The Garden

March 15, 2010
By kaylaszczepanik BRONZE, Ralston, Nebraska
kaylaszczepanik BRONZE, Ralston, Nebraska
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A middle aged woman, with watering can in hand, strolled through her breathtaking garden pouring the fresh, well water onto the blooming botanicals. The courtyard looked to be very well taken care of, almost like a child is taken care of by their mother. It was filled with tulips, daisies of all sorts, and birds singing tunes as they fly around the bright colored, colossal garden. The sun was shining on the clear afternoon day, clouds nowhere to be seen and the breeze, a calm breeze, lightly brushed over the tops of the blossomed buds, moving them slightly to lean over the stone walk way. Trickling water is heard, the faint noise leading to a tattered three tiered fountain. Although aged, the fountain was jaw dropping to look at. Being in a garden as magnificent as it was, for the antique to stand out says something. This was Maria’s most admired possession in her garden, given to her by her most admired person.

Maria had an elevating frame with dark hair waving down her back. She had a sun glowing tan from all the hours she spent outdoors, her hands being bare of any jewels or rings. Being a shy woman, she had never married, never even really had an actual boyfriend that is unless you were to count Robert Reynolds.
She had met him while on vacation touring the Amazon. While enjoying the colorful plants and animals she ran into a Brazilian man. Being a tour guide for the popular rain forest, he took her to the best views and sights it had to offer. When they first met she felt a connection. His dark hair had a relaxed wave covering his tan face. He had eyes of blue, reminding her of the periwinkles she was growing in her garden. When he smiled, pearl white teeth glistened to her eyes, her heart skipped beats. She had never felt this way before and at the time had no idea what it was. However she now knows that it was love.
She stayed in the South American country longer than expected and after a month was torn between staying with Robert and going back home to her garden. Maria didn’t like not know what was to come and being unsure with the situation, she made he decision.
Sitting in her garden, Maria’s memories of Robert soon fade, real life crashing down on her again. A shaggy creature rubs the legs of the woman, tail reaching high into the sky. Lowering her hand down, she pet the cat, the only soul around to keep her company. Spending most of her time at her Victorian style home, she had few friends or anyone to really talk to. Looking around you would see no neighbors for she was the only house in a 20 mile radius, but she liked it this way. She liked keeping to herself. Her cat and garden was all she needed.
One early morning she arose to the sunlight shinning on her lifeless face. She went downstairs, made up a pot of coffee and popped a slice of bread into the toaster, gathering some strawberry jam out of the white painted cupboard. After finishing breakfast she went upstairs to change out of her pajamas and into a white strapless sundress so she could weed out her garden. Making her way down the stairs and out the back door, she strolled over to the barn to get her gardening gloves.
While on her way over she noticed a gentleman walking along the white picket fence. Staring at the man, she noticed his long stride and upbeat movement, waiting anxiously to see his future actions. Just as she had hoped he opened her gate, his eyes met hers. As she recognized the blue eyes of the man, her heart began to beat out of her chest.
“Robert, what are you doing here?”
“I am here to visit you, see how you doing? If you doing okay?” He asked in broken English.
“I’m doing good, Yeah pretty good.” She said untruthfully.
“Well that is good to hear. I was hoping you still lived out here. I found your name in the…white pages, but a little concerned when I was… walking in no where. You see… I was driving but my car… it broke down a while back, but ya see. I wasn’t going to give up looking. I’ve been looking for you… for a while now Maria.”
She didn’t know what to say. Maria had never experienced a relationship with a man before. She was new at this and lost for words. Awkwardly they stood there looking at one another, Richard waiting for her to answer what he had said to her, however she didn’t.
Instead asked, “Would you like to see my garden?”
She led the man to her backyard on the winding stone walk way. Once past the house, the garden filled Robert’s eyes. Maria looked into them, the reflection of her creation glistened.
“Wow…” He said, eyes still gazing at the breathtaking landscape.
“Yup, this is my garden. This is my baby. I’ve given up a lot for her. Quite a lot.”
“Yeah… but I mean. It’s beautiful. At first… when you left, I couldn’t see how I…could get turned down because of a garden. But now, now I see…”
“I’m so sorry Robert. I made a mistake. This garden, she took over my life. She made me become a lonesome woman. And YOU. You came into my life and are so wonderful. And I let you go. I let you go!
Running to the shed, Maria rummages through the miscellaneous items scattered through out it. Finally finding what she was looking for, she heads to the far end of the garden. Tears streaming down her face, she aggressively pours the gasoline onto the plants and lights a match. Without thinking, she raises her hand to throw… but is suddenly stopped. Robert’s hand grips her arm as he whispers in her ear, “We can make it OUR garden.”

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on Apr. 5 2010 at 12:50 am
DreamWriter17 PLATINUM, Marengo, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
learn from your past to live for the future.

whoa....the last part was kind of quick...but it was still awesome!  Made me kind of sad, and it felt like it was building up to something it never got to, but it was still pretty good.

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