called my mom and she said yeah.” He drove to the Starbucks down town and we got some coffee and sat down. We studied for awhile and then we just talked. “So when did you move down here to Savannah?” he said in a curious voice. “I moved down here three days ago.” “oh cool.” he said. “Yeah.” “ummm... why did you move down here for?” “I moved here because my mom remarried because my dad died a year ago and to be honest I think that it is a little to early for them to be married but they are madly in love with each other and they make each other happy so it makes me happy too.” “I am sorry that your dad died. How did he die?” “he died of a heart attach.” “oh my god I am so very sorry Sissily.” “Don't worry about it.” “Are you ready to go?” “yeah I'm ready.” we left then arrived at my house and he walked me to my house and looked me in the eyes for a second and he kissed me on the cheek and asked if I would like to go on another date. I said yeah sure.He left after kissing me again on the cheek. I went inside and told my mom about my whole day and how fascinating it was she was so happy for me. I also asked her if I could go on another date with Jacob she said of course you should have some fun. In the morning my alarm went off and I jumped straight up and got dressed, in a skirt that came a little ways above the knee and a tank top with a cardigan and some flats. I put on a bracelet,earrings and a necklace. I was out the door and waiting for the bus to come. When the bus came I got on and left for school. I got to school by the time the bell rang and went straight to chemistry and Jacob cam over to me and asked, “when do you want our next date to be?” he asked. “What about this Friday after school? We can go see a movie then go get some dinner at McDonald's?” “sounds good to me.” “awesome see you Friday then.” When Friday rolled around I was so excited for the date that I was practically bouncing out of my seat by the end of last period. When the bell rang Jacob grabbed my arm and pulled me into him and gave me a big tight hug, he said, “ I missed you.” “umm did you know that I have only known you for two days now?” “yeah so what? Are you saying that you don't want to go out with me?” “No I do silly I was just wondering.” “oh, okay well good.” “Ha I missed you too by the way.” “Ha come on lets go to the movies.” “okay I am up for that.” Jacob drove kind of slow getting to the movie theater I don't know why though because there was no car in sight anywhere. Maybe he just wanted to spend time with me who knows. We went to go see “Why doesn't Marry know?” which was about this girl who was clueless about everything because she got knocked on the head pretty hard by this guy who she didn't even know. She got crabby about everything because she didn't know what reaction to put out there for everyone to see. Jacob and I went to a restaurant that I did not recommend it was Olive Garden and I could already tell that I was not dressed for this kind of restaurant. We talked for a long time even after we had finished eating our food. Jacob finally drove me home he walked me to the door and looked me in the eye like he did the last time but this time he did not kiss me on the cheek he kissed me on the lips and I was not really expecting that so I fainted on him he caught me before I could fall any farther. He smacked me a little on the face not to hard though just so that he could wake me up. I woke up looked him in the eye and blushed and he smiled and laughed a little. He told me goodnight and kissed me again but this time I got to kiss him back without fainting on him. After that I went inside and went to bed after telling my mom goodnight and my new dad.

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