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Beware the Beautiful

November 10, 2008
By Brenda White, Bossier City, LA

The music seemed to flow out the doors of the building and onto the quiet street like it always does in the classic cartoons. The woman approached the building swiftly yet nonchalant. She was dressed in a red cocktail dress, three-inch heels, and her hair like that of the classic pin-up girl topped with a red rose and the make-up to match.

She walked in quietly and took a seat. There was some dancing to swing music while others were drinking their moonshine. There was a game of poker in the back filling the room with a gray haze of cigar smoke.

A greasy haired man walked up to the woman. “You wanna dance, hot stuff?”He asked shooting a grizzly smile. She stood up, and his faced turned a flushed, pale white as he recognized her. “Well, I’m not sure Big Papa would like that.” She chuckled softly. There were crashes of glass and screams as the woman pulled her gun out of her purse. The greasy haired man bumped against the record player and it scratched to a halt.
Seconds later she let off fire and turned the room into a slaughter house. The room was silent except for the record turning on the player. She kissed a napkin, wrote The Infamous Kate, slipped it on a dagger, and threw it into the head of the greasy haired man as her lay slumped against the wall. She put the needle back on the record and walked out of the building as the music filled the room once more as it mingled in the streets with the sirens.

As the returned home, a tall, classically handsome man dressed in a black, pin striped zuit suit rose from him green chair and said, “Ah, my sweet Katharina has returned to me.” She walked over to him, and he kissed her deeply. “You smell of gun smoke, my favorite.” She smiled a strikingly beautiful smile. “Lets dance.” he continued. The man started for the record player, but she stopped him. “Oh, Jay, let me.” She placed the needle to the record, and the same big band swing music as in the building played. They danced.

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Great job!