The Great Heist

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

I wake up tied to a chair in the middle of a warehouse I can still hear Adam barking orders like a wild dog. I can also hear the police sirens outside. This is crazy, Adam could have someone arrested or worse. Then a thought occurs in my head: he really did rob a store! I didn’t think he would do it, but then again I didn’t think I would be tied up in a warehouse at two in the morning.

Adam is always around my house. He doesn’t really like his mom that much there always getting in fights and he usually gets kicked out for disobeying his mom. The cops are usually around because the fights they have cause a lot of fear among the neighbors. He tells me a lot that he hates his mom and that he wishes his dad was around more.
The sun on this Saturday afternoon was like a major heat wave hit Ohio you could see the road sizzle from the heat. I can see Adam running up the street to meet me at my driveway; he walks up and says the weirdest thing to me.

“Do you want to help me rob a store tonight?” Adam said with a look of seriousness and curiosity.

“Sure,” I said in a sarcastic tone then chuckled a little afterwards.

“Great!” He says, and turns around and starts to leave.

“Wait where are you...?”

But he’s already going full speed downhill off to somewhere I don’t know. Later that day after I finished my chores and ate dinner, I was preparing for bed. As I’m finally drifting off I’m shaken awake then my mouth is duck taped shut and a bag is put over my head, I put up a good fight thinking it was a burglar, but then I hear Adam’s voice shouting orders.

“Don’t just drop him, put him in the back of the car”

That makes no sense considering we’re fourteen and can’t drive yet.

“Good, now come on we’ve got to finish this before morning!”

Adam peels the duck tape off my mouth to give me a chance to speak.

“Adam, where are you taking me?” then I feel the seat move someone was reaching over and hits me in the head with a rounded object and knocks me out. Right before I pass out I heard Adam screaming…


I wake up in the middle of a warehouse Adam is trying to speak to me.

“Max its okay we just robbed the biggest store in Ohio,” Adam says.

Which I can see he must have robbed the newly open Mega Store downtown, but why would he do something like this?

“What!? Dude I thought you were joking why did you bring me here?”

“Because I wanted you to see what I could do when I don’t have my mom around anymore.”
“What do you mean Adam?”

At this point the bag is removed off my head and after those words Adam said I can see the fear and doubt in his eyes.
I’m starting to wiggle around in my chair starting to panic.

“Oh well were in this together now buddy,” Adam screams over the cop outside talking into a megaphone. Now at this point I’m starting to panic and shake like an earthquake is going through my body. I’m also trying to figure out a way to make sure Adam and I don’t have to be arrested. I glare over at Adam’s face and it looks like he is also trying to figure a way out of this; it’s to late now I can hear the cops screaming that they’ll storm the building.

“This is the Ohio police Department come out with your hands up or we’re coming in!”

The other kids that are with Adam are apart of the track team too and one of them I can see is a kid named Derek and he tosses Adam a gun, and he prepares to fire.

“Adam! What are you doing?!”

But he can’t hear me all he can hear are the bullets leaving the gun, and the cops are returning fire, all I can think please don’t let me and my friend die tonight. I look up from the ground after bracing myself from the bullets flying by my face and I can see Adam has been shot four times since he started shooting the gun. Adam is collapsing to the floor but before he falls he says one thing to me.
“Max I’m so sorry that I brought you into this.” Adam collapses to the floor and isn’t stirring. The cops come in and arrest the other kids that were apart of the plan. They see me tied in the chair and assume that I was a hostage in this situation. They untie me and ask me a bunch of questions about what went on tonight and I told them all I could. They offer me a ride home and told my parents about what had happened, of course my mom checks me for injuries.
“Mom I’m fine I don’t know why Adam did what he did but I’m fine….”
As the cops are leaving I overhear them talking about a murder that happened on my street, I walk up to them and ask them who was murdered. They said that Adam was the one who murdered the woman and that lived on 4352 Maplewood Drive the description matched Adam and the woman that was murdered was Adam’s mom. I thought he was always saying that out of hate but I guess it was true. He really did hate his mother enough to kill her…

The author's comments:
its a story

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