January 17, 2018
By LoganPaul BRONZE, Berkeley, California
LoganPaul BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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There was a boy named Justin Turner. The year is 2111. The world is so much different than ever before. Nobody is allowed outside. Everyone orders food, water and any necessary supplies through a drone. If anybody goes outside then they will be executed on the spot. The government decided that there were too many terrorists and crimes going on, so everyone would be a suspect of crime. Justin always wondered what it was like to go outside. When he was only a toddler he talked about going outside a lot. Justin’s parents, Corey and Amy, always told him about the dangers of the outside world.
One day Justin had an urge like never before. After being in one space his whole life. Enclosed. He knew the consequences, but he also knew what he wanted to do. Corey is sitting at the T.V. watching replays of sports from years and years ago. Amy is in the bedroom reading a book like usual. Justin looks at the bolted front door and slowly approaches it. He remembers the codes that he found in his basement about a year ago. He tries the combination on the locks and it works. Once the door is open he makes a run for it - dashed out the front door, breathing in the fresh air and admiring the nature around him. It was the best experience of his life. After that moment of exhilaration he was standing there taking everything in. Suddenly he felt a pain like he never experienced before, it felt like something unbreakable pierced his torso. Which is exactly what happened. One of the trees he saw had a motion sensor in it and shot at him when he stepped outside. The best moment of his life suddenly turned into the worst moment of his life. Although he was dying he knew he made the right decision.
His parents run out only to the edge of the door in fear of getting get shot too. Amy yells out, ”can you come inside?! can you walk?!” Justin says,” No, I’m sorry”. His parents burst into tears hopeless. Justin says to them,”I love you, goodbye...”.
After this happened, everybody went back to normal, life went back to normal, the world went back to normal. Nobody is allowed outside. Nobody is allowed freedom.

The author's comments:

This is a story that takes place in a dystopian time. Nobody is allowed to go outside. This story was inspired by Kurt Vonnegut.

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