a day outside

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

She is being followed by three suspicious men. She notices them and starts to run. Running is what she is good at. She’s ran during her whole life, but apparently not enough as the people catch up to her. Running isn’t an option anymore so she whips out her diamond and sapphire encrusted sword and gets ready to fight. The men also take out their weapons which consists of a gun, a magic wand, and a knife. She smiles because none of those items are an equal match for her sword. She runs at the one with a wand and attempts to slice him in half. He casts a ghost spell on himself just in time so that the sword goes through him as if he were air. She sees the gun being pointed at her from the corner of her eye and uses her sword as a shield to cover her. She feels the fast object hit her shield and bounce off. She gets ready to swing at the shooter but suddenly feels a sharp pain in her side. She looks over and sees the guy with the knife. He got her. She ignored the plainest weapon, but it became the one that ended her life.

I take off my headset and drop my controller flinging myself back on my couch in defeat. I’ve worked so hard at this game, putting so much time and effort into leveling up but I get defeated like that! I get killed by some dude with a stupid knife! Filled with anger I get up and walk to my kitchen to grab a snack. I angrily get a bag of chips from the cupboard and grab my vitamin D pills. I hate taking my pills. It feels weird swallowing a tiny capsule to me. I must take them because I haven’t been touched any sunlight in three years. When my parents died and left me with all their money, I decided to use it all on video games and other stuff like that. I decide to take a break from the games and go on Tumblr. I talk about how I never go outside, but most people assume I’m like every other teenager who says that , but still go outside. I look through my feed and see people talking about net neutrality. Net neutrality is my worst nightmare. Some people are trying to pass a law to make the internet not free. The internet is literally my life so I have no idea what I’d if it were passed. A lot of people think since I have a nice house that I can simply buy all other websites I want. They don’t know that I’ve actually spent all of the money left for me and I’m living off my aunt right now. The results of the vote for the law will be posted tomorrow. I don’t think it will be passed because this generation is largely dependent on the internet. I check the corner of the computer and see that its three in the morning. I get ready for bed and go to sleep.

The next morning when I awoke, the first thing I did was go to check my social media. When I clicked in Instagram, a notification popped up. It said that I needed to pay to use it. I realized that the law to repeal net neutrality had been passed. All the life drained out of me and I felt hollow inside. I laid on my bed thinking about all the online games, tv shows, movies and videos I’d never be able to see. Tears started streaming down my face as I had a breakdown. I have no friends in real life. All my closest friends were ones I’d formed through the internet and all my connections to them were lost. I never got to show them my real face. I spent the next few days sulking alone in my room. Those were the worst days I’ve ever experienced.

One day I woke up feeling optimistic. Maybe the law being passed was a good thing. I finally have the will power to go outside and be in nature and be social. This sudden change in emotions made me feel good. I put on some presentable clothes and took a step outside. I felt the wing blow against me. It was an unfamiliar, yet pleasant sensation. I walked out and followed the side walk taking rights and lefts while keeping track of them because I don’t know my way around. I found myself in front of a park filled with different people of all ages. I see children sliding down slides, swinging on swings and enjoying themselves. I saw teenagers hanging out together and adults watching their kids or just roaming around. There were elderly people just enjoying the weather. If I had known the outside world was like this, I would have left my house a lot sooner. I walk along the grass and come to a street. I decide to sit on the curb and relax. Not long into my relaxation a girl approaches me. She sits down next to me and says, “I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new?”
I sit there not knowing what to say. I haven’t had a real conversation with anyone for so long I don’t know how to react. I think about something to say but nothing normal comes to mind. She looks at me with concern and asks, “are you okay?”

“Great. Excellent job poppy. You finally had a chance to make a real-life friend, but you blew it and now she thinks there’s something wrong with you” I say to myself.

I’ve completely ruined this situation so I just get up and walk away. I walk home thinking about how dumb I am on the way back. I get home, change and jump into my bed. Laying there I realize that the outside world isn’t for me. I’ll just live off all the video games I previously bought. I did just that for the rest of my life.

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