Im a Father?

February 22, 2012
By Jazmine.w14 BRONZE, Farmers Branch, Texas
Jazmine.w14 BRONZE, Farmers Branch, Texas
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- Friedrich Nietzche

As the sun settled over us, intimidated with fear of rejection from my best friend, I, a shy teenager with sweaty palms, quickly leaned over to her and kissed her as I waited to be slapped. She responded with a reassuring hug and we have been together since. I’m Jacob and I’m a shy guy at times but I’m usually outgoing and very supportive. Nevaeh, African American girl, better have gone to the same schools since we could remember. I don’t think I could last one day without her like a new born puppy needs his mother to survive. I need her as if I was a person on life support and I had no other way to live without it. We are made for each other.
I’m not going to lie we have been intimate together lately. We used all the safety precautions we were taught; I don’t know why but it just kind of happened. Navaeh and I are now expecting a son in early July. It’s now late February and we trying to finish up and senior year and get ready for baby Jake. We decided to name him Jacob Jabes Smith; we wanted him to have a little bit of both ethnicities in his name. He’d have my first name and his grandfather’s first name as his middle. Now, we are just waiting and planning for our future together. We want to get a house out in the country and raise our kid and eventually have a little girl too.
Starting a family sounds like a good idea, last couple of years I thought we both get to go to college and get great jobs. I don’t think that’ll happen now, because well have to get jobs right after we finish school to support our family. But I have bigger problems. My parents have pretty much disowned me. Well, I have to admit my parents and grandparents are racist. They don’t have any black friends and they avoid black people at all cost. They thought Nevaeh was a young white girl. They really didn’t tell me I couldn’t date one. I really didn’t pay attention to their actions. When I brought Nevaeh over for the first time, which was after we found she was pregnant and that I would spend the rest of my life with her, they freaked out. At dinner, it was awkward as a lady bug in an ant pile. They asked to be excuse to and asked me “what was she doing here?”
“That girl is the mother of my child and the love of my life.” I tried to explain to them. All of the sudden my mother passed out and my dad told me I had to get my stuff out in 3 days. I told him “Fine!” and told Nevaeh “C’mon we have to leave evidently my parents are selfish and racist. They don’t even care that you are the mother of their lineage.” I haven’t seen them since.
I’ve been living with Navaeh’s family since then. You know their nice; I hate to admit it but really different too. They eat food like collard greens, fried chicken, and other exotic foods. It’s not that bad I’ve grown accustomed to it. Her folks are really nice. She has a little brother. He always asks me, like a little flea sucking on a dog, sucking till its hearts content, till someone thumps him off. Life is good! I literally have to mentally prepare myself, because my son will be here any day now. I’m going to be Father! My heart races like a cheetah chasing its prey, running for food to feed its babies, like any other mother would, who cubs are starving and she is too. “Oh sweet baby Jesus!” I’m so nervous. Am I ready to be a dad?
The humidity was swallowing me whole, like an Anaconda squeezing tighter and tighter around me; however I try to calm my nerves. My thoughts mixed together like soup and I could keep track of what was happening. All of the sudden I heard screaming. The doctor hands me a pair of surgical scissors and asks me to cut this line that had supported my child since conception. My son was finally here!
Little Jacob Jabes Smith was as cute as cute can get. He looked up at me with teary eyes, although, a little confused and cold, he felt a sense of security and gave me a smile. My heart melted instantly, as if my heart were mad of chocolate, which melts with the slightest touch. My first instinct was to rock him; to slowly soothe him to sleep. He woozily flicker his eye lids, as if they were controlled by a small child, who just discovered how to turn the light switch on and off, and then he peacefully went to sleep. I couldn’t believe this child, unwanted by my family, was the mine. I don’t see the big deal. A child is a child no matter what color he is. He is my son and no matter what my family thinks about it. I’ve helped make it and I have to be a man and take care of him. I don’t think I need my family to raise this child.
So, my new life as a dad is interesting. Jaces, his new little nickname, is a little whiner. He loves his new house. We moved to a small little town, called Molelunke. We move in a nice 3 bedroom house, on a 2 and a half acre property. We bought it with my inheritance my parents decided to give me since that baby need a good life like anyone else should. After we’ve bought the house we still had enough money to last us two years and to get settled in. That means I can actually spend time with my son instead of overworking and being too tired to enjoy time with him. Most things in life have been solved but a few things are left unsolved; I don’t know how my parents and it’s been six months since we have even talk. Jaces is now 3 months and I’m spending my life with the two people I love the most in the world. Life is incredible!

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