4th and 20

February 28, 2012
By , Manitowoc, WI
“Hello,” Tyron said.
“Yeah, this is the Northwestern Memorial hospital! I just wanted to let you know that your parents got in a car crash.”
“Your dad’s fine, but your mom is in serious condition. The other vehicle hit the passenger side.”
“Do you think she will be alright?” Tryon said in a panicked voice.
“I don’t know, it’s too soon to tell.”
Tyron got in his, 07 lemon colored Camaro.
Tyron ran up to the elevator and went to room 323 where his mom was staying, but it was too late. When he got up there his dad was kneeling beside her body, weeping, “I’m sorry son.”

Three months later Tyron had just begun his senior year at Corliss High. Tyron was the starting quarterback and had high expectations to win the player of the year award, and hopefully this will be the year they make the championship. Maurice, his best friend, was the starting running back for the Corliss Cougars. Tyron and Maurice were both offered scholarships to Illinois.

It was Corliss’s first game of the season, and he was playing the second best team in the state, the Bogan Bulldogs. Last year the bulldogs beat the Cougars twice, and those were the Cougars only losses. Tyron wanted revenge, and he was going to lead his team to victory.

Right before the game Tyron had his usual snack, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a light blue Gatorade. Then, Tyron went to tell his dad that he was leaving but his dad was no where to be seen. He looked in the basement, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and his dad’s bedroom with no luck. Tyron went to see if his dad’s car was there, it wasn’t. Maybe he already left for the game, Tyron thought. But he didn’t want to worry about it now. So, Tyron got in his 07’ Camaro and started to drive.

Once he got around the block, his car started to smell like fire. He tasted smoke in his dry mouth. His car sounded like a huge monster truck. It was going as slow as a turtle. What’s going on? he thought. So, Tyron pulled over to the curb and got out of the car. He popped the hood, everything was fine. Tyron started to drive. Then, all of a sudden, a car came rumbling around the corner and crashed right into Tyron. Glass went flying, fire was everywhere. Tyron got hit with glass in the head and on his throwing arm.

Mrs. Carter and her husband heard the explosion and came outside. They felt the heat from the fire. There was smoke everywhere. Once the smoke cleared up they saw Tyron car completely wrecked. Mr. Carter was a good friend of Tyron’s dad.

Finally, the ambulance came. They got Tyron on a stretcher and lifted him in the ambulance. The sirens were blaring.

Right before the game, Tyron’s dad (Coach Mathews) had a team meeting. Everyone was there except for Tyron.

“Williams!” Coach yelled.

“Yes, Coach Mathews,” Maurice replied.

“Where’s Tyron?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him all day.”
Then Mr. Carter came running in the locker room.

“What is it, Dave?” Coach Mathews asked.

“It’s about Tyron. There was a huge explosion in his car. There was smoke everywhere and Tyron is bleeding severally. The ambulance came to get him, but it doesn’t look too good.”

Coach Mathews got in his truck and drove as fast as a cheetah would run after its prey. The hospital was only two blocks away from the high school. Tyron’s dad went up to the front desk and asked what room Tyron was staying in. The nurses said room 323 on the 3rd floor. Tyron’s dad almost started to cry like a water fountain because he remembered that his wife was in the exact same room when she had passed away.

Tyron’s dad got in the room. He could smell the smoke still from Tyron’s clothes and had a sweet bitter taste of fire in this mouth.

“How’s he doing, doc?” Mr. Mathews asked.

“He’s getting better, but his head is severally bruised. We just got the blood to stop about two minutes ago, “Doctor Jones replied.

Tyron finally woke up.
“TYRON!” his dad yelled.
“Dad? What happened?”
“You got in a car crash. There was a huge explosion and you got knocked out,” his dad muttered.
“You do know that you can go to the game now.” Tyron stated.
“No, son, I’m going to stay here with you and watch the game. Don’t worry, we got Mr. Carter as our offensive coordinator now.”
“Do you think we’re going to win?” Tyron asked.
“I don’t know. It’s going to be hard to win with you out and Brooks in at quarterback,” His dad said.
“But hopefully Maurice can make a difference against that strong, viscous D-Line of the Bogan Bulldogs.”

As soon as Tyron’s dad went to turn on the TV doctor Jones came in the room.
“Tyron, I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is that there is an 80 percent chance that you won’t be able to play sports again in your life,” Dr. Jones pleaded.
“What! Are you kidding me Sports is my life, without it I’m no one. It’s going to be impossible for me to live without sports!” roared Tyron.

Tyron sat there in disbelief. He started crying.

He was so upset that he didn’t even care that his team had beaten the best team in the state. It did cheer him up a little bit was that his teammates after the game in the locker room knelt on one knee and held hands while they prayed for Tyron after the game.

Today Tyron was released from the hospital six days later. Dr. Jones told him to lay low.

When Tyron got home he called Maurice to wish him good luck at the game that night
“So when do you think you’ll be able to play football again?” Maurice wondered.
“The doc says that there is an 80 percent chance that I won’t be able to play sports again.”
“WHAT!” Maurice shrieked.
“I know dude the only way I’d be able to play this year is if I have a successful and fast recovery.”
“Oh, dude, there is no way that we’ll be able to win the state championship without you.”

After Tyron and Maurice were done with their conversation Tyron ordered the 2010 yellow mustang while Maurice was getting ready for the second game of the year. The Cougars were playing the Northern Illinois Huskies. The Huskies had gone to the state championship the last two years in a row. Maurice knew that without Tyron he was going to single handedly lead his team to the state championship.

Now it was 7:30 and Tyron turned on channel 192 just before the Red Birds had kicked it off. Maurice had returned it to the Cougars 37 yard line. The first play of the game was a draw play to Maurice, who busted it up the gut for a gain of 16.

At the half the Cougars were ahead of the Red Birds 17-14. Maurice had both of the touchdowns for his team.
“The final score is Red Birds 20 and the Cougars 24,” The loud speaker announced.
Two months later Tyron met up with the doctor.
“Hey, Tyron, it’s so good to see you again, how’s your head?” Dr. Jones questioned.
“It’s good. Do you think I’ll be able to play football this year?”
“You’re going to have a CT scan and we’ll let you know as soon as you’re done with it.”

Tyron was both nervous and excited.

After Tyron was done with the scan he waited in the waiting room for the results. Nurse Andrews walked out with a frightening look on her face so Tyron knew that the results were negative.
“Your head is fine, and you will be able to play football in about a month.”
“AWESOME! This is so exciting! And it’s just in time for the State Championship too.” Tyron shrieked.

Three weeks later was Tyron’s first game back at practice. Tyron was running all over the field like a Tasmanian devil. He was juking out defenders, stiff arming linebackers, running past safeties. He was jumping over defenders like a kangaroo jumping over a car. Man he was on fire.

The next day was Tyron’s first game and it was one of biggest games of his life. It was against their rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks. Tyron was pumped and he got his whole team fired up.
“We’ll take the ball,” Tyron told the ref after they won the coin toss.

Chicago kicked it off to Maurice. Maurice knelt it five yards deep in the end zone. Now it was Tyron’s time to shine. The crowd was going crazy when the announcer said that Tyron Matthews was back. The first play of the game was a play action pass. Tyron faked the handoff and rolled out to the right. No one was open; Tyron started scrambling and then saw Curtis Jones deep at about the 35 yard line of the Blackhawks. Tyron heaved it up. Jones leaped into the air and came down with the ball. Chicago’s defender missed the tackle and Curtis trotted his way into the end zone.
“How about that for your first play of the year,” Tyron’s dad said.
“WOW!” Tyron said. “That was awesome.”

The Blackhawks then marched down the field and put up a three on the scoreboard by hitting a 46 yard field goal attempt. At the end of the half, the score was Chicago 10 Corliss 14. Corliss came running into the locker room all pumped.
“HEY!” Coach Matthews yelled. “We had a good half but we’re only up by four. We’re going to show them what we’re made of and let’s win this ball game. All right now get in here. Cougars on three. 1 2 3.”

The cougars were kicking off to start the second half. Chris Carter was all fired up and he was on the kickoff team. The ball was kicked, and soared through the air. Chris was sprinting full out like Usain Bolt. The Blackhawks took it two yards deep in the end zone. They started running to the left and then to the right. Chris didn’t pay attention to all the juke moves the other guy was doing, he just ran up to him and layed him out like James Harrison jacking up Joshua Cribbs. The return man for Chicago was down lying on the ground grabbing his stomach because he got the wind knocked out of him. Chris was yelling with excitement.

After the Blackhawks got another field goal Tyron came marching out on the field. The first play was a sweep play to Maurice who sprung to the outside for a gain of six. The next play was an incomplete pass. It was third and four with the ball at the 35 yard line just outside of field goal range. Tyron got the snap and ran to his right. He hurdled a defender and juked out their safety. Tyron sprinted into the end zone to make it a two score game 31-20. Chicago’s quarterback Nick James an All-American Senior who led his team back to win in the forth quarter six times this year, ran out onto the field. He gathered his team into a huddle. The play was intended to go to their star receiver, but he wasn’t open, so Nick launched the ball into the air near the end zone. There were three guys in the end zone, two from Corliss and one from Chicago. The tight end from Chicago jumped up and grasped the ball in his hands. The lead was now down to four again.

At the end of the third quarter the score was Chicago 27 Corliss 34.

Corliss had the ball at the Chicago 45 yard line with 5:18 left in the forth. Maurice was having a quiet but effective game with all eyes on Tyron. But, Maurice’s number was called on this play, but not in the way you’d think. Coach Matthews called a timeout and drew up a play.
“Blue 19! Blue 19! Set Hut!” Tyron yelled as he got the snap.

Tyron turned to his left and pitched it to Maurice who ran right when he got the ball. Tyron then ran down the field on the left side. Maurice was still running with the ball to the right. He then stopped and threw it to Tyron. Tyron stretched his arms out and caught the ball with his finger tips and ran into the end zone. The lead was back up to 14 with 4:59 left.

The Blackhawks got another touchdown with 3:10 left, but they only had one timeout. Chicago lined up for the kickoff. The ref blew his whistle and the kicker started galloping like a horse. He galloped on the turf right up to the ball. He kicked the ball.
“It’s a SURPRISE ONSIDE KICK!” yelled the announcer in disbelief. “And Chicago has recovered it.”

With one timeout and 3:03 left to play the Blackhawks had a chance of tying this game up.

Third and 10 from the Cougars 39 yard line with 1:29 left. Chicago couldn’t settle for a field goal. They needed a touchdown. The Cougar’s cornerback got burned by the Blackhawk’s wide receiver, who ended up catching the game tying touchdown.

Tyron and Maurice were getting ready to come out on the field. It was forth and 20 due to the holding penalty. Tyron started scrambling. He looked at the scoreboard and realizes that there was only three seconds left. Tyron heaved it into the air. Seven players were waiting in the end zone. Maurice, Curtis Martin, and Julio Jones were waiting deep in the end zone for the Cougars. The ball sailed through the air. One of the defenders swats the ball down RIGHT INTO MAURICE’S HANDS! The crowd went crazy!
“COUGARS WIN! COUGARS WIN!” The announcer yells.

Tyron was so happy he was so excited and he was in shock. Tyron also won Most Valuable Player. Three months ago he was laying in a hospital bed and not knowing if he’d be able to play football again, and now he was the Illinois State Championship MVP. Maurice and Tyron both ended up going to Illinois and were ready to win more and more championships.

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