Magenta Sunset

April 25, 2017
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When you look at the sky at the end of the day, the colors you see are usually the same each time. The calm blues gradually blend into bright orange and yellow. But if you find the right spot, on just the right day, the sunset could take you somewhere completely different.

You can visit a tropical island, where vibrantly painted flowers grow all around you. Maybe you’re just there to enjoy the wildlife, or maybe you’ve journeyed to find what treasures maybe hidden within the rocks, under the fauna.

The sunset could take you deep down in the earth, adventurous and searching for something inspirational. Some caves hold wonders; gems and crystals, reflecting light so that the walls are bathed in a bright glow, like in the fairytales.

The sunset doesn’t have to take you this far out of your own reality. Maybe it’s the same color as the one that your grandmother loves to wear, or maybe it looks like your best friend’s hair. Maybe it’s the color of the flowers that your lover loves to place behind your ears.

Wherever that sunset sends you, it is bound to be a place full of passion and love. There’s something magical about catching a magenta sunset.

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