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November 4, 2016
By , northborough, MA

As she carried on through the woods she couldn’t help but stand in awe. The drops of water that had collected in the leaves the previous night were now slowly falling onto her head with each step. The leaves and twigs crunched under her boots and the dense green forest surrounded her on all sides leaving nothing but the sight of evergreens and maple leaves. The sound of singing birds filled the forest and echoed around but the creatures themselves were nowhere to be found.
Walking past the tall trees and the evergreens, a strange looking structure caught her eye. It was what looked to be a small brown house with multiple planks of wood torn out. The greenery around it occupied the house with lavender flowers spilling out of each crack and corner of the deteriorating house. Creeper plants twisted up the sides of the house and found comfort in mixing with the flowers to create a blanket of flora that sat on top of the roof, covering every part of visible wood. The windows were boarded up and the house lacked a front door. Slightly to her right was a red brick chimney with a lavender flowerbed seeping out the top as if carried out by the smoke the previously must have traveled out the top.
The girl was intrigued and in this moment nothing sounded better to her than to explore the inside of the house. Stepping over the pieces of broken wood that tumbled down, she pushed aside the blossoming plants and somehow managed to crawl past the wall of wildlife that seemed to guard the empty house. While dusting off the dirt that had gathered in the creases of her jeans, her eyes caught sight of a broken table that was missing a leg. Opaque liquor bottles were covered in dust and tipped over on the table that was ridden with scratches. Shattered glass covered the floor. The chair in the corner of the room started rocking back and forth from the wind that had blown in through window and the sounds of steady creaks filled the house. The sun started to set and she thought to herself to head back but her legs simply wouldn’t move. Her mind ran wild; the words trapped in her head were desperately trying to find a way out. She couldn’t leave just yet. She sat on the ground, pulled out her journal, and started to write.

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