cupcake with glitter on top

March 16, 2017
By , culpeper, VA

He opened the door, he helped her get on the couch and lay down.  He went upstairs to quickly grab a blanket, when he came back she was running around the living room.  She was confused and did not know what was going on.  He grabbed her and grabbed a comb to try to brush out all the glitter.  She was very squirmish, so he had to be gentle he did not want to hurt her anymore, she had a couple bruises.  He thought maybe a warm bath would help her feel a little better, she must have been cold since it was raining outside. He started walking to the bathroom and noticed that she was right behind him, she was following him. He filled up a bucket he had with warm water.  Tom then picked her up and  took her a bath, trying not to hurt her since he did not want to harm her.  He was thinking of what possibly could have happened to her, and what would have happened if he hadn’t opened the door.  Luckily he was going outside, to see if his car windows were left opened, when he heard a whimpering sound coming from the bushes and found her. After he finished taking her a bath he grabbed a towel and wrapped her with it so she wouldn’t get cold.  He grabbed her collar, it seemed to have been causing discomfort, he put it in the kitchen drawer.  He knew who the puppy belong to and her name was “cupcake”she was a little labrador and she was a gift to the neighbor's daughter. He made a little resting area so the puppy could fall asleep, after giving her some ham and water. The next day the little girl came with her mom looking for the puppy. When they got to Tom’s house the mom asked if he had seen cupcake and he said no after the mom made a signal to him. She later called him and said to keep her that the reason with the puppy was harmed was because alice,the little girl, had thrown a  glass jar filled with glitter at her. The mom said she didn’t want the puppy to be in danger.  Tom agreed and kept cupcake.

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