March 15, 2017
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“Forgiveness”, yet a very familiar term, but maybe we misunderstand and misinterpret it. We often understand it that it is for the other concerned person, but we never realize that it is for both. We all are humans and in our journey of life, we commit mistakes, we wrongly do things sometimes, we do so, don’t we? Sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally and if we are a silly creature with a stupid heart than most of the times we fall in the unintentional category! When someone asks for Forgiveness, don’t we agree to this, that sometimes we overlook? Yes, we all have done this somewhere in our lives, after all how can we not take a little swift over the moment? But for a second, imagine yourself on the other side of the scene! How does it feel? We all can know. Moreover don’t ever let that person go from your life, moreover from your heart and the best way you can forgive another is to love him/her nothing more, nothing less but just the same you used to do. The one who identifies the mistake and tries to correct himself is someone who truly loves you and you never meet that someone often in life .Don’t let them go! Because sometimes you miss a heart who loved you, loves you and more than that, someone who is honestly your own and will be ever after!

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