Something worth forgetting.

July 8, 2010
By kisskiss BRONZE, Wexford, Other
kisskiss BRONZE, Wexford, Other
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I sat silently in the back of the classroom staring at his mouth as he spoke. His soft pink lips d slowly as words slipped out. they looked so smooth, so kissable, I bit the corner of my own lip just imagining what it would be like for my lips to be pressed up against his. my eyes and mind then wondered from his mouth to his piercing blue eyes as the sparkled catching in the sunlight coming through the classroom window. his eyebrows added a since of mystery and depth to his eyes and tanned face. his messy Robert Paterson hair-do was met by stubble which ran down his face and around his perfect lips. I pressed my lips tightly together.

‘Amy!!’ a voice shouted. ‘Amy!!’ the voice echoed. I shook my head snapping out of my daze, and saw mr Whealan, standing at the top of the classroom looking down at me with those mysterious blue eyes ‘ Do you understand?’ I looked from him to the red writing on the white board behind where he stood. I studied it but I hadn’t a clue of anything on it, I had been too busy ogling mr Whelan to pay attention to what he was saying, but I decided not to make it obvious by replying ‘Amm.. no sir not really. where did you get the x - 1 from?’. what a save I thought to myself before mr Whelan replied in a sarcastic voice with a worried look on his face ’that’s the question Amy’. I could feel my face burning up as the class erupted in laughter.’ ‘opps’ I said looking at the teacher, a smile sneaked across his face as he shook his head and turned his back on the class to finish off the question.

At that moment the bells of freedom rang throughout the classroom and everyone stood up and rushed out. Colm, my boyfriend, came up behind me placing his hand on my waist and pressed his lips against mine, not giving me time to kiss back and said kindly ‘its alright babe I didn’t understand the question either’ he winked at me and turned to rush out behind the others.I was left alone in the classroom with mr Whelan. I slammed my maths book shut and shoved it in my schoolbag between my English book and my empty lunchbox, I then zipped my bag shut and flung it over my right shoulder.

I strolled to the top of the classroom to receive my hoodie which hung on the coat rack beside the teachers desk where Mr Whelan stood tidying his books into his one shouldered bag. Mr Whelan caught my eye and asked in a worried tone ‘Amy, are you able to keep up in class? I’ve noticed you’re grades have slipped since you had Mrs Morrison last term.’ His deep sturdy voice and beautiful blue eyes took my breath away, but the truth was that I had fallin behind the rest of the class, I’m just not able to concentrate with Mr Whelan prancing around at the top of the class getting me all worked up and distracted. but yet the thought of not having Mr Whelan as a teacher was worse then failing maths so I replied nervously ‘Sorry, I’ll try work harder its just I have stuff going on at home at the minute’. His eyes widened, a sympathic smile came on his face and he nodded his head understandingly before adding ‘ Sorry to hear that. If you ever want to talk im a good listener.’ he smiled. I smiled back childishly and a strange science grew between us as I stretched over him to grab my hoodie from the hanger.

suddenly, unknown to myself I was pressed up against the wall amongst the left behind coats with mr Whelan standing in front of me his grip fixed tight on my elbows as I gazed into his crystal blue eyes falling deeper and deeper into his into daze. His face moved closer and closer to mine I could feel his breath on my face as he leaned into kiss me, he stopped and hesitated for a moment, the smell of stale fags and men’s perfume filled my nostrils I began to sweat unsure of what was happening.

he then took one last step into me and placed his lips on mine. he began to kiss me slowly, his soft smooth lips speaking silently to mine as he began to kiss me more passionately his lips moving more quickly. I kissed back uncertain of what I was doing but I couldn’t stop. My feelings took over as I too began to kiss more passionately. his hands now slid down my arms and wrapped around my waist, I raised my hands and hung them around his neck. my heart began to pound and my knees began to shake. The palms of my hands began to sweat I had imagined this so many times, me and him, but somehow it was better than I had ever dreamed.

His hand wondered around my body before resting on my bum the other slipping slightly below the top of my school skirt. I was glad I wore my lacy knickers instead of my boyfriend boxers which I usually wear as they were much more grown up and sexy. I ran my right hand down his neck and straight down his perfectly toned chest and body before coming to a halt at his waist, I grabbed hold of a lump of his shirt he was wearing and held on tight. I ran my other hand through his silky hair, each strand climbing through each of my fingers.Mr Whelan pulled me closer grabbing my two hands and pinning them over my head against the rough wall.

He then stopped kissing my lips and began to kiss my neck, my stomach turned, and my heart thumped faster and faster as he slid his hand down beside my breast. This was so wrong, and I knew it, but I couldn’t stop, I wanted it. I wanted him to go further. I was feeling hot as I thought of colm, he wanted for us to take our relationship to ‘ the next stage’ but I had rejected him telling him I wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t ready, im still not ready but this feels so right. I took my right hand down from where sir had pinned it and slipped it down to the top of his chest un doing his top button and sliding my fingers beneath his shirt. I was met by chest hair and his tonned pecks.

without notice, Mr Whelan jumped back from me, I began to sweat, what had I done. I slowly raised my head and pulled my eyes open scared of how my teacher was going to react to what had just happened. As I got a clear vision of Mr Whelan I noticed he was standing in shock, his mouth half opened and his tanned face had grown pale, he seemed to be looking at something at the opposite side of the classroom. I began to breath heavily terrified of what his gaze was fixed on. I dragged my eyes from him to see what he was staring at. I let out a angry tearless spuel as to my horror I noticed MRs Coney, the school principle standing in the open door with her pin striped skirt and matching jacket, just as shocked to see us as we were to see her.

A lump formed in my throat, I got a sick feeling in my mouth and my heart thumped viciously underneath my half opened blouse. My eyes watered I bit my lips tightly together trying not to cry. I was terrified. What had I done. a strong awkward silence was present among the three of us. How could I be so stupid. I hated myself. I turned back to look at Mr Whelan for guidance. he stood in total shock, lifeless. He tried to speak opening his mouth, no words came out. He coughed to clear his throat and stuttered out ‘I-I-I Can,, ammm,, Can Explain. I can explain’ he tried to convince himself.
Mrs Coney who still stood in the door fixed herself up pulling her jacket down and sliding her glasses back up her nose.

Clearing her throat she spoke in her regular snobby voice ‘ I certainly hope so Mr Whelan. I certainly Hope so.’

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