The shadows

June 4, 2009
By Cheressa hall BRONZE, Alvin, Texas
Cheressa hall BRONZE, Alvin, Texas
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Running, panting, sweating. I was going as fast as my legs could carry me. “Times up!” The coach always seemed to have a strong voice. I sat down in a green velvet patch of grass. My shadow black hair wild. Like a flame around me. I wonder why I didn’t like P.E. much, but in the end you still get to relax. My ankles crossed, making a small ‘X’ with my shoes. My chest moved slowly up and down as my breathing became less labored. My arm behind my head propping my head up. I looked at the gray fluff above me. I wonder is it would rain today. In my deep thought I didn’t hear my best friend coming up. “Boo!” My legs were the first to react. I swung them ready to kick whoever was sneaking up. I almost hit her. Zowie. She was a tiny little thing. She forgot I had fast reflexes and didn’t like to be startled. “Sorry.” I wonder why she was saying that. I should have been. I was the one who almost hit her. “It’s fine, you just scared me that’s all.” She offered me her hand. I watched slowly as earth flooded back around me.She grabbed me hand and pulled. A small grunt escaping her lips. Her eyes brows mashing together. I pushed up on my legs to help me. I got to my feet. “Thanks.” I retuned her no second glance.

I walked into 7th period. I sat down, slipping a fresh piece of gum in my mouth. I drop my back pack on the ground as I leaned back, munching on the piece of gun. I looked at the teacher, Mr. Clay or Mr.C as everyone called him. He was clearing his throat trying to get our attention. A stack of paper fell off desk. Everyone in the room was laughing, except the new kid, who was standing in front of the class. I heard giggles and whispers from the girls beside me. As the teacher bent down to grab the papers one of the jocks made a fart sound. I smiled as some kids laughed. He put them on his desk. “Ok, everyone this is our new student Anderw.” I studied him of a moment. He had soft black hair with a narrow face. His eyes midnight black. High cheek bones pale face. Long then fingers. His gray shirt sticking onto his well built chest. Long black pants flaring out at the end, over his black and white skater shoes. I crossed my legs, my high heels hitting the ground. He looked as it he just came out of a photo shot. I looked around the class, I felt stares on my back. All of the girls were glaring at me. I looked beside me. The only open seat was next to mine. I felt my cheeks redden. I moved my hair to the side making sure he couldn’t see me cheeks as he went and sat down. We were reading out of the text book. Anderw was called on, his voice was deep and beautiful. Like velvet to my ears. I didn’t even notice my named being called. “Ms. Chaos.” My head snapped up to mr. clay. “Please read.” I blushed a faint pink. The class broke out into a giggle. I quickly recovered from my little blond moment.

It felt like forever, before the bell rang. I could finally talk to him. “My name is chaos.” I held my hand out to him. He glanced at my hand. “Hi, I’m anderw, It’s nice to meet you. I’m not trying to be rude but you-.” “Yes I know, I have a strange name.” I cut him off. I heard this about a hundred times before at the begging of the school year. I grabbed me bag and left making to my car. A mustang 85. I turned the keys listening to the purr of the car. I backed out as a truck came speeding by. I honked and slammed on my breaks. It was anderw. I could see him from the mirror. ‘Why was he in such a hurry?’ I asked myself as I pulled into the drive way of my house. I never had to worry about parents getting on me for not being home on time. I was curious in the least. I open my lap top and typed in his name. It said he came from a school and Huston, Texas. ‘I wonder what made him come to Columbus, Ohio?’ I got my homework out, but I found myself thinking of him. I finally gave up. I slipped into more comfortable cloths. I looked at the small alarm clock on the dresser it read,10:30. I rested my head against the pillow and let my heavy eye lids fall.

I found myself in the middle of the forest. Anderw was leaning over something. “Anderw?” Hw spun around at his being called. A small drop of blood trailing from the corner of his mouth down to his chin. I gasped, stumbling backwards. His eyes were ember. Red and gold mixture. He slowly walked towards me. I started to back up more. He caught my writs lightly as I started to fell back. He hadn’t said anything yet. “Chaos.” His voice was soft. He kissed my neck. I was in heaven. I could feel his breath on the base of my throat. Then, he bit down! I yelped and tried to pull away. I felt him sucking the life out of me. I kept screaming. My screams changed into a new sound. I eyes flew open. The clock on my dresser was going off. I slammed my hand down on it.

Thinking of my dream. All the way to school, turns out he was in every one of my questions except for choir. I avoided him in every class when he tried to talk to me. The truth was, I was scared, afraid of what might happen if I was his friend. I finally wrote a note to him. ‘Dear anderw, Meet me after school, I need to talk to you about something important. From your friend chaos.’ I passed it under the table, once I felt him tug I released it. I watched him look under the table. Finally the last bell of the day rang. I leaned against my car, crossing my ankles and arms. He walked slowly, his eyes narrowed like a cat once he caught a glance of me. “What do you want?” He asked harshly. “Follow me I need to talk to you in private.” I gestured to the people watching up from across the parking lot. He simply nodded and got into his truck.

Once inside I got him to sit down on the couch. I was ready to find out what was going on with him and why he was so different. “Alright what do you want?” He repeated. I looked down, my eyes brows mashing together as I thought of the right words to say. “Um, it your from Texas why are you so pale?” He met my gaze. “I stay inside a lot.” I nodded. “Mind telling me why you’ve been edgy all day?” I let a small gasp escape from my lips. So he did notice. “I’m not having a good day that’s all.” I stood up going to the door and opening it for him. “I’m sorry I wasted you time.” With those words side,he left no questions asked.

The dream happened again. I wondered if it was trying to tell me something. I avoided him again that day. I was rushing out of the bathroom with my head down, as I looked up a pair of soft lips met with mine I looked at anderw’s face. We both looked away at each other. I felt a blush boiling over my face. “Sorry.” I heard him say from behind he locker door. I ran to next period.

Tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I just kissed the boy I’ve been trying to avoid the last two days. He walked into the class room and sat behind me. I could feel his eyes on my back. One of the tears welled over. It slid down my cheek. I wiped it away, taping my pen on the desk as I listen to the teacher to explain. I loved Mrs. Campbell’s class, she looked at me, she notices my eyes were red from crying. I just shook my head to tell her it was nothing. She kept teaching, glancing at me every few minutes. Finally the end of the day came. I ran to my car. I could hear him calling my name. The tears returned. I shut the door. He ran up knocking on the window. “Chaos, please open the window.” I sighed and obeyed. I looked up, his face had a pleading hint to it. “Chaos, what’s wrong with you? Look I’m sorry ok.” “Yes, I know I’m sorry too.” I mashed down on the button, the window started going back up. He grabbed it forcing it back down. “What the?” I stopped pushing the button, fearing that it’d break my window. By now there was a crowd of people around my car. He bent his head inside the car and once again kissed me. My eyes closed, I kissed him back. I heard the crowd ‘awing.’ “I’ll meet you at your house.” I nodded he walked to his truck.

He tangled his hand with mine. “Are you alright?” I nodded. It was getting late. He kissed me on the forehead. “I have to leave.” “Alright.” I really didn’t want him to leave but he had to. “I love you, chaos.” “I love you too, anderw.” He walked out. Shock was on my face. I just said ‘I love you’, The one thing I promised I would never say to a guy. Bliss filled the shock. I was the happiest I had ever been in my whole life.

It was Friday, finally. I was upset. I wanted to see him, but my body told me otherwise. I had to lay over a trash can half the day, this was a problem. We had off campus lunch today. I had a fever of 101 freakin’ degrees. I heard the front door open. “Chaos?” He came to visit. “I’m up here!” Ugh, my voice was so rough and kind, well sick. He appeared in the door way with medicine in hand. I moved over to make room at the edge of my bed. He sat down, putting his cold hand to my warm head. He wiped the sweat off my forehead. My long bangs sticking to it. “It’s not far, how come your not sick.” I wined. He chuckled. “I’m just lucky I guess.” He handed me the medicine. “Here this should help.” “Thanks, maybe later.” His sighed and looked at his watch.
“I’ve got to go.” I frowned and made a small whimpering sound in the back of my throat. “Aw, I’m sorry. I’ll stop by later and drop of your work later on. Stay safe, my love.” I sighed as he left, once again I would be stuck alone in the lonely old house. I didn’t hear the stair squeak. Then 5th stair from the top. The only noise showed he was leaving was the sound of his car roaring to life as he pulled out of the drive.

I could hear my stairs creaking. I glanced at the clock. It was only 1:23 anderw couldn’t be out of school out. I heard a deep mans voice. “Get everything valuable, leave the rest.” I heard a grunt of another. I grab the charging cell phone on the night stand by my head, calling the one person I knew could help. “Hello?” It was just a whisper, he must have been in class. I could hear a teacher in the background, though I really didn’t care at the moment. “Anderw, call the police, there’s two men here, trying to rob the house, I love you, please hurry.” I said it as quick as I could without twisting my tongue. I pulled myself off the bed without making a sound and looked around for a weapon. I picked up a base ball bat from soft ball season. I crammed my self under the bed, griping onto the bat as hard as I could. Everything was quit for a moment the only sound were my labored breathing and racing heart beat pounding in my ears. I saw the door swing open hitting the wall behind it. I silently moved from my hiding spot. I swallowed hard and stood up swing the bat. The stranger helped in surprised. He face was covered in a black mask the only holes for his eyes and mouth. We stood there frozen, my muscles locked. It was as if some one had froze time around us. I was the first to break the silence. “Get out of my house.” I could only Imagined what this looked like, a sick girl, ready to protect her self and her house. Not to mention my weak voice. He put his hand above him as to protect himself from the bat. I swung, hitting something. A loud crushing sound filling the room. “Son of a…” He cut off and raised his good hand into the air. I stumbled back away from him, my vision blurred, I started seeing double. My cold was worse then I thought. I wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. He stuck again hitting my stomach. I fell on my knees. His fist rose again. This was it, I couldn’t protect myself any more. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain to come. It never did. I peeked up from under my eye lashes only to see anderw had caught the robbers fist before it could touch me. I heard a large thud as my body hit the floor, I went limp and my mind was consumed by the shadows.

Blinding light flooded my eyes. I groaned, putting up my hand to block it out. My vision soon came into focus. I was on a hospital bed. Anderw was on my right and the doctor on my left. “Ah, you awake.” I looked at the doctor, a small grin shown on the corners of his mouth. A small whimpering sound come from the back of my throat, I couldn’t find my voice. “I’ll be back in a few hours to see how your doing.” That left me and anderw alone. “Good evening sleeping beauty.” He smiled. I felt a tube in my nose, helping my breath, I didn’t need it now, it was annoying , like a fly buzzing around your head non stop. I reached up to yank them out. A cold hand stopped me. He chuckled. “Well get them off as soon as possible.” He promised. My throat was dry, it hurt. Anderw frowned. “You know you gave me a scare there, you’ve been out for two days.” “What?” My voice still a weak whisper. “What happened?” Yes, that was the question, what had happened while I was out? “Well the police arrived about five minutes after you fainted. I helped you here. I called the teacher and told them what had happened. Your friends came back yesterday.” He gestured to the basket on the other side of the room. A small teady bear sitting on it. I looked down. My friends. So much was wrong right now. “When can I leave?” A small shrug answered my question.

Five days came and went before I was finally able to leave. I was given my cloths back to change into to. I had to stay to stay home. My friends stopped by every day. As did my love. A week later every thing went backto normal like nothing ever happened. Anderw and I were closer then ever. I watched anderw run the track. He kept a worried face all the way home. ‘What was bothering him?’ I asked myself. Once we sat down on my couch I thought it was time to ask. “Anderw is there something bothering you?” He sighed. “Well, yes. I want to talk about it too.” I nodded and kept listening. “Chaos, I’m not normal, the truth is, I…I’m a vampire.” I leaned back staring at him. I started giggling. “Are you trying to make me feel better?” “Chaos I’m serious.” “Ya, right.” “Here I’ll prove it to you.” I don’t know what happen, but one second I was looking at him then I was looking at nothing. I looked around. He appeared a few feet away. My jaw dropped. It was true. “There, now there’s no secrets between us now.”

I could have fainted right then and there. I stared at him, shock covering my whole face. I finally recovered. He sat down beside me. I leaned into his arms like always. “Wait I thought vampires burn in sun light?” He chuckled and held up his hand. Football ring with ruby in the middle. “Well, if we wear some type of ruby, it keeps us safe from it.” I grabbed his hand and twisted my fingers with his. He kisses my hand and then my forehead. I smiled. I didn’t really care if he was a vampire, I still loved him. A knock at the door made me jump half way out of my shoes. I went to answer it. There was a women standing in my door way. She was about the same height as I was. A little taller. Light brown hair that stopped in the middle of her back. Blood red eyes. “Is anderw here?” He voice was soft and high pitched. I nodded and pointed behind me. Anderw got up from the couch and step closer to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. He looked down at the strange women who just appeared at my door. “Rain? What are you doing here?” “Well, hello there my old friend.” A wicked smile came to her face. “So is this chaos? The one I’ve heard so much about.” I grabbed onto his shirt, a growl rumbled through his chest. “I guess I must be leave, another time anderw.” With a wink, she disappeared in the blink of an I, like anderw had before. Anderw let go of me. “I’ll be right back, I promise.” He disappeared again.

Second, minutes later. It felt like forever. I had to go after him. I started running into the forest. I jumped over a log and landed in what was a small circle where the tree been cut down. I saw anderw, he was pinned to a tree with an arrow through his stomach. Blood falling from the side of his mouth. “Anderw!” I ran over to him. He was slumped over, his fangs longer then normal. I pulled on the arrow trying to get it out from the tree, but it was no use it was hurting anderw and it was stuck to far in the tree. He groaned and looked at me. “Chaos, run, get out of here.” “No! I’m not going leave you here like this.” Someone jumped down behind me. I turned quickly only to see rain pacing around us. Anger filled me up. “Why did you do this to anderw? He done nothing to you!” Tear welled up, but I wouldn’t cry, not now. Rain laughed. “Not by what you see, but he has done something.” I flinched away at the thought. “He promised me that he’d love me. He was there in my time of need. He helped me every waking moment. Then he up and left, without a word. So I tracked him down. I watched and followed him. I was waiting on him to do the same thing to you the he had done to me. No he never did. He deserved what he got.”

The sun was raising, peeking over the mountain in the far east, filling the sky with beautiful colors. I hadn’t had a minute of sleep, but that didn’t matter. At the rate that anderw was losing blood he would die in the next hour or so. That when I notice it, around rain’s neck as a necklace with ruby in it. She pulled out a dagger. “Now I’ll kill you and him.” The sun was covering up to my waist. Now was the perfect time to get it. I jump grabbing the necklace, the dagger she held digging itself into my chest. I gasped holding back a scream. I still had a hold of the necklace. I pulled on it until the chain that was holding it broke. Blood was staining my shirt. I tossed the necklace aside. “No! no!!” she let out blood curling screech, her body bursting into flames. I fell back getting away. The flame from her body licking at the air. “Chaos! Chaos!” Some how anderw moved himself off the arrow and found his place at him side. “Chaos are you alright?” “Anderw?” He picked my head up, putting it in his lap. His wound had already stopped bleeding. The smell of burning flesh in the air. Here I lay in anderw’s arms bleeding to death. I felt a tear on my cheek, but it wasn’t from me. I looked up, anderw was crying now. I wonder if I’ll move on or stay in limbo until My love come to me as well. I took in a short breath, my last breath. The darkness slowly spreading over my eyes. My last glance at the world gone, then I died.

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