just a little peice inspired by a raindrop

April 8, 2010
By lookingforfreedom SILVER, Edmonton, Other
lookingforfreedom SILVER, Edmonton, Other
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I love the rain. The way it soaks you skin but you almost don’t notice, the way it traces along your cheeks. I love how the sky looks as it cries and the tree tops try to wipe away it’s tears. And the way the wind blows furiously through your hair, blowing your soft brown curls every which way. It’s breathtaking the way that your cheeks take the skies tears upon them in a way that makes you look almost sad even though you’re smiling with your face turned towards the cold wet droplets, inviting them in. Tasting them as they land in your open mouth, your lips turned up at the corners, smiling at the thought that it’s finally raining….you’re finally free

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