What's Going ON?

January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

The bell rung and I couldn’t be anymore happier than I already was. My parents had planned a weekend girls trip for me and my friends since this is the last year of high school for us, and we would soon be departing. I assumed this was the first part f]of my graduation gift so it was quite definite that I would be going. Plus, both of my parents just got a raise at their new jobs so I was highly certain that they would go all out for me. I ran like a cheetah to its prey to my locker to get my things and hurried to the bus. Twenty minutes passed and I was walking into the steps of my house. My mom and dad was not home which was pretty much usual. I took out my weekend bag to pack my clothes and did so in a timely manner. After I was done, I texted the group chat to see where me and my friends would be meeting up at tomorrow, and waited for a response. Exhaustion took over and next thing you know I was sound asleep. That soonly came to an end when I heard my parents coming in.
“How are we gonna break this news to her?” I heard my mom try to whisper. I didn’t want to sound interrupting so I closed my door but put my ear to it.
“I’m not sure Fiona, but you have to tell her” I heard my dad reply. I thought for a second and tried to come up with the most common things they could have to tell me.
“Are we moving… can they not afford my weekend getaway?” All these thoughts that filled into my head as I dreaded to know what was going on.
I soon found myself not getting anywhere with the eavesdropping, so I just got up and made my way downstairs. I stomped down the stairs with my arms folded ready for answers.

“Imma need you to cut to the chase not beat around the bush and just say what you have to say” I said directing my words to them.
They looked at me as if I had four eyes. All I wanted to know was what was going on. “Was my family soon enough lessening… could they be leaving each other?” “Are they the ones departing instead of it being me and my friends?” I thought to myself.
Then my mom sighed. “I really don’t want this to hurt you in any way” she said.
“Just tell her Fiona it won’t take that long” my dad said.
Then in an instant my mom went to her purse that was on the kitchen table. She took out the paperwork and handed it to me. Tears filled my eyes as I read the paper ro myself.
“You guys are so selfish and inconsiderate!” I screamed as I ran up the steps back to my room.
My dad ran behind me as fast as a runaway kid but I was too fast for him. By the time he got upstairs my door was already locked. I fell to my bedroom floor and cried myself to sleep like a little baby. When I woke up, I notified my friends that the trip was off. Apparently my parents can use that money to split it elsewhere.

The author's comments:

This piece was influenced by my teachers fiction unit.

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