broken heart.

October 20, 2009
By twilightlover SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
twilightlover SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
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love is the slowest suicide.
i love you is eight letters..... so is bull shit.

I said yes because I wanted to see what would happen and because I like you. Even with the wings. I think its cool that your parents are from both sides of the line. I mean your mom’s a demon and your dad is an angel. From what you said you only act like a demon when you’re mad and want revenge and all the other times you act like an angel. I wonder which one you act like when you have sex.” He pulls me close and kisses me aggressively. “JP not now. We have homework to do before you have to leave.” I say between kisses. “We can do that subject later. The subject I want to study now is you and your body.” He replies. I gently push him off and sat up. I grab the text book that we were supposed to be doing homework out off and set my face to no nonsense mask but couldn’t keep it there with JP laughing at it. “Fine a 1 hour make out session should keep your hunger for me down for awhile until the next session.” That’s how the next hour passed. I can tell you when he started to unbutton my pants to go father I had to put a stop top that part. Even though I wanted to see what would happen. When I stopped him, he would whisper something like this “oh come on baby it won’t hurt.” In my ear. But each time he tried, I stopped him. Finally the alarm goes off ending the make out session. Luckily. I mean it thrilled me a lot when he wanted to go farther but I was scarred to go farther. I really wanted to but couldn’t. so we got up got our books together and I walked him to the door and watched him walk home. I closed the door and stretched out my wings.

My wings were white on the bottom and black on the top. The wing span was only thirteen feet wide. Just long enough to support me. If I grow or shrink my wings will grow or shrink to accommodate my size. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is lacey galindo. As you have read from above my father is a angel and mother a demon. They are met when trying to get a guy on their side. It was kind of love at first sight in their human forms. Both are very attractive in their human and natural form. They tried telling me the whole story but I wouldn’t listen. Any way I stretched out my wings and walked into the living room and watched TV. Soon I heard the front door open and my dad walked in. he was in his human form. 5’9”tall wise, skinny with blue green eyes. The same color as mine. He also was only four inches taller than me. I got my skinniest from mom and dad but I got my black straight hair from my mom. My dad put his brief case down on the kitchen table grabbed a soda and came over and sat down by me. He switched to his regular form and sighed in relief. “Hey dad how was work” I asked. Silence. “Hmm. Good. Boring but good. Got another one for god. Just don’t tell your mother. She’s been after that one for a while now. She would be mad if she found out that I got him. Suddenly we hear the sky light upstairs in the room next to mine open then close. “Mom’s home”. Dad got up and walked upstairs to meet her. I stayed watching the TV until she came down already in her natural form. She stilled looked human besides the black eyes and the evil aura. It seemed funny to see my parents stand beside each other. Light joined with dark. Where the aura’s joined was a golden light. Always made me laugh to think I would someday have that with my life partner. Suddenly the news came on to announce a local teen guy around the age of seventeen, was killed by a drunk driver 15 minutes ago. They showed a picture of him to only be recognized as jp my boyfriend. Sitting there watching as they shoed the scene. Blood was everywhere. I jumped up and ran to the door only half listening to the news asking if anyone had information of the attack to call the local police station. Opening the front door I looked back and saw my parents till standing there watching me. Dad nodded knowing what I was feeling and what I was about to do. Mom just smiled and said “go. We’ll be along in an hour.” Running out I flew to the end of the drive way and opened my wings and flew. Flying to the crime scene, I thought about my family. Of how supportive they are. I reached the crime scene and saw blood everywhere. As I looked around the scene I felt this huge, searing, pain pierce through my heart. It hurt so much that i had to kneel down from it. The pain continued to grow as each wave of it came on. It took ten minutes before I was before i stand again. I had been going out with jp for a year and never once told him that I loved him. Now he was dead. Since I couldn’t’ find anything the police hadn’t found by sight I tried to go by scent couldn’t find anything that was because the police had marked the place up with their scent except the slight scent of jp. So since there wasn’t any smell or sight evidence I gave up on trying to find evidence and flew home to only cry in my parents arms as I professed my love to my now dead boyfriend. We walked into my room and put me down on my bed.

My parents tried to help at first but after awhile they stopped and left me alone to be by myself. When I couldn’t cry any longer I curled up in a ball and thought about the past year especially that afternoon before he had left. My heart literally felt as if it was ripped in two. The police eventually found the killer after I had hunted him down while I marveled at my demon aura form. Apparently all I had to do was get angry or want revenge to have my demon aura form to come out. After I had hunted the guy, I called the police and told them exactly where to find him. Waiting for the police was boring. When the police were close enough I left and flew home. One month later jp was finally laid to rest. I cried a lot. The pain wouldn’t go away it would show up at the wrong times. Like at school in the middle of class then came the guilt. It felt like it was my fault for not being there with him. It felt dirty because of it. But that’s how I felt a lot. I would feel the pain sear through y heart and then I would feel guilty. Usually if that happened while at school I would go to the counselor office and sit in there crying. At home we all went thought the same routine. Except with out the usual vigor that we had. Everyday I want through a change of aura form. One second I would be a angel then I would be demon. As days passed I would only answer by my name instead of the nickname jp gave me. Half breed because of what my parents were. The school year ended meaning that summer would be spent alone. I cried for three days about that. Sometime during the 3 days I noticed that my heart was slowly healing. With that healing the pain and guilt went away slowly too. I tried to avoid anything that reminded me of jp. That didn’t go over very well. Because if I did then the pain would come all over again. My parents decided that we should go on vacation to New Zealand. It was beautiful. We actual had fun without the death at all. I also was happy with myself for being in my angel aura form all through it. Also I met a boy that painfully reminded me of jp. The short spiked hair. The six pack and toned muscles. The tanned skin. About 5’7” tall. His name is Tony. He and his family was form Missouri too. Pretty surprise when I heard that. I met him at the beach and a couple of day later we became friends. Slowly did I tell him about my parents and myself. He never freaked when I told him that I’m half demon and angel. It only mad him funnier and easier to hang out with. The day we were to leave we exchanged info and I told him about hp and the accident. He was very supportive and held me when I cried and in return he told me about how his sister died in a car accident a year ago. I was supportive and held him when he cried. Then I had to go. We kept contact through the rest of the summer. When school started out talking became less until we didn’t talk any more. On day when I was in my demon aura form at school I happened to walk by the office to see Tony sitting there. Apparently his parents had wanted a better school and so they moved. With Tony by my side the school year was better. Plus I tried staying a angel. About three months after senior year started we started going out. About a month after that he started calling me half breed. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry so I did both. Few years later he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

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