Living With Rocks, Ambitions, Lies, Procrastination, and Potatoes

February 3, 2009
By AnnaD BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
AnnaD BRONZE, East Bethany, New York
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Molly Patience was one of ambition, high dreams, and large goals. She was also my protector, friend, and companion. All through school Molly felt like a complete nobody, or so she told me, but I first noticed it at her 10th grade class picnic at the local park. It was when we first met, and the beginning of my first friendship. While swinging on the swing set with her so-called friends, she noticed me, a bright blue, perfectly round and smooth rock.

From that moment on we were instant and lifelong friends. I was Molly's only friend. She chose to take me, an incommunicable friend, rather than one that she could rely on, play games with, and share the latest gossip with. She would tell me everything and I would just listen, something she thought nobody else would do for her. I became very worried about her during that summer, when I saw first hand how much she was teased and left out of groups. She carried me around all day, every day, as a good luck charm to maybe get chosen or invited into a group.

I followed her into her junior year at Farmer's Grove High School, Potatoville, Idaho. Molly was a nobody in school and an outcast in society. She had a good reputation and a caring heart, but was not popular because she was deprived of the newest and coolest items, as the result of being the daughter of a poor potato farmer. As I sat by her desk at night watching her do her homework, I found that she was actually very bright, just her unpopularity kept her from succeeding and achieving a lot. It was here in her junior year that she devised a plan to become popular and famous among many. As she looked into colleges, she was convinced that being a politician would bring her fame, popularity, and money. From what she watched on television, heard on the radio, and discussed in her family, Molly thought that politicians had an easy lifestyle, because they get all the fame, power, and money.
Soon, she was graduating and going to one of the top rated colleges in the country. Molly pursued a degree in political science and I was right there beside her the whole time. What an experience that was! Although she started fresh with new people, she could still not put aside the idea that she had not been popular in her childhood, so this held her back from making many friends. I cared for her deeply, but could not communicate in any way, so I did my job of listening. Four years went by very quickly and soon Molly was crossing the graduation stage again, only in a much more prestigious and larger school.
No sooner did she graduate, she received the chance to run for mayor of Potatoville, her hometown. One afternoon, she thought 'Ahha! This will be the way to show everyone that I can succeed and I will be popular. I don't need all of you people. You just held me back as an outcast!' I was scared for Molly. I didn't know if she would use her power in a positive or negative way. She ended up running, and, surprisingly, was elected. This was the beginning of making her dream of popularity come true.

As she told me, this was everything she hoped for. She was on television, the radio, and in the newspaper. How exciting! At only the age of twenty-three, her dream was coming true, and she was still setting higher goals and becoming more ambitious. But after only two years, she got bored with the limited amount of popularity she was getting and thought it would be good if she started fresh. Out of this, came her idea to run for governor. Everyone seems to be ready for a fresh start, as she was elected as the governor of Idaho. This she found to be even better. Governor brought her more fame and more money. Her favorite part was being acknowledged by high officials, like the president and other leaders. I found this part a little nerve wracking when I was sitting on the podium, right in front of her, while all the newscasters were taking pictures and asking questions. Of course I couldn't answer, but I was still self-conscious. What if I was not smooth looking? What if I was not as blue? I would not look good on the front page of a newspaper, and then what would everybody think of me? I might lose some of my popularity! Wait a minute. I'm beginning to sound like Molly. I guess her actions rubbed off on me when I spent everyday with her. Anyways, back to Molly's story.

As I have found out over the years, Molly's attention span is very short. Due to this, she became bored of being a governor, and wanted a position closer to Washington. She became a congresswoman, which she found was the best. She was now making national news and received propaganda to advertise for her campaigns. Not long after she became a congresswoman, she was offered the opportunity to become a senator. I noticed something was wrong with her when she did not jump at the chance, like she had before. It was frustrating, because she would not tell me what was wrong, and I had no way of asking her.

The question remained unanswered, until one day, after finding out she was a new senator, she came home and broke into tears. She had gotten so busy with her political life and aspirations that she forgot that I could listen. I would listen and she knew that. She spilled it all out to me and explained, 'I don't know what to do. I hate politics! I started to love them, but then got caught up in the pressure and society and was determined to persevere. I don't want a bad reputation, so I can't quit. I won't quit! Politics is just not what I thought they would be. There is such a hard life involved, yet they make it look so easy and fake on television where the public sees it.' Sure enough, Molly followed through and actually became one of the greatest senators the country has seen. She had no idea what the peer pressure and the stress was doing to her. I can't tell you how much she was scared of having a bad reputation, only that she was not in politics because she wanted to, but because the pressure on her was huge. Molly began to dread her job, because she now had to listen to the people's requests more than ever before and there were many more difficult problems to solve.

By this time, Molly was more than thirty five years of age, very experienced, popular, and responsible. This was the perfect criteria for a vice president of our country. Molly was soon picked as a running mate and was even closer to Washington. There was no time to turn the opportunity down, and I was so excited. I was going to see the Whitehouse and I was going to be popular! Molly Patience was quite a common name to hear now. In almost every conversation, Miss Patience was the highlight. Molly had a talent for speaking and responding, thus leading her to the Whitehouse where Mr. President and Molly were inducted in as leaders of the country. Now, Mr. President was an older gentleman. But I, I was still young, as was Molly. I had confidence that we were going to be a great team to lead the country.

Shortly after Molly became vice president, she had a taste at the big thing. Mr. President became severely ill for about one month. During this time, Molly was the president. I had not noticed how much she aged or how agathokakological she had gotten, until this time, when she got very tired, old, angry, agitated, and stressed easily. Molly realized that there was a lot of pressure in this job, and wondered what would happen if Mr. President never did come back. I did not even want to think about that aspect! Mr. President did return to office, but his terminal illness left him as an invalid and eventually caused his death.

As I had dreaded, Molly became president of the United States of America. Molly made many great accomplishments for our country, and became friends with many other world leaders. As she had hoped since high school, she did gain fame, money, and popularity. After dealing with many world issues, putting the country at risk, and failing several times in her own family, Molly realized that it might be time she end her political career. Each day, she worried more and more about endangering the country, herself, and her family. After much thinking, seeking, and questioning, she resigned from the title of President of the United States and lived with the bad reputation that she had dreaded from the start, 'chicken'.

Once leaving office, Molly realized that she was worse off now than she had been in her childhood. She was still a potato farmer's daughter and a member of the lower class, but now she also carried a bad reputation and an infamous record. As a result of this, she tried and tried to blame her supporters for her unhappiness. She would tell me over and over, 'They shouldn't have voted for me and encouraged me to do something I hated!' I wish I could have helped her and advised her, but she picked me, and I was her listener, nothing more. From Molly's experience, she learned that politicians do not have easy lifestyles and money is not everything. Fame, beauty, and material things may last for a while, but your attitude of love, greed, or thankfulness will last forever and impact many. I still get to see Molly once in a while, but she is mainly busy with planting and harvesting more potatoes than Idaho has ever seen. If I thought Molly was busy with politics, I misspoke. Farming potatoes takes more time!

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This article has 5 comments.

ANNA'S PAPA said...
on Mar. 4 2009 at 5:21 am
Way to go girl. you really put a lot of thought in to this story. love you, papa

sonnnyd said...
on Mar. 3 2009 at 8:25 pm
very ironic. nicely done.

icecreamme said...
on Mar. 3 2009 at 1:41 pm
nice story and from a "pet rock" view!

KooterwithaK said...
on Mar. 3 2009 at 2:52 am
What a great story! It shows that life is a lesson in itself, as witnessed by a rock.

on Mar. 3 2009 at 2:16 am
Wow! Great story! Very unique point of view! Could be more catchy, but it's very interesting how you showed the gradual climb from one office to another. :-)


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