Forbidden Love

September 18, 2017
By Anonymous

The night I fell in love with a muslim girl was the night I took my first breath of air. We fell in love through radio waves and we were caged in by our families from other ends of different states. Her mother did not approve of our friendship yet it was the beginning of a romance. The night I clicked send I didn't know Zara was muslim nor that she didn't want to be. Days passed we got to know each other via online, I come from an ethnicity where muslims aren't seen as bad or good. They are not even seen. When I met her I explored a new side of her world. Her life isn't sweet like kulfi. I started to fall in love with her that I began unwrapping my heart that was too bandaged from the past it reminded me the way she wore her hijab. She taught me that she didn't believe in God but her family forced her. She told me that she wanted to try pepperoni pizza but was stuck with other choices. I told her to make the best out of her choices because she taught me that I am everything if I believe I am. I lived my first years of life when I met her because everything back before was a blur. I held no compassion for a certain individual I saw no future. During the months of falling in love, I asked her out. We held a relationship that was secret but when her mother found out she scolded me and was not accepting. She took all the sources of communication that I had with her and she locked them up. Zara no longer part of my life was gone for some months. During the time my voice croaked Urdu syllables. Not having the accent made it ten times harder for me yet I yelled at the walls. I lived a life of chaos without her and she was punished ten times worse. After April was when I heard from her. To this day our love continuos in secrecity.

The author's comments:

The girl that I love inspired me to write this piece, I hope that people understand how if you look over the ditch of prejudice you will find a pot of gold or coins leading up to it. I fell in love with a person that was not my race or in my religion without social media I wouldn't have had my eyes opened out. 

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