Beautiful Lucy

January 16, 2010
Her name is Lucy. She is the waitress down at Kate’s Diner, the only waitress who doesn’t have gray hair or 17 grandchildren. Lucy is a few years younger than me, maybe 20 or 21, and she’s the most beautiful girl you will ever see.

When I first walked in, two years ago to the day, I sat in the seat that I always sit in and waited for Betty to come and take my order. But when I heard a sweet chime like voice ask if I was ready to order, I knew it wasn’t Betty.

She had to ask me for my order three times before I brought myself to speak. That girl took my breath away and made my heart race. She isn’t like any of the other girls in Selden. Lucy doesn’t even have an accent.

But ever since that day when I met Lucy, I’ve been coming to Kate’s Diner for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lucy was the type of girl everyone liked. And Lucy liked everyone. She said to me one day that I was her favorite customer along with Tom who joined me for lunch that day. I told Lucy that she was my favorite waitress and she smiled so perfect I forgot how to breathe.

One day I walked past the diner at least ten times before I got the courage to walk in. I was planning on asking Lucy to the Fall Harvest dance. And I was as nervous as a kid on their first day of school. But when I walked in and Lucy saw me I knew there was no turning back. I marched right up to her and said a quick as a race horse “Lucy, would you like to go to the Fall Harvest dance with me?” she didn’t say anything for a minute so I said “well you don’t really have to go with me, maybe I could just meet you there and we can dance to a few songs. Or just one,” but before I could say any more Lucy put her hand over mine and said “of course I’ll go with you.”

That day I ran out of the diner praising the Lord and ran all the way home to my mama. She said I was crazy to be courting Lucy because she can’t cook. But I said back to my mama that Lucy don’t need to know how to cook. She makes up for it with her heart.

I came into the diner one Tuesday and sat in my booth and waiting for Lucy. But instead Betty walked over to me and asked for my order. I asked her where Lucy was and she said she never showed up for work.

I sprinted out of that diner and down the street to Lucy’s house and banged on her door. She didn’t answer. Not even after I told her it was me, Bryan.

I thought maybe she was sick and that’s why she couldn’t get to the door.

But Lucy didn’t show up for work for the next week. Betty didn’t know where she was. And neither did anyone around town. I spent hours of my days looking for Lucy. Because I love her.

It’s now two years later. And as I sit in this booth at Kate’s Diner and I still wait for Lucy to walk in through those doors.

She never does.

But I’ll never give up hope. Because Lucy said one day to me, “Bryan, I love you, and one day we will be together.”

So Lucy, you are anywhere out there, please come home, because I miss you Lucy. And it’s time to be together. I want to marry you.

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LostAngel said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 7:09 pm
Someone has to find this girl!!!!
rawrGabbsrawr replied...
Jul. 10, 2010 at 11:36 am
Lucy seemed like the type to run off and go. I just hope she comes back! Good job I liked it
samidvd96 said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 9:03 pm
i think it's amazing. I realize you probally don't want to write anymore of it but can you PLEASE do it i really want to know what happened to Lucy
serendipitous615 replied...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 11:25 am
well thank you :) haha and maybe i will, i havent thought about extending it.
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