The Wreck

April 18, 2017
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Sitting there watching Revenge, in my chair, kicked back, and almost half asleep. My show was probably at the biggest turning point in the show, the main character was just about to make the world know who her neighbors really were. I could not keep my eyes away from the screen it was so… “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP”, of course this would happen. I irked and got up and walked down stairs to the main part of the fire department, everyone was rushing around trying to get their equipment on. I could tell that this was an unusual call. I hurried and got my equipment on the jump in the truck. As we were pulling up to the road where the wreck had happened, it was horrendous. We all quickly got out of the truck a started running over to the cars to make sure everyone was ok. Stepping on glass, rubber and anything else that had flown out of the three cars. I had never seen anything like this before. It was starting to rain again and the wind was getting worse. You didn't even need to ask what happen because you could tell. One of the cars hydroplane because of the rain from the hurricane and could not come to a stop and then it was like a domino effect for the other two cars.

  Slowly coming to a stop at the car, I could hear someone,

“Help. Help.” they whispered. I could barely hear them but somehow I knew exactly where to go. As soon as I got to the car I could see a hands trying to pull themselves out of the car that was on top of them. They were screaming as loud as they could. I bent down to see if they were actually stuck or if they were too weak right now to pull themselves out. They were stuck, the car was going to have to be cut to get them out. I call more firefighters over to let them know I was going to keep talking to them to keep them calm and they need to start cutting the car as quickly as possible.

“ Ma’am, my name is Ava-Grace, I’m here to help you get out of this car”

“ It hurts so bad, please hurry”

“ Do you know what happened”

“ No I don’t, where is my daughter”

Oh no she has a daughter, I didn’t think anyone else was in this car. I quickly got up from the car and started running trying to see if I saw the daughter. I was so caught up in the moment that I bumped into one of my co-workers. I just dropped to the floor.

“ Ava-Grace are you okay?”

“ The woman she…she has a daughter, and I don’t know where she is.”

“ Do you mean the red car?”

“Yes, have you seen  her.”

“ Yes she was the little girl who was walking around in the road, who we rushed to the emergency room”
“ Oh thank goodness, I was so worried”

“ Yeah we just got a call saying she was doing fine and that she keeps asking where her mother is”
I  ran back over to the woman,
“ Your daughter is fine, they are running test to see if she needs to have any surgery”

“ okay thank you, will you please let me know if she does need surgery if I’m still stuck under a car.”

“ Yes absolutely, but you should be out from under here soon.”

She was starting to hurt again, so i called another firefighter over and asked how long it would be before they got her fully removed from the vehicle, and from what they said is that she would be stuck for another two hours because they were trying to get everyone else to the hospital. Since the way  she was stuck it would take longer.

“ How old are you?”

The woman was trying to make conversation because that’s what kept her calm.

“ I’m twenty-five”

“Oh really, my son is twenty-five. Do you know if he is at the hospital with my daughter?”

“I’m not sure, but I will go and ask really quick.”

I walked to the truck and got my phone and called the hospital. I explained that the mother was still under the car and would be there in about thirty minutes. I asked how the daughter was doing, and they said she had to get knee surgery and asked if the son was there. They said yes he had arrived.  I told them thank you and hung up. As I was walking over to the car, it was all cut up. I start running to the car to see where Mrs. Woods was.

“Has anyone seen mrs. woods… where did you take her”

“Ava-Grace. Ava-Grace, I'm over here”

I turned with a worried look and saw her about to get wheeled into the ambulance. My worried face turned into a smile and walked to her. She didn’t look nearly as bad as when she was under the car.

“I just wanted to tell you that your daughter has gone to get knee surgery and your son is with her.”

“Thank you so much for helping us, could you come with me to the hospital?”

“I’m not sure if I can”

I turned to the EMT and they nodded saying that I could, so I hopped up on the truck and help the guy get Mrs. Woods in. We drove to the hospital in complete silence, everyone was just so worn down that no one wanted to talk. The room Mrs. Woods was in was one with two beds so the daughter got to come in there with her mom. I was sitting in the chair waiting for Mrs. Woods to get back from her testing because she asked me  to stay. I heard someone getting wheeled down the hall and the person came into the room. I stood up and it was her daughter, I walked over to her bed and told who I was so she wasn’t frightened. Then all of a sudden a man walked in the door.

“ You must be Mrs. Woods son.”

He nodded in confusion. I know I have seen him before too but I just can’t remember where or when. But I just kept that to myself.

“ Sorry, I’m Ava-Grace,I helped your mother.”

“Oh right, I’m sorry. My name is Brody.”

Mrs. Woods came back into the room, the daughter was still asleep from her surgery. Brody went straight for his mother and gave her a hug.

“Oh thank goodness, you are okay, mom.”

“Yes I’m fine, the doctors said it was amazing that I don’t have to have any surgery and that they want to keep me for two nights to keep doing test.”

“ That's great.” both Brody and I said.

We all stood there for a second in silence. I didn’t really feel like I should stay any longer. They needed time with their family.

“ Well I’m glad you are okay, Mrs. Woods. Hope you have a better night.”

I got up from the chair and walked towards the door, got my cell phone out and start to call my mother when…

I turned and look at Mrs. Woods as she was calling my name.

“ thank you for helping me, but how are you getting home?”

“ I’m going to call my mother, so she can take me to get my jeep back at the station.”’

“Oh no don’t be silly Brody will take you home”

“Yeah I will be glad to take you home.”

“No really it’s okay”

I did need to go home but I was fine just waiting for my mother, but they kept telling me to not call her and let Brody take me to the station. I really didn’t want Brody to take me home, because I wasn’t really sure how I knew him or if maybe it was something bad that I didn’t really want to remember. None of them were taking no for an answer, so I just said ok and let him take me home. It was quite awkward in the car because neither of us were talking and I think he kind of remembered me too.

“Do you remember who I am.”

Oh no why did he ask me that, he definitely knew me and I knew I knew him.
“ I know I know you from somewhere but I’m just not quite sure from where though.”

“From high school, I use to date your best friend.”’

My goodness I did remember him, he was a liar, cheater, and all together a really bad guy. He was very cocky also, he thought he was something because his aunt left him and his mom ten million dollars when she passed away his senior year.  And he tried to steal my job at the station, I mean now I wouldn’t mind but at the beginning I was into being a fireman but not anymore.   

“Oh yes I do remember you.”

That’s all I said because we were really not the best of friends in highschool and I didn’t know if he remember that. By this point it was the longest drive ever to get back to the station.
“ I didn’t realize we took the longest way in charleston to get back to the station.”

I was really just trying to get off the subject of us in high school.

He chuckled. “Yea this has been the longest drive.”

We kept having small conversation and I learned that he had his master degree and that is hobby that he like is skydiving.

We finally made it back to the station and I got into my jeep, is was so comforting with the smell of my pumpkin air fresheners, I was so happy to be finally going to home. As I was driving I kept thinking about Brody and how he was really mean to my best friend and the way he treated her was awful. I made it home, got inside and crawled into bed.

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