Forbidden Dreamer

July 7, 2010
By LolaD BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
LolaD BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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As I entered the window I could see the outline of Damien’s sleeping form. I tip-toed through the darkness and stepped onto his bed. “Izobelle? Is that you?” Damien’s sleepy voice sounded, breaking the silence. “Yes, my love.” I laughed, “I guess I’m not as quiet as I thought.” A faint smile graced his handsome face as he gazed at me through half-opened eyes. “No, you’re still as sneaky as ever, I believe I’ve just gotten used to your midnight visits.” His charming smile dazzled even in mere moonlight. “Oh, good. I was thinking I might have to reassess my immortality.” I teased. “No. Never that.” He chuckled. His tired grin made my stomach clench. I guess I looked as uneasy as I felt. “Izobelle, what’s wrong?” His grin turned into a look of worry. I started to tell him the truth but it wouldn’t come out. “It’s nothing, love.” I managed to smile a bit but I could tell he wasn’t put off of the subject. For a moment he just looked at me, then a yawn broke his concentration. I laughed lightly. “Tired?” I asked. He smiled, “A little. Come here.” He whispered. Sleep was very evident in his voice. I crawled up and laid next to him. No words were said for the next few minutes. Damien looked deeply into my eyes and stroked my cheek. The love in his eyes almost made me cry. “Can I kiss you?” Those four whispered words reminded me of why I was really here. “Damien…” I sighed. I once explained to him how dangerous it was for us to even think of being intimate. “Please…” The pleading in his voice was enough for me to give in. After all this would be our last night together. “Okay. Just this once.” The moment his lips touched mine I felt two things. The strong emotions he harbored for me and the feelings of my inner soul sucker. As his mind opened to me, I could see everyone of his thoughts and memories that involved me. The day we met, our first date, I could also see the day I revealed my true nature to him. The monster in me latched on that one memory and tried to dominate me. Hard as tried keep it in its cage, the longer I kissed Damien the less I could control it. I could feel the urge to devour his soul clawing at the edges of my senses and finally I had to push him away. “Enough!” We both pulled away breathing heavily. After a moment he said, “That was….intense. Different but intense.” The faint smile on his lips tugged at my blackening heart. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I asked. “No. Not at all. Maybe we could try it again sometime.” As quickly as it’d left me, the reason of my visit tonight once again flooded my thoughts. The ghostly smile vanished quickly and once again concern invaded his features. “There is something wrong. What is it, Izobelle.” He placed his hands over mine, “You can tell me.” For a moment I looked at our hands and thought of how our relationship would have played out if things were different, if I were human. “I have to leave.” He stiffened at the finality of my words. “What?” I looked into his eyes and saw pain. “The bonds that hold my monster are weakening. In a few days time I will have no choice but to succumb to the shadow of the succubus. I will change and every human I come into contact with will be in danger. Please understand, if I stay I could hurt you. I could kill you.” His eyes darted back and forth as if he was searching for some other solution. “Leaving…..but…no. No. You cant.” Tears welled in his eyes. I’d never made a man cry before, never the less a man I loved. Tears stung my eyes but I refused to let them go. “Damien, I must. If I am to keep you safe I must leave you.” Being a succubus wasn’t a choice but it most defiantly was a prime factor in all most of my decisions. “You don’t have to go. We can figure something out. We can…” I could tell it was sinking in. Though it pained him he was finally understanding. There was no solution to this problem, none other than my immediate departure. “I’m sorry…” I knew it wasn’t enough, that I never should have gotten involved. He looked down at our still joined hands. The tears stopped and he took a deep breath. “Could you…..could you at least stay the rest of tonight?” He whispered. He’d accepted the truth as much as humanly possible. I just nodded my head and laced our fingers together. He kissed my fingers and we laid together. Just before sunrise Damien finally fell asleep with his head on my chest and his arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I carefully unwrapped his arm and got up. “I wish you all the happiness in the world, my love.” I kissed his forehead before walking to the window. I looked back on his once again sleeping form and fled his house and the town. I ran from my past and towards my dark future. That would be the last time I’d see Damien for a long while…….

The author's comments:
These are the first few pages of my latest story. I was wondering if I should continue.

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