The Path . . .

February 27, 2009
By Chelsea Leonard BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
Chelsea Leonard BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
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"I got straight A's again!" Jordyn yelled to her dad as soon as she got home. This was the second time just this year she had got it. Her dad was really proud of her. Jordyn had always kept her school work before everything else and was never the type to go partying.

Jordyn came home from school one Friday night to her mom and dad cussing at each other. She had seen a dramatic change in her mom lately but tried not to think anything of it. She thought that if she walked into the room, they might stop for at least the night. Nothing got better as hours passed by. So, Jordyn finally decided to leave the house. She walked to her friend Brooklyn's, figuring it would be the best place to go.

As she got closer to Brooklyn's, she noticed a huge party going on a few doors down. Nothing really fazed her because after all, it was a Friday night. Brooklyn was in her room changing when Jordyn walked in. She wasn't changing into her night clothes though; she was changing into the shortest skirt she'd ever seen on her friend.

Not believing her eyes, Jordyn screamed, "Brooklyn! Where the heck are you going in that outfit? Do you know how short it really is? You're crazy!"

"It's just an outfit. And I figured we could try that party down the street." Brooklyn argued this from her closet as she dug through a pile of shirts.

Jordyn was surprised by what her friend had just said. "A Party? Wow, I'm not so sure about all that now." Jordyn didn't think that going to the party was the best idea for her or even Brooklyn. It would be her first high school party ever and she was already a junior. This was really surprising. She was terrified to know what would happen if she did end up going with her.

As Brooklyn threw on a different shirt, she tossed an outfit similar to hers at Jordyn. "Get changed, you'll have a blast over there!" Jordyn held up the shirt she had laying on her lap. She couldn't imagine herself in it, considering she only wore t-shirts and sweaters.

With the most disgusted look on her face, Jordyn looked at Brooklyn, "Are you freaking kidding me? You're really getting us into a mess." Not wanting to start an argument, Jordyn got up to walk out of the room. She was actually going to change into the outfit she was given. She couldn't believe she was actually falling for this or actually even going to the party.

Jordyn and Brooklyn started to walk out of the house as Jordyn kept trying to convince her that this wasn't the best idea. Not convincing enough, Brooklyn dragged her along the side walk. The music and the people got louder with each step they took. Jordyn slowly started to get a positive feeling about the party. Maybe this was a way for her to actually meet a boy, or even meet more friends. She was going to this party no matter what her gut feeling was telling her.

Walking into the neighbor's party felt amazing to Jordyn and Brooklyn. They couldn't believe they even had doubts about it. They saw a certain few drinking and smoking but for some reason, it didn't really bother them tonight. This party felt like a whole new world to them.

"There's that Jordyn girl from school. And Brooklyn's with her." As soon as the girls heard the girls heard their name, they turned around. Some guy they had seen around school walked over to them. He was holding a cup of beer for each of them. Jordyn and Brooklyn looked at each other with the same thought, "Everyone would make fun of us if we don't and its only one drink anyways." They both reached out and grabbed them.

As the night went on, Brooklyn and Jordyn had more and more drinks. Not thinking about how it would affect them, they also decided to have a few smokes. This wasn't like the girls to do this, But then again ' they were totally wasted. With no clue what they were doing.

Jordan and Brooklyn went home and fell right to sleep. Neither of the girls were used to partying this much, especially all in one night.

6 months later . . .

Jordyn's parents finally got a divorce. This was extremely hard on her. She got herself into drugs with a really bad drinking habit. Brooklyn, still her best friend, was in on it with her. And didn't really care how it was affecting either of them, in every way that it was.

"What has gotten into you Jordyn? Have you looked at this report card? You're grades haven't stopped dropping. Your attitude has changed completely. And you haven't exactly been hanging around the same friends." Jordyn sat there speechless as her dad busted her out for everything.

Finally speaking with the smallest amount of words that came to her mind, she slowly whispered, "Dad, I think I need help. I let it take control of me. I really am letting you down. I'm sorry Dad."

Already knowing what exactly she was talking about, he knew he had to get her help, really fast. He didn't know exactly what to do. Jordyn seriously needed professional help, but he didn't want to admit that what she needed was rehab. Jordyn was still a kid. She was still in high school, not even a senior yet. Trying to think quickly of something to say, he managed to say "Maybe rehab Jordyn, something away from everything, including your new friends. Away from the things you have got yourself into."

"I know, Dad. That's just something big for me. I'm only a junior, I'm only 17. I shouldn't have to be doing this. I never thought that we would have to have this conversation. I'm so sorry. I guess I need to go with what you think is best, if that's what will help me." Jordyn had a sweet sound to her voice. She was really surprised in herself; finally realizing that she had already went down the wrong path. The path that she always promised herself she wouldn't even look at.

The next morning, her dad talked to the local psychologists. He asked major questions about a rehabilitation center for teens that wasn't too far away. He knew that this was what his daughter needed, even though he wouldn't let himself believe that she actually had to go through this. He never imagined it. Especially his daughter, it wasn't like her at all. The psychologists gave him many rehab centers close by and many as far away as possible. She told him that the faster he got Jordyn into one, the better off she'll be. And the faster she'll be home again, to still be here for her senior year. Taking this into major consideration, he sat down with Jordyn that night at dinner to finish their talk they had had the night before.

"Have you thought any yourself about sending yourself off somewhere? Any at all?" Jordyn's dad didn't know how else to start the conversation off. He hadn't ever had to think about anything like this before.

"No, I haven't. I don't want to go, so why would I think about it? You're the one that wants me to go. So how about you do the thinking here," Jordyn sneered back at her dad. She had a huge attitude and her dad could tell she had been smoking as he looked into her eyes. This was the first time she had ever had the guts to come home high.

"I don't care if you do not want to go. You're the one that needs it, and you're going to go. I talked to a psychologist today. I got a few numbers for some centers. I'm calling some of them tonight, and I'll have the place you will go to by tomorrow morning. It depends on when they can get you in as to when you will leave. I was thinking this weekend, it looks like you really need it Jordyn," he flipped out right back at her. He didn't care what she thought at this moment. His daughter needed help, serious help.

"Are you kidding? This weekend, Dad? Oh my Gosh! I can't believe this. You act like I can't help myself. I'm going to bed. And I'm not leaving when you think I am, because I'm not leaving at all," yelled Jordyn as she pounded up the stairs.

Totally speechless by the words and actions of his daughter, he made his way to his home office. He picked up a notebook and the phone. He stayed on the phone the whole night. He had a huge decision to make, no matter how hard it was going to be for him, or even harder, for Jordyn herself.

The next day, mid-afternoon, Jordyn had all of her things packed. She was being sent off for two months in Cincinnati, for rehab. Saying her goodbyes to her dad, she looked at Brooklyn as tears ran down her face. Brooklyn whispered to her, "I'll be with you soon, don' worry. Mom just made the phone call today. We'll be back together sooner or later!" Jordyn looked at her with the most excited face, trying to hide it so no one would know what was going on. She slowly pulled off; this was going to be the first day of her journey back to the right path.

Two and a half months later, Jordyn and Brooklyn both returned home. Both of the girls were drug free and back on the right path, the same path they had been on before the night of they're first party. Starting back to school, getting straight A's again, they actually passed their junior year- something they both thought wouldn't have happened. They proved everyone wrong, including themselves. The girls stuck together through their senior year and through their whole college career. Still best friends, going down the right path!

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