How to Survive

May 3, 2012
I woke up dazed. I didn't know where I was. All I knew that I was laying on a cold stone floor that smelled of death. Suddenly I heard a large clanging noise on the metal door on the other side of the room. Then a loud shout,” Get out here!”
Then, he came in. He was huge, his face was brutal looking, and he was dressed in black. Then I looked upon his shoulders; I saw a big, sharp axe. I gulped loudly. “Well get out here!” He shouted again. I got up weakly and stumbled over to the door. He kicked me on the back of the knee and tumbled down the stairs on the other side of the door, and out into the bright sun. I must of hurt my ankle or foot or something because I was limping pretty badly. The sun about blinded as I got out of the deep and dark dungeon that I have been in for days without light. Anyways, there was a large, angry mob of people that what looked like a town square. Then right in the center of it all, in all its glory, was a chopping block with dried blood on it.

I was pushed and shoved through the crowd while the people were throwing rotten food at me. I was thrown onto the chopping block very roughly. I spit some blood up from when a rotten pumpkin hit my jaw. The guy in black was named Henry, judging from the sudden chanting of the crowd. Sweat ran down my cheek, and maybe a little blood. The crowd chanted louder and louder as Henry approached. Then, I thought of a plan that might get me killed. Henry stopped right in front of me and gave me an icy cold stare that sent shivers down my spine. He raised his giant axe. Then he brought the axe down with much force to fell a tree in one swing. Just as I was about to get decapitated I moved my head just enough to get his axe stuck in the block. I took that opportunity and ran as fast as I could, despite my injuries I still ran pretty fast. I ducked behind into an alley when nobody was looking. I forgot to tell you my name, I am Daniel, and I have no clue how I got there and why they tried to kill me.

Breathing heavily, I hid behind a large board leaning on the crudely made wall. I could still hear the shouts and screams from the executioner trying to find my hiding place, threatening me quite loudly. I heard scratching on the floor behind me. I swiveled my head so quickly that I almost fell down. It was just a rat, scurrying around the alley. I decided to get up and hide somewhere else, and I thought I heard the controlled purr of breathing or the almost inaudible sound of a foot against the ground. I quietly snuck away from the noise and turned the corner and dashed to the one of the oldest warehouses in the small town. They say it used to make lumber until someone fell in the machine and got mauled in the sharp metal teeth of the saws. Creepy, I thought as I walked in. The place was covered in dust and was really hot and muggy. There were shadows everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, and on the saws. Then a shiver ran down my back, thinking of what happened. Though I was scared, my curiosity took over and just had to look inside the machine. I walked over quietly and peered inside. I cannot describe how terrified I was at the sight of the bloodied corpse. It looked like it was, and might be, a couple days old. The worst part of it was, it had no head...

So the man's head was cut off in the accident. I left the building sweating and panting. The thought of not knowing where I was and how I got here left me horrified. Who could do such a thing as take a thirteen year old from his loving family and put him alone in a weird medieval world? WHO!!!! I shouted and quickly clasped both my hands over my mouth. What was I thinking! I would give myself away. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, running around commoners, street sellers, and an angry mob. Wait, an angry mob? That couldn't be! So I ran farther into the town. And that's when I met Rosa...

The girl I ran into hated me from the start. But, she learned to get used to me since the same thing happened to us. At first I didn’t know but I gained her trust after days and days of running. Then she finally told me. I was shocked at first, and then I grew more used to the fact that whoever did it to me would’ve probably done it more than once. When we got into the cornfield south of the village we saw them. There were several men on jet-black horses speeding towards us. I tugged Rosa out of the way and into the ditch behind us. We ran into the field and out of sight. “That was a close one,” said Rosa panting heavily. “Yeah, and I don’t think they’ll stop looking for us in a while,” I said. We reached another dirt road and started walking towards the nearest town. Once we got there, there were posters of Rosa and me everywhere. We immedilatelytore them down. We didn’t want anybody knowing that we were here. The town was called Richmond, and it is one of the largest towns in the area. Rosa and I walked through the town, examining it for loose change to buy food. We found a couple coins and bought ourselves some bread and water. Then we saw Henry.
Once we saw him we dived into the nearest alleyway. There was rats and garbage littering the alley, but it was better than being caught by Henry. Rosa knew him too; she experienced the same thing as I did. We peeked around the corner and saw him holding out photos of us, and asking people if they have any of us. Then I saw him turn and come our direction. We ran to the back of the alley and looked around quickly and quietly, there was a ladder that led to the roof. That was better than nothing so both of us climbed up as fast as we could go and ran across the roof and jumped off the other side. We ran just as we hit the ground, and Henry was right behind us.
We sprinted down road filled with vendors and commoners, trying to avoid running into a cart filled with watermelons. We could here Henry panted heavily behind us while were running. Rosa and I ran into a building that looked it was inhabited at one time. Henry ran past looking confused, and then ran the other way. We were breathing loudly and our hearts were still racing from the chase. “Yet again, that was a close one,” Rosa said. “Shhhhhhhhhh,” I said “, he might be right around the corner.” Thankfully I was wrong and he wasn’t there at all. We walked to the outskirts of the town and rested under a tree. We ate our bread and had some water, as well as spending the night. I heard shuffling footsteps out on the dirt path outside the brush we were sleeping in. I shook Rosa awake and we looked over at where we heard the noises and saw a small group of people walking with torches and pitchforks. (How’s that for medieval.) They were walking down the path shouting what sounded like,” Kill the runaways,” or something like that. We quietly snuck away from the group and then hid behind a barn or shabby house. I couldn’t which in the dark. We spent the night there, avoiding the group and trying to make progress on trying to find out how to get out of this world. We heard rumors that the capital city was a couple miles away from where we were.
Rosa and I left that morning quietly as we could so we wouldn’t disturb the farm folk here. We ran the rest of the way there. We were panting and exhausted when we got to the enormous city. Like I said before, enormous, Compared to the village where I appeared it was huge. The buildings were still made out of stone and mud. There were fees to get in though. It wasn’t cheap, I’ll tell you that. When I got to the gate, we paid the fee and got through the gates. Its just then that I realized the buildings were not made of stone and mud. They were made of glass and bricks. There were automobiles and planes. We were in the future.

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