April 12, 2009
By Anonymous

“Meegaaan!!!, time for dinner!!”, Christina shrieked at the top of her lungs. Megan came racing through the front door as if it was Christmas morning all over again leaving mud footprints all over the kitchen floor. It was a good thing Christina, was too busy frantically mismatching fabric for her new fashion design job, to notice the mess. Christina was not like most moms, she had this young spirit that was thriving out of her, making her a very interesting person. It was a small family of three, a mom and two girls. Christina’s flowy personality allowed her girls to live a comfortable life in which they felt free to express themselves. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them, don’t get me wrong, she was a very concerning mother, who worried about them all the time. These girls were her life. As you probably concluded, she doesn’t have a husband. Christina’s husband died 2 years ago in a plane crash, but she’s not the type of lady who dwells on the past, she celebrates his life, instead of grieving about it. You can say that being a woman of only 25, having two kids, no man is a hectic life, and no one will even try to doubt you. But this situation only adds to this fabulous life of hers.

Megan ran up the bright orange stairs, ignored the GET OUT sign, and followed her quest to get her sister Nicole to come down stairs. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM, BEFORE I THROW THIS PHONE IN YOUR FACE”, Nicole fiercely said. Megan, being the pesky little twerp she is, enjoys a challenge. And grabs a pillow with a smirk on her face, and throws it at her fire raging dragon sister, then runs out the door as if twenty people were shooting bullets at her. Nicole so used to this, didn’t even bother to come after her. She finished talking with her friends, and walked down to dinner. Nicole, who is about 17 and a half, dreams to live in New York, and become an actress. Too that I might add, she is quite good. She is in her senior year of Rockbridge high, and next year will attend New York University. Nicole is not as mean as she looks, you could say she secretly likes fighting with Megan, but I didn’t tell you that.

Down at the small little dining table, Megan quickly brought up the conversation about how she went exploring outside, and went to construction site next door, and how the worker told her that the house is complete. Christina acting fascinated by her daughter, was troubled by the thought of not completing the design by Tuesday. Megan was truly excited about the fact that they were going to get neighbors. They lived at this same small little street since their dad had died, and since then they are the only ones who live there it can be quite boring. They live in this small but beautiful “neigborhood” with pastures and trees. And finally there will be more then one house. The house, which was being built next door, was huge, and it made Christina’s house look very little. But that would be the last thought that would come across Megan, she was thrilled about the idea of having people around her.

That very old same night, from the distance a big truck rolls in. “It’s a moving van, it’s a moving fan, look, it’s a moving fan”, shouts Megan. And I bet you all know what happens next.

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