Break Even

June 4, 2009
By Mandy BRONZE, Brandon, Mississippi
Mandy BRONZE, Brandon, Mississippi
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Moonlight filters threw the wispy clouds and casts an eerie, ghostlike glow to the world beneath it Icy tendrils of misty breath curl around the freezing, yet glowing face and caress it softly before fading away into the darkness. Chilled fingertips gently wipe away the scowl and furrowed brows before they too fade away. Loneliness sets in once again and tears you away from the rest of the world, leaving you confused and hurt. It’s highly ironic that the only person who could heal this crumbling heart is the one who broke it in the first place. Heavily shaded blue eyes find mine and I feel as if I’m looking into an Ocean, endless and filled with the terror of mankind. Pale pink lips curl into something that resembles a smile and I can feel my heart lurch within my chest. Those bright eyes of yours should not be filled with the pain of a thousand years, nor should you wear a heavy heart upon your sleeve. Pain registers threw my enclosed heart and bounces off the walls, echoing throughout the hollow person I will forever will be. Easing into my bones was something new along with the aching cold.
Confusion spreads across the unassembled features of mine for just a moment, then it eases into one of realization. Something playful brushes up against the walls around my heart, contrasting greatly against the untouched, stone cold walls. Mischievous shadows of warmth seep into the stockade and slowly begin working them down until I’m left vulnerable. Stares filled with words flowed back and forth from us, making the other face the truth of what was going on inside. Anger gradually replaces the confusion and darkness storms the glowing shadows, beating them back until they no longer tread upon unwanted land.
The same emotion was passing threw her eyes as we held this stare, the stare that could either end the world or start it anew. Strangely, I was almost begging for it to begin anew with the loving golden hues of the world to guide us; together. Curiosity was tearing at the anger, pleading with it to let the warmth in once more but it wouldn’t. Not until she admitted it passage first into her heart and only then would I allow myself to be submerged in the tender affection. Nothing was said and the silence was pounding against my usually musically entranced ears. Suddenly, sound burst from within me as the curiosity turned to outrage and joined teams with the warmth. They barreled past the anger, clawed down the walls, and attacked my heart with no mercy in their blows.
Reckless emotions took hold of my body and forced me to walk towards the one who was causing all of this mayhem within. Inward growls and snarls erupted from everywhere but they were drowned out by the sound of laughter filling the air. Glowing hazel eyes turned to the meet the Ocean and there was a large grin spread across her beautiful face. Scowling softly, I lurched forward and pressed my wintry lips against hers, surprised at the warmth that radiated out from them. Everything seemed to burst out in color as electricity spun wildly threw my veins and I felt thrilled at the new, non-lethal drug I had found. Urgency took hold as silky smooth fingers twined with mine and my hands reveled in the feeling of being whole.
Ragged breathing cut threw the midnight air as the clouds gave a soft roll before unleashing beautiful snow-flake fairies. Foreheads press together and content smiles rest upon haggard, emotionally torn faces. The wind dishevels long, straight rays of golden sun and placid waves of jet black hair, mixing the two together in an obvious metaphor of darkness and light. You, filled with utter pain and momentary happiness and I, emotionless and obliviously unaware of real happiness. Two haves, missing their other side, their better half, are now found in this early morning wasteland. Slowly the sun begins to peek over the edges of a tattered building and chases away the haunting moonlight as I capture your lips with mine.
Burning, irrevocable, and uncontrolled love bursts within me, knocking down any leftover walls and setting my heart on fire. Sunlight confines us within this loving moment of time as I fight to keep the tears of joy down. They end up strangled in my throat as I rasp out the words of meaningless nothings but my actions fill them with promises of forever. Or as long as you need me. Crystal glitters upon your face and I gingerly wipe away the tears of beauty and lost happiness.
One single word that can destroy, build fake walls of reassurance, or can give you the strength to go on, to strive for a better life. Smiling delicately, I thought of the many words I could say just to tell you that I’d stay but nothing escaped my lips; just yet. Hesitantly, I brought my eyes up to meet those lovely blue and I momentarily lost myself within them before the wind tugged me from my private world.
“As long as you need me to be.”
She smiled up at me and I saw her soul within her eyes. I saw the angel white wings lift it off the blood soaked ground and watched it fly free of the battlefield memories.

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RedButterfly said...
on Sep. 1 2010 at 9:27 pm
RedButterfly, Grand Blanc, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
One bright day in the middle of the night, two dead boys rose to fight. Back to back they faced eachother, drew their swords and shot one another. The deaf policeman heard the noise and saved the lives of the two dead boys.

Absolutely beautiful. Prose written so well it's akin to poetry. Lovely and descriptive.

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