Lost On The Lakes

June 29, 2017
By MacAttack3850 BRONZE, Bellaire , Michigan
MacAttack3850 BRONZE, Bellaire , Michigan
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      Vroom! The engine to the boat starts up as Seth steps on with his gear.
              “Wow! Seth says with amazement. “It's a perfect day for fishing.” he says.
              “Sure is.” says Bud coming from the bow of the boat.
              “Where is Jack and Sam?” I say.
              “Who knows.” a voice calls down the dock. We looked and it's Sam and Jack. We all laugh and help them put their bags on the boat. After that we set out of the harbor onto Lake Superior. We get out a good ways and start trolling. It takes a while before a fish bites. Jack and Bud run to the line, Jack starts to reel and Bud just yells at him. We pull in the huge lake trout everybody is in awe while I take a picture. He puts it in the cooler and we get to work again. Sam grabs the rods and casts. The wind catches the lure and throws it back at the boat.
              “Duck!” Sam yells
              “Duck, where?” Seth asked since he's a Duckhunter, and hits him in the forehead.“Ouch.” he mumbles as we all rushed to his side. “What happened?” He asked to Sam.
              “The wind suddenly picked up and sent my lower back at us.” Sam said we all felt a gust of wind and then little drops of water we all sat up
              “It's just a little shower.” Jack said he couldn't have been more wrong.
      It rained and rained and rained. The waves were huge swelling over the sides of the boat like it was no problem. We all huddled in the cab of the boat holding on for dear life
              “Just a little shower Jack?” Sam said. we all grinned but that faded and became a frown as a gigantic waves surged our way. All of their mouth dropped open as I swung the boat around and one as fast as I could. The boat was slamming against the smaller waves but I pushed the boat more. The wave was catching up and the boat was in pretty rough shape, finally it caught up to us sucking us toward it. Then we heard a roaring noise, the wave was coming down!
      Smash! It hit having the boat do two barrels until it stopped. We landed upright, I push the throttle but we didn't budge I looked back to see that the motor was gone and Seth and Bud puking. It had to be the worst day ever to go fishing. I looked all around us but no land. Jack had a cut on his leg so Sam was tending him, Seth, and Bud all at once while I tried to control the floating boat. We all had been in the storm for almost 2 hours and now the sunset. I felt tired but had to keep going but soon I was out like a light. I woke up to the sound of a horn with a start I looked around so did Seth, Sam, bud, and Jack. But only water and clouds we took no notice to it until we saw a freighter heading straight for us! Sam and I screamed, Seth fainted, and Jack prayed as it drove right over the wave that separated us and the freighter. I turned and turn the wheel but it was no use. It hit us hard and then I blacked out.
      I woke up to the feel of water I sat up and looked around I saw the boat, Seth, and Sam. I ran to Seth and Sam and felt for their pulse after that I splashed water on them and they both sat up and looked around Sam got up and said
             “Nice job captain.” with a smile.
             “I second that.” Said Jack climbing out of the boat. We then all looked at Seth who hadn't moved or said on anything. Jack asked him if he was fine he said
             “Yes but how did we survive?” we all shrugged.
             “Where's Bud?” asked asked Jack we looked all around until we saw bud toward the tree line by a fire with the survival pack by his side
             “Ahoy me Méteez.” he called we all walked over all discussed.
             “How come you didn't wake us up?” Sam asked.
             “You were fine.” After that simmer down we took charge and making a shelter. Seth went off looking for logs while we salvaged what we could from the boat. Seth came back with a big stack of logs so he could not barely see when he hit Jack in the head with a long log. He said sorry but that wasn't enough for Jack so he stuck out his foot and Seth went face first into the sand. He got up and saw Jack laughing so he spat out of the sand in his mouth and pushed Jack right into the lake. Then we started laughing and before you knew those two were in a brawl on the beach. When that finally ended they made up and became friends again and built the shelter by the end of the day it was dark so we went to sleep.
      We all woke up hungry so with the knife in the survival kit. I made spears for everyone after that we set out on a morning hunt. We came across a squirrel and all at once with through our spears all of us missed. But then we did it and noticed that Sam was missing so we ran back to camp to see if he was there. When we got there Sam was eating our big lake trout! We all ran over and started eating thanking Sam for reminding us about the fish. Then we explored the rest of the day.
       We then woke up to a terrible smell. It was us we had a not bathed. so we got up and went to the lake for a swim. When we got out we decided to make a help a sign. So we gathered sticks and starting spelling out the letters. But by then it was dark so we made a big fire on the beach. Set a flare from the kit and went to bed. I was then awoken to Seth dancing out on the beach saying
                “They found us!” The Coast Guard had then landed on the beach gotten us in the helicopter and took him off home. We and our families were excited to see each other and after that we have stayed very close friends.

The author's comments:

I had fun writing this piece it did not happen to me but it was fun thinking it did.

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