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August 26, 2010
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I straightened out the black fabric of my dress checked my hair and nodded toward the bushes. Small giggles and branch snapping escaped from the shrubbery as music filled the air. It seemed to take forever for the music to begin playing and I was dressed only in my dressed high heels. I was freezing.

The words started and my accomplices in the bushes cranked up the volume. I looked up at the window on the second story. Inside that room a single lamp was on hopefully Jason was in there too. This is why I was here. This was the year mark for my crush on the guy. I had decided something special was in order. Once again, I looked up into the window…still no movement. Wait…there….did I imagine it…..there it is again…a slight movement… a shadow…someone was in the room!!

Suddenly the window opened, my heart stopped. The sight of him standing there was almost too much I almost missed my line…

“All I want for Christmas is YOU!” I sang; surprisingly, my voice sounded strong and sweet. With no warning he slammed the window closed.

I knew it. I knew this would happen. Of course, I had hoped it wouldn’t, but even the wildest of dreamers must one day wake up. I signaled my best friends to turn off the music. Our plan had failed.

“It’s alright, Meghan.” My best friend, Sharon, soothed handing me my coat.

“I know,” a loose tear slipped down my cheek. “At least we can say we tried.”

“That’ll be one heck of a story to tell!” Makayla whooped. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Meghan!?!?!?” I spun around. No! It couldn’t be! Yet, it was. Jason McAllister was standing on his front porch wrapped in a coat and snow boots.

“Jason, listen. I know you don’t care, but I had to do it. I had too.” I approached him and he came out to meet me. “Well, I did it. I’m done now. I’ll leave you alone.” We were standing toe to toe now, I stood tall ready to face this. “I’m going,” I couldn’t finish my sentence for his lips closed over mine. They were soft and warm searing my frozen skin. He wrapped his arms around me filling me with warmth I’ve never known before. I became lost in the feeling of him, in his smell, and his taste. Never before had I felt like this. My fingers fond his hair and somehow got lost in his short haircut.

Soon, I was out of breath and needed oxygen. The gulps of cold air filling my lungs shocked me. My eye lids felt heavy and my lips, full. Giggles and whoops of laughter jerked me out of my haze. Surrounding us were my two accomplices, Jason’s parents, and some guy walking a yorkie wearing a sweater. I turned back to Jason.

“I, I, I…” I stuttered. No words would come to my mind. “You, and I…and...WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” I asked him trying to sound upset, but my voice was too heavy as if drenched in the remberance of that kiss.

“Well, I guess Christmas came early.” Oh, yeah, the song… “I don’t think you really had a problem with it.” He smiled and I smiled too. No, I didn’t mind one bit.

“Thank you,” I said and chuckled, “best Christmas gift EVER!”

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Mooky.Capulet said...
Sept. 10, 2010 at 5:44 am
Thats so cute
G_R_A_C_I_E replied...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 11:57 pm
Thanks so much. I know it's not polished up yet; but, thanks!
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