Mission Toys R Us

March 25, 2012
By Allison Bartram BRONZE, Wayne, West Virginia
Allison Bartram BRONZE, Wayne, West Virginia
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“What do you mean we can’t take her back Momma?” Ethan blurted out with tiny tears already forming in his ginormous eyes.

“Honey, she’s your new baby sister I can’t really take her back.”

“Momma, all you need is one of those things daddy counts at work. A Receip!”
Ethan’s mom couldn’t help but giggle and replied by saying “You mean a receipt.”

“Yes Momma!” Little Ethan said before he scampered off to what he called his command center. Upon arrival he saluted his toy soldiers and told them of the predicament.

“Men, I have spotted an anemeney in the house. A small pinkish smelly “baby”. I’ve tried telling Mom how important it is that we take it back and she just laughed at me.” Ethan begun pacing around the the playroom trying to come up with some sort of an idea. He still couldn’t believe his mom hadn’t even come in to check on him when he assumed it had atleast been a whole two minutes that had passed. All of a sudden Ethan knew what to do!

He decided he would wait until his mom fell asleep and then try to convince the baby to leave on her own. Or maybe he decided he could even take her back because that would mean he could go to Toys R Us! To him that sounded like the most wonderful idea on Earth! Maybe since his mom never came to check on him she had already fallen asleep. Ethan begun to creep out of his command center and head into the living room.

It was not long before he could see his mom’s manicured feet dangling over the muddy brown leather couch and hear the soft soothing sound of her snore. The baby he presumed was right in front of her so he tiptoed slowly to try and not make a peep. He put his small pointer finger up to his lips as he looked at the baby and whispered “Please don’t, cry I just want to talk to you”. He put his hands onto the cold plastic of her carrier chair and pulled her away from his mom so they could chat about his plan. So far the baby said nothing but rather looked at him with what he thought looked like broccoli green eyes.

“Hi, my name is Ethan. What’s your name?” Ethan said as he tried to talk pleasantly. As he waited for a response he couldn’t help but notice how this baby must have been from what Ethan regarded as the scariest place on Earth...the girl section of the toy store! Ethan realized this was going to be a very difficult mission and that he needed to go ahead and try to call a taxi to take them to the toy store. “I’ll be right back” he said to the baby. “And don’t go anywhere while I’m gone.”

Ethan scurried over to the fridge in the kitchen where he knew there was a taxi business card magnet and picked it up. Then he searched for the phone he had been taught to use in case of an emergency. Obviously this was an emergency. . .When someone finally picked up on the other line he tried to use his best grown up voice he had and told the man his address and how he needed a ride fast.

The man on the other line said “How old are you?”.

Ethan said “Well, I’m uhhhh....fifty-five sir!”. He only said that because he knew that’s how old grandpa was.

“How long have you been fifty-five?” the cab driver asked. Ethan counted on his fingers and then replied.

“About five years.” There was a long pause after Ethan said that so it made him wonder if he said the right thing.

“Well alright then I’ll honk when I’m out front!” the cab driver said.

“Oh no! We’ll wait outside for you!”

“We?” the cab driver asked confused. Ethan decided that he should just hang up now and go ahead and drag the baby outside with him. By the time he pulled the rose petal pink carrier chair outside their mom had waken up and came outside terrified

“Ethan! Never go outside without my permission! Especially not with the baby!”. Ethan’s mom said in an authoritative voice. All of a sudden Ethan heard something he never heard before. The baby was laughing. He looked down at her and actually thought she looked like Momma.

It made him feel guilty so Ethan said, “Momma, I’m sorry...”

“It’s okay honey, you just really worried me. I was going to ask you if you all wanted to go look around at Toys R Us until Daddy get’s off work?” Ethan’s mom said with a smile starting to form back on her pretty face.

“OKAY!” Ethan yelled as he looked down at the baby and tried to give her a high five.
She just smiled her tiny little smile at him. Ethan gave the baby a kiss on her velvety soft cheek and said in a sweet tone “Momma, I guess we can keep her.”

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