Immortal love chapter 4

February 6, 2010
I ran my fingers threw my long blond hair. I had just finished getting ready. “Are you ready yet?” Capa moaned. I sighed. “I’m almost ready” I hissed. I pulled on my black high heels and then looked at myself deciding if I needed any extra make up. I left the bathroom. My friends shrieked with excitement. “You look totally hot” Neta shrieked. “Which bra did you pick?” I groaned and pulled down my dress side a little for her to see the color of my bra. “Oh the black one with the blue trim. Did you pick the under wear to match?” Neta asked. “Why do you care about my bra and underwear?” I asked. “Hey I think your second time should be much better then you’re first” Neta said. “Yeah since your on your what……23rd?” I asked. She frowned. “11th thank you very much” she hissed crossing her arms and looking away from me with a pout on her face. I smiled and fixed my dress to make sure my bra was hidden.
20 minutes later Ludicrous knocked on the door. I opened the door. Ludicrous held a bouquet of gorgeous tiger lilies. How the heck did he know those were my favorite? I smiled.
“How the heck did you know I loved Tiger Lilies?” I asked as he handed me the bouquet of flowers. “I’m a genius of course” he said. “Or you stalk me more then I realized” I laughed. “Whatever makes you happy” he said. I handed Capa the bouquet of flowers. “Hey girls” Ludicrous said waving at everyone. Capa and Snow giggled like little girls. Neta grumbled something in Chinese then continued to grumble as she slammed the door to my bathroom.
“Sorry amount Neta.” I said as I walked down the hall with him. “I don’t mind. A lot of humans are like her. You use to be” he said. I looked down at my black heels. “Yeah I know. I feel’s really bad about it” I whispered. He smiled and held my hand. “Don’t worry.” He said. I smiled and nodded. I had a feeling I was goanna die which is why I came prepared. Under my dress in two cases tied to both my thigh’s laid two of my most ordinary swords. I wasn’t goanna go down with out a fight. I never will.

We entered the vampire dorm. Everyone waiting to go inside was staring at me. I sighed and headed towards the entrance. Ludicrous tugged at my arm and directed me around the back.
“Where are we going?” I asked. “We have a special entrance since I’m the head master’s son.” He said. I suddenly got nervous. “Your goanna be in big trouble Ludicrous” I said as he directed me threw a back door. “I know” he said. I pulled from his grasp. He stopped and looked back at me. “I can’t let you get in this much trouble Ludicrous. Your goanna be he next ruler. You can’t just being some human” I said throwing my hands in the air with frustration. “I’m not dating some human. I’m dating you” he said. “Wait who said dating?” I asked. He pulled me against him. I stared up into his gorgeous eyes. “Ludicrous” I whispered. “I can’t ruin your life.” “It’s my life to ruin not yours” he said bitterly. I looked down at how close our bodies were then back up at his gorgeous eyes. “Alright” I whispered. He smiled. “Now smile my love. Were late” he said. I nodded and followed him up a large stair case.
“Son your la – you brought a human?” his father asked. I sighed. “She’s my date” Ludicrous said proudly. I was slightly behind him. “Son I can’t allow you to ruin any chances you have of being the next ruler” he said. “Then don’t do anything. This is my life and I can ruin it in any way I want to and I chose to have Sapphire” Ludicrous said proudly. Ludicrous’s father shook his head.
Ludicrous’s mother walked over to me. She took my hand. “You’re the girl that stool my sons heart the other night?” she asked. I nodded sheepishly. She hugged me. “Bless your heart my sweet child” she whispered. I smiled. She held me for a few minutes the let go.
Ludicrous pulled me back to his side as 6 other vampires walked up the stairs case. They all jumped as they all spotted me. I knew all of them. Mimi had come here with her date Ranger. She looked really cute in her white dress shimmering with sparkles. Ludicrous’s older brother Vander had come with Rosalinda. Ludicrous’s other older brother, Merger, had come with Holly. All of them shocked at my presentence. I quickly turned around and clutched Ludicrous’s arm.
One of his brothers touched my arm. I looked up at him. It was Merger. “So you are the girl who stool Ludicrous” Merger asked. I nodded. Merger smiled. “Welcome to the family Sapphire” he said. I nodded.
Mimi touched my left shoulder that was closest to Ludicrous. “Welcome to the family Sapphire” Mimi said with a smile. I did not get a welcome to the family from Vander. He seemed less then enthusiastic about me.
I gripped Ludicrous’s arm tighter. Ludicrous smiled down at me. “Looks like we broke Sapphire’s barrier” Mimi giggled. I frowned. “It’s not that” I whispered. I looked up at Ludicrous. He was sacrificing so much for me. He knew that. He always knew that…… but yet……..he’s still here. He’s still fighting. And so would I.
Yet he looked frustrated. He obviously didn’t want to disappoint his father or Vander but he loved me enough to give it up. Give it all up…….for me. A normal human of no royal blood. For me…..
I shut my eyes. “Is there something wrong?” Ludicrous asked. I shook my eyes. “No. I’m fine. I just have a bit a of a headache” I said. He looked down at me with a frustrated look. My face fell. “I know when you’re lying Sapphire” he said. I looked down at me feet. “Of course you do” I whispered. “It’s just….nothing.” He sighed. “I can’t pry it out of you but if your ready to tell me let me know” he said. Mimi smiled at me. Her fangs gleamed in the light. I smiled back at her.
Merger held the arm of Holly. Holly was glaring at me. I glared back at her. Her eyes widened then looked away. I gave a small evil grin. “What’s with that look?” Ludicrous asked. I jumped. “Huh?” I asked. He chuckled. “You’re so strange” he said. “Yeah yeah. I know. Explains why I’m her” I laughed. Ludicrous frowned. “Just kidding. I’m glad you invited me” I said brightly adding a big smile. Ludicrous smiled back showing off his fangs that really turned me on. There’s always something sexy about fangs.
Vander grabbed my arm and tore me away from Ludicrous. I pulled from Vander’s grasp. “Let go of me” I hissed. He threw me against the wall. I hit hard and fell to the ground. Blood already running down my arm. Looks like my dress was ruined.
Vander picked me and threw me against the wall again. When I began to get up he picked me up around the neck squeezing tight. He was probably goanna choke me. I was already having a hard time breathing. With all the strength I had left I weakly swung my foot around and slammed him in the head sending him away from me……Also dropping me hard against the floor.
I stood up weakly and pulled the swords out from under my dress. “Ah you brought swords. Figures. A vampire hunter like you would never come to a vampire event without being prepared. You used my brother to get here didn’t you?” Vander hissed. “I did not. I love Ludicrous. I brought my swords because I don’t trust all of you. Now I know I made the right decision” I hissed. Crossing my swords in front of me.
“Vander stop” Ludicrous hissed blocking Vander’s view of me. “She’s using you” Vander hissed. “She isn’t” Ludicrous insisted. “Right?” he asked looking at me. My eyes widened. “You’re seriously asking that question? Wow apparently you don’t know me at all. I came here tonight because Ludicrous asked me too. I love him and that won’t change. Ever!” I hissed. My legs gave. I fell to my knees. The blood was running faster now. I had hit the wall harder then I thought. My swords clattered to the ground. One of them sliced a few layer of my skin on my calf. “Vander stop” Mimi begged. She kneeled down beside me and tore the ends off the edge of her dress. She wrapped up my arm where it was bleeding the most. “Thank you” I whispered to her. I collapsed into her arms. “Sapphire!” she screamed at me. “I’m fine. I need to go to the infirmary. I’m loosing a lot of blood. I think I’m probably goanna pass out soon.” I whispered. Mimi picked me up and ran me out of the building. Many vampires’s caught my scent but tried hard to ignore the blood. Ludicrous didn’t follow us.

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