Too Old Too Young

I am 16 years old. I say old rather than young because I feel as though I have expirenced enough in my 16 short years to classify myself as "old." At 16 years old I have found myself thrown into the middle of a mid-life crisis. At 16 years old I struggle to find a reason to wake up each morning. I force myself though intolerable days only to wind up dreading future ones. At 16 years old I look upon the Grim Reaper's reflection in the mirror. I wrestle inner demons that have me pinned against the wall, leaving death a valid option. At 16 years old I find myself burnt out, like a lighter without fuel awaiting disposure. My life has become a series of trial and error events left with no clear solution. At 16 years old my life is no longer shiny and new but faded and tainted with stains I can't wash my hands of. At 16 years old I struggle with not only my happiness but life as a whole with no anwser in sight. At 16 years old I continue to muddle through life as I push myself to be able to see the world at 17 years old.

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