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It was the best day of my life. I was finaly graduating high school. Yes! I was talking to my family when one of my friends invited me to a party. I said yes. That was the most horrible mistake of my life. I lied to my parents and said that a few of my friends were having a "freedom sleep over". I put on a black, leather mini skirt with a red, silky, bellyshirt. I combed my long, light brown hair down and sprayed a little hairspray on it. I looked stunning. Of course, i had to fake for my parents, so i put pajamas over that. I was glad to finally be in the car, with my friends, off to the party. While in the car, i had taken my pajamas off and everyone was speechless. They all said i would be no doubt the most gorgeous girl at the party. I was ecstatic!

When we got there, my heart started to race and i got major butterflies. There was loud music, a pool, and people literally everywhere. I was having a blast. Until the drinks came out..EVERYONE was drinking, including my friends! How could they do this to me?! I didn't want to look like an idiot, so i started taking a few sips. But of course, a few sips turned into a few drinks. It wasn't a good feeling. I felt like a backstabber to my mom, my dad, my brothers and sisters, everyone. At about midnight, my friend said that we should leave. In my drunken stage, i told her to go away. She started to pull my arm saying i was drunk and that we needed to leave before something happened. I told her that she should leave, that she was a wimp, a loser, and to go bore someone else with her whining. I saw tears swell up in her eyes and then she ran off into her car. Now, i know that i should of just listened to her. I started to party some more. Then at about 4 in the morning, i wanted to leave because the party was starting to end. I was so drunk i got in a car with someone else, someone i barely knew, someone who was also unfortunately drunk. We were about 1/2 of a mile away when i saw that we were picking up speed. Then a little bit after, i noticed we were going about 100 miles/hour! I kept yelling, "Slow down, slow down!"

But he was so drunk, he didn't listen to a thinkg i was saying. He just told me to shut up and let HIM do the driving. Well, he didn't do such a great job at that. We hit a curve, went airborne about 100 feet, and hit a tree head-on. It was black for a while. I woke up in a puddle of blood...My own blood. I looked up and saw that i had flown out of the windshield. Glass was everywhere. In my body, on the ground, everywhere. It felt like there were knifes stabbing me everywhere in my body. "Stop it!! Help!! It hurts!!" I kept screaming over and over again. No one heard me. Why? I heard the paramedics saying, "She's lost too much blood, we can't save her." I heard a scream. Startled, i looked up and saw my mom had collapsed into my dads arms. "Hey! I'm not dad, why won't you listen!" Why weren't they listening to me? They put a plastic cover over me. "No! What are you doing?!"

The next thing i know, i'm in some sort of bed. I open my eyes, and look up to a bunch of crying people. Wait, i know these people, what's happening? Finally, i notice this "bed" i'm a coffin. Everyone who's here is someone i know, crying and mourning over me. My grandparents have stopped by me, looking so sad, so broken. All my friends are there; all my relatives, teachers, and siblings. My parents, though, looked the worse. My mom and dad's eyes look puffy, and swollen. Red, from all the crying they've done. I can't be dead though..i just can't. Not at 17. I just graduated high school. I might be the most successful scientist in the world. Please..not me. Why..why me?

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