June 30, 2013
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Close your eyes for a moment- I'm only asking for a moment, not your lifetime!

There. Keep those eyes closed! No cheating!

Do you feel relaxed? Yeah?

Do you feel at ease, safe?

How about now?

Do you see the nightmares lurking up?… Those forbidden thoughts?


Don't open your eyes yet! We haven't gotten to the main point!

Right… Easy….

Do you remember your childhood like yesterday?
Was it fun?

And what about yesterday? Was it just an ordinary day? One that you can toss away without regret?

How do you feel about yourself now? Are you confident? Secure? Trusting?

How will we get anywhere if you keep breathing like that! Deep breaths, alright? Deep breaths…


There. You good?

Let's go back to childhood-


You still remember those thoughts, yeah? The ones that made you wish you were never born.
Never breathing.
Never in danger…

Alright, alright! I get it. You're too scared.

You remember the screams,
and gunshots.

Oh, I'm just making this worse. Come back tomorrow--or let me know. Is that better for you?


Open your eyes.

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