January 14, 2018
By Melamed26 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Melamed26 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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     (Ordinary World) It was 8 o’clock on a cold summer’s night inside the Freedmen's house. Michael was tucked into bed tight with a night light, like every night. Mr. and Mrs. Freedmen had already looked under the bed and in the closet for any monsters. Michael closed his eyes on easy, he rustled around in his bed for trying to find his happy place. Not even a minute later, with great speed, Michael sat up start, eyes opened wide. (Ordinary World)

(Call to Adventure) “Where's Eli?!?!” Michael shouted.

Troy, smelled Michael’s fear and ran into comfort him. Troy nuzzled up next to Michael trying to calm him.
Michael whispered in Troy’s ear, “Where’s Eli.”

Troy’s ears perked up and his nose hit the wooden floor. After sniffing around he wounded up by the closet door and began to scratch it. (Call to adventure) (Refusal of the Call) Michael began rocking himself back and forth while shaking his head. (Refusal of the Call) (Meeting the Mentor) With Troy’s teeth he grabbed the bottom of Michael’s night blue pajama pants to guide him to the closet door. Michael tried to head for the bedroom door to call for his parents but Troy directed him back to the closet door.

“I can not do it Troy.” Troy presses his head on the back of Michael's legs to push him towards the door. Michael inhales deeply, “You're right, for Eli.” (Meeting the Mentor)

(Crossing the Threshold) Michael closes his eyes tight and puts his shaky hand in front of him to find the knob. He slowly twists the handle and slowly opens his eyes. (Crossing the Threshold) (Tests, Allies,Enemies) It was pitch black, Michael jumped back a little, Troy pushed the door open more to allow for the night light to shine through. The night light, being too far away from the closet, didn't shine enough to see everything, just their outlines. Michael scanned the closet slowly, he saw his school clothing hanging up and his pajamas folded up on the shelf. While glancing around, something touched his foot, flinching, he looked down and it was just Troy’s tail. (Tests, Allies,Enemies) (Approach to the Inmost Cave) Michael approached the last bit of closet space, he felt proud of himself. (Approach to the Inmost Cave).

(The Ordeal) “Eli!” He shouted. “How'd you get all the way up there?” “How am I going to get all the way up there?”

Michael climbing up his shelves in order to reach Eli. When he got high enough, his right hand released its grasp on the shelf and it began searching for Eli. Standing on his tippy toes, he lost balance and almost fell back.(The Ordeal)

(Reward) “I've come this far, I can not fall now!” Michael regained balance and grabbed Eli, safely jumping back to the floor.

Michael hugging his raggedy grey stuffed elephant, with a smile on his face, “Eli, I saved you!” (Reward)
(The Road Back) Michael looking around his closet, recognized how far he's come. Walking toward the door, felt something poking his foot.

Without hesitation, Michael looks down, hugs Eli the Elephant, “ Do not worry, it's only Troy’s paw.” (The Road Back)

(The Resurrection) Distracted by Troy, Michael didn't notice he had hit down a shirt that was hanging on his closet. When Michael looked up the shirt had fallen on his head.

“Monster! Monster!” Troy leaped up to grab the shirt of his head and it fell into Michael’s hands. “Oh, it's just a shirt, phew. There are no monsters in the closet.” (The Resurrection)

(Return with the Elixir) Walking back to the be, Michael stopped and turned toward his night light. “I do not need this anymore, I'm not afraid.”

Unplugging the night light, he crawls into bed with Troy by his side and Eli in his arms. He grinned at the closet door and shut his eyes and fell peacefully to sleep. (Return with the Elixir)

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