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May 21, 2010
Description of Me-
I’ve spent all my life in the country. First I worked as a serf till I was ten. That’s when mama gave birth to my ninth sister and Lady Pemberly took me in. She likes to say that she adopted me, but really, im more of a servent that lives in her house. But I like it here. I can visit my mama any time I want. I have my own room and im happy. I am medium height and I have long brown hair down to my waist. My eyes are green. Everybody says that I am beautiful and could pass for a Lady of higher status. I disagree with all of my heart.
June Fourth, Year of 1760
Today is my sixteenth birthday. Lady Pemberly gave me a sugar cube as was custum. Then retired to her rooms as usual. I left to go to Mamas for an hour. Since I moved to the Manor house, Mama had five more kids, all boys. Bringing the total to fifteen. Even though she is really busy, Mama always has time for me. When I got there, she gave me this journal saying, “I want to you write down all your adventures in here” I don’t think that I’ll have much use for this as I wont have any adventurers so I will record my daily life in here. But it’s a journal, not a diary. When I got back to the Manor, all the maids and servents and butlers and staff were running around. Lady Pemberly saw me and yelled “ help tidy up all the rooms, the Princess is coming.” Lady Pemberly’s daughter told me, “ I think the Princess is looking at me to become a Lady Of The Court.” That’s a big honor for a person like Catherine.
to be continued

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