The Day I Was Taken Away From My Mother

October 25, 2017
By Oscarp3660 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Oscarp3660 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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The day I was taken away from my mother was one of the most heartbreaking and devastating moments of my life this is my story of how I was taken away from my mother.Lets go to the beginning to where all this started the day my family was ripped apart from my life.The day I was born my mother named me Alex after her father.After I was born my mother took me home to take care of me, its been a few years I was age five at that time a couple of months later my mother got pregnant.

In that moment, when my mother Melissa told me that we were going to have another baby my young mind was shocked & ecstatic in that point in time of my childhood life, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night hearing my mother vomiting in the bathroom horribly so I walk to my mother then, she sees me then says
”I’m sorry you have to see me like this Alex your baby brother kept me up all night long”
In my response I say
”Are you okay mommy??!!”
Next,she said
”Yes honey i’m fine now go to bed we’re doing something special tomorrow” so I went back to bed and slept I wake up the next morning.Out of everyone in my family I was the first one awake it was so silent that I was spooked so, I start walking slowly like a snake trying to catch prey.My father woke up from his sleep and he sees me and asks
”Alex are you hungry??”
when he said that I said
”Yes”while he was making breakfast I was in the living room watching my favorite cartoon show which was Looney Tunes after that, he left to go wash off in the bathroom when that happened right after, my mother woke up and sat on the couch.I looked at my mother’s belly In my eyes it looked like a balloon ready to pop suddenly,my mother asked me
”Alex are you ready for your brother to get here”
I said
”Yes i’m ready for my new brother to get here.” In that moment I saw water coming down my mother’s gown I said
”Mommy why is there water coming down your dress??” when she heard me say that she looked down and saw the water around her feet also,she had a frightened and scared face then, she whispered saying
”Oh my god!! My water broke”
she screamed my father’s name
”Martin!!”He came racing down like a wave of raging water.We took my mother to the hospital when we got there a doctor rushed her to Emergency room.

A couple of hours have passed when my mother was rushed to the ER suddenly,a doctor came looking for us to go see my mother.When me and my father arrived at my mother’s room I saw my mother I was so relieved to see her in good health Next,I saw my newborn baby brother Manuel after that, we took him home. A few years have passed I was now age 8 and Manuel was now 3 years old.My father got a letter from the hospital I saw him reading the letter to himself out of the blue,I heard him slam the letter on the kitchen table.My father went to show the letter to my mother in that instance, I suddenly started hearing my mother crying I ran to her and when I got there my father stopped me and broke the news to me and that moment of my life was the first moment where my heart felt shattered into millions of microscopic pieces.My father told me that he had cancer and that he didn’t know how much time he had to live my young mind was so paralyzed that I didn’t know what to do in that specific moment of my life.After, the whole commotion my father told us
”No matter what happens I will always be with you in your mind and heart”
Right after, he gave me,Manuel & my mother a hug.At that point I didn’t know if my life was ever going to be the same anymore.

2 years have passed and now its been difficult for my family because of my father’s condition from his cancer it’s been really difficult for my mother because she suffering from what’s happening to my father.One day I woke up to my mother crying very horribly, she was crying and screaming for my father who just passed away in his sleep.When I heard my mother scream I quickly got out of my bed and ran to her room where my mother and father would sleep together I saw mother and my father and when I saw him he was pale like clouds that are very grey he was not moving at all or breathing.This struck fear in my heart where my father is no longer with me, this was a chain of changing events everything was changing around me it was no longer a easy world anymore after my father passed away we had to pay pay for the funeral arrangements my mother had to use the money from our savings to pay off everything we had barely any money to get ourselves something to eat.A month later my mother hooked up with her new boyfriend at the time I was 10 years old & Manuel was 5 at the time, most of the time it was me who was mostly taking care of Manuel my mother at the time was getting too comfortable with her new boyfriend before you know it she got married with her new boyfriend.The time with my new step father Adrian he was worse than my original father.When my mother wasn’t around he would do drugs behind my mother’s back and if I did something wrong I would hide Manuel before I got hit by my stepfather then he would grab me by the hand, lift me up spank me with his belt then, I would check up on Manuel when my step father was done hitting me I had to be the role model for my younger brother who was walking in a world of struggles and difficulties in our family.When my mother got home from wherever she went she looked very ill and awful then I realized that she became a drug addict which was one the worse things that happened to me and my younger brother who I was mostly taking care of sometimes when my mother didn’t leave anything to eat and when Manuel told me he was hungry I had to take the risk and burden of stealing food for Manuel I told myself
”What choice do I have I can’t let Manuel starve from not having any food”
I felt bad for stealing food but I needed it for myself and Manuel to survive.

One day my step father and my mother broke into a fight and my step father hit my mother and I tried to help my mother but then my step father hit me and swung at me which left a mark on my body one of the neighbors heard the fight and called the police and when the police got to my house they knocked on the door hard like a stomping feet on the floor then when my step father opened the door the officers said
“Is everything alright here sir??!!”
Then my father said
“Yes officer everything’s alright”
After that, I came out and the officers saw a red mark on my body and the officers said
“Sir why is there is a mark on the child’s body that looks like a hand mark??!!”
Then I respond saying
“My step father hit me on my chest!!”
After my father slammed the door on the police officers they kicked the door and the impact pushed my father to the floor like the force from a explosion.At that point I realized that I had to keep myself & Manuel safe no matter the cost or price also, I was scared that I grabbed Manuel and we hid behind our couch I covered my ears because it felt like a nightmare because all I can hear is my step father wrestle the police officers and yelling I said to myself
“I just want this to be over I don’t want to be here anymore!!”
When all the yelling stopped I told Manuel
“Wait here I’ll be back”
Then I went outside I saw three to four police cars on our driveway then I see Police officers taking my mother away and I scream saying
“Mommy no!!!!”
I can hear my mother scream for me and Manuel
“ALEX!!!!!! MANUEL!!!!!!”
I run to the police car but a tall police officer stops me right at the door of my mother who’s in the police car in handcuffs so the car with my other in it starts and I ask the police officers
“Where is my mom going??!!”
After the police officer says
“We’re going to take your mom to the station she’ll be fine don’t worry”
Right after, one police officer comes to tell us that both me and Manuel need to go to station with the police officer so I put a shirt and some shorts on Manuel then, I pick him up and put him into the car and buckled him up and I did the same too.When we arrived at the police station I held Manuel’s hand and kept him close to me then, out of nowhere my mother arrived as well I tried to hug her but another officer stopped me.In that moment I felt my heart slowly start ripping apart and shattering to million tiny pieces but two tall people walk into the station and ask
“Where’s the two boys names that are Alex and Manuel”
Then, the person at the main desk said nothing but pointed at us on the chairs but one of the people grabbed Manuel and tried to take him away from me and I resisted when they managed to take my grip off of Manuel the other person grabbed me and pulled me away further from Manuel and I screamed for Manuel then, I at that moment of my life my whole life was ripped away from me like a ripple in ocean water my younger brother was my pride and joy he was brought into a world of sorrow and struggles but now my mother and Manuel were taken from me then, I was put into Foster Care and I was never able to see my mother and Manuel ever again once I was put into Foster care I was taken to a house where all I saw is kids from different parents when I arrived I couldn’t stop thinking about Manuel who was my younger self but he was ripped from my life which left a unhealable cut in my heart and mind.Two days later I was taken to a house that a lady was waiting for me while my time in the woman’s house I refused to do anything because my life was not the same anymore without my brother Manuel.I wake up to the woman calling social services and about an hour later I hear a car door open and close I look out the window of my room and I see a man taking something out of his car and look again and I see him my younger brother after that, I run down the stairs and see him in the living room and cry with tears of joy and hug him because my heart felt repaired and I took care of my brother once again but sometimes at night I think about my mother and I dream of her because she would always take of me everyday of her life.She was taken from me and taken out of my life.This the story of The Day I Was Taken Away From My Mother.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to this memior was watching a video about how kids are put into foster care and suffer because of family problems or being abused

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